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Lots of pavement and rangers happy to write tickets for off-leash dogs. Beautiful up top.

Awesome hike started early . Got to see the change in life from morning dew to midday song birds and the cool shade of the oak trees. We did 10.1 miles but had trouble with recording. Phone lost service. Anyhow enjoy it grab a map at trail entrance and use AllTrails to guide you there’s a lot of side trails to enjoy just be careful there some good rutts

9 days ago

The trail is pretty narrow the majority of the way so be cautious of bikers. It’s a very fast trail for bikes and not a lot of visibility for them to notice you and slow down in time.

Great views and just an overall nice hike. Bags and trash cans for dog waste along the way.

15 days ago

Nice hike! Levels out a lot! I went at 0830, finished at 1230... 0630 start time would be best!

Great to get the heart pumping at the start and then mellow out wide trail for most of it then slims down for one part pretty steep towards the top lots of dogs on the trail and their poop so mind your step. Go in the morning there is good parking till about 8 am ish and then it gets full fast . Bring water it gets hot and not much shade after 9ish also a good hand full of bikers but all nice .

nice loop, shade under trees but the trail opens up nicely for great views

This should not be rated as easy. Not a bad hike but lots of uphill, lose rocks and the trail is rutted in spots. This and very little shade makes it more moderate than easy.

Was a nice hike when I got off the pavement and heavy traffic.

1 month ago

A beautiful gem right in North County. there are so many variations and places to explore. Great indigenous flora and fauna. Great for hiking, horses, mountain bike too.

Great for all type of hikers. Easy to moderate.

1 month ago

Great hike!! The first of many with my 7 year old son!!!

1 month ago

Daley Ranch is a decent place to hike if you're desperate, however the views are not very rewarding.

took my son here for his first bike ride. mistake. nice trail but I wouldn't describe it as beginner.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great ride. Good single track. Gong back tomorrow.

Kinda windy today with the Santa Anna’s blowing but there are some steep parts of the trail so it felt pretty good! We ended up taking the billy goat trails - rock ridge through boulder loop and then the cougar trail up to crest. The trails were thin and rocky but the views were incredible. And there are some awesome bouldering spots on the rock ridge trail. Overall a great short hike!

Lots of up and downs and great options to keep going. Lots of bike riders but they were very considerate of hikers. We did see a snake on the trail so keep an eye out!

2 months ago

Great trails for an easy hike or moderate run. Always nice to relax in the shaded picnic areas afterwards.

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