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Great Trail lots of options to choose your distance!!!

Nice trail. Definitely I will return to take side trails. Be careful, there are a lot of rattlesnakes! However, as elsewhere on such trails in California.

Much harder then the reviews led us to believe but my husband and I found the surrounding nature to be worth the effort! LOTS of incline but it was so beautiful and peaceful

Plain and simple... a must do. Can't wait to return to this loop for the fall when the rain starts!

Nice loop. You have options on directions as well as some side trails so not likely to get boring if you repeat. Great views. Bikers were considerate and trails wide enough to accommodate all.

We started on the Boulder Loop and took the ridge short cut across which was EXCELLENT for our teens that like to climb up boulders. Lots to climb on and great views!!

Lots of pavement and rangers happy to write tickets for off-leash dogs. Beautiful up top.

Great views and just an overall nice hike. Bags and trash cans for dog waste along the way.

nice loop, shade under trees but the trail opens up nicely for great views

This should not be rated as easy. Not a bad hike but lots of uphill, lose rocks and the trail is rutted in spots. This and very little shade makes it more moderate than easy.

Was a nice hike when I got off the pavement and heavy traffic.

Kinda windy today with the Santa Anna’s blowing but there are some steep parts of the trail so it felt pretty good! We ended up taking the billy goat trails - rock ridge through boulder loop and then the cougar trail up to crest. The trails were thin and rocky but the views were incredible. And there are some awesome bouldering spots on the rock ridge trail. Overall a great short hike!

Lots of up and downs and great options to keep going. Lots of bike riders but they were very considerate of hikers. We did see a snake on the trail so keep an eye out!

So it’s definitely a moderate trail. Just a few steep parts. But the ground is pretty loose in places which makes it more difficult then an ordinary and easier trail. I did like the changes in surroundings. I threw in another 3/4 of mile by taking the Cougar Ridge trail and the Crest Trail connections. If I do it again I would go counter clockwise to make it more difficult and it is a must to throw in the single track Crest Line trail for more fun. Enjoy!

Nice little workout with up and down hills, pretty views. Only saw a few mountain bikers and other hikers - mostly people with dogs.

it was nice trail. but too much dog drops all over.

Great hike for my first one back. Ran into a fellow east coaster which made it even better

Starts off flat to warm you up. Has descending and climbing until you get to east ridge. during winter and spring you cross a creek at he bottom. then continues climbing until to a short descend. At the top you can see Escondido and on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean. Mount Palomar to the east, Mt Woodson (potato chip) to the southeast, Double Peak to the south. Chaparral all around with plenty of sage and other native plants. East ridge takes you between two ponds and continues to the Historic Ranch House where there are rest areas and bathrooms with water. Go on a paved road to Boulder loop trail where it starts getting steep, good training for more difficult trails with nice views. It continues around and a steep descend to the paved road again and continues to the trailhead. This is a 5 1/2 mile trail which has connecting trails if you desire. Great for Map and Compass learning.

My favorite North County Trail (so far). Many side trails to explore/add mileage. Some healthy climbs, but not so many as to not enjoy the hike. Great wide-open spaces after initial climbs.

Great hike, jogged/walked it in 2 hours. Suggest going earlier morning before marine layer goes away, it got hot about 930. Over all great experience.

Wow that's awesome

mountain biking
11 months ago

We really liked the diversity of this trail. There were a couple of really steep climbs on some connecting trails and one that could not be ridden, but we enjoyed the views they afforded us. Stick to Cougar if you just want to take it easy, explore the other trails if you want a little more challenging but doable riding.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Great hike. There are parts that are steep, and others that are more level, making it a good all around hike. You also get to see different types, especially if you take the Engleman Oak trail off Cougar Ridge. There are a bunch of side trails and loops further along at the end of the ridge trail so you can spend all day there. Dogs are welcome. After the recent rains there is definitely some trail erosion but there is also more ponds, creeks and frogs that aren't usually there.

Friday, April 07, 2017

The first mile+ is a pretty good climb. Probably pretty tough for a young hiker

Good trail

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tried hiking the trail, but a rattlesnake blocked the path in the beginning so we turned around. Stay safe!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Very pleasant day. Ended up with 9.5 miles by the time we included Boulder Loop which we highly recommend. Varied terrain and views throughout. Some open meadow, some tree covered, shady trail. Reminds us a bit of certain sections on So Cal PCT. Nice combination of elevations. Not a difficult hike but a very nice workout. Would do it again.

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