Take bands or weights/kettlebells you will feel the staors but recomen doing at least twice then do some workout somewhere at the top

I went over Memorial weekend so it was pretty crowded but I enjoyed it none the less. Go early in the morning or late afternoon because it could get pretty hot. If you're not up for climbing the steps you can take the trail up to the top. Bring water! Overall it was a great workout.

I climbed the steps twice, and then jogged down the dirt trail. climbing the stairs is a great workout both for cardio, and working your quads. I did this on an overcast day, which I recommend, even though visibility was not the best. Great little spot in the middle of the LA basin.

Multiple trails and ascents give it variety and the ability to return and have it feel fresh and new...
Stairs are a great workout...super cool views!

it's really a simple one, maybe better do a cross country running, nice views and good weather. Most important thing, don't forget put sun scream on. I've got a terrible sunburn.