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I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't always so fucking crowded

I went for the 2d time. Is not easy but very nice trail with amazing views. It takes more than 3 hours to get to the peak. Not a lot people like long hikes I like challenges and this is one of the challenges to get stronger. My hike was 4/15/18

Good walk with a climb. Along a stream for a good part of it with some cool old structures and lots of rock.
Wear good shoes

We started the hike at 05:30am and the trail got real busy later in the day. Picked up lots of trash on the trail, lots of young adults cutting switchbacks... It was however a beautiful day to be outside. If Crowds aren’t your thing, try going on a weekday.

LOST a light blue Patagonia nano puff pullover today, Sunday, 4/15/18 just before noon somewhere between the Icehouse saddle and Cucamonga peak. It fell from a pocket in my pack. I assume someone picked it up, as it was nowhere to be found on the way back down the mountain. If found, please text or call (818)522-2140.

very nice views on the top.

Great hike. We had the summit to ourselves but only for a short time. The views from the summit are breathtaking so give yourself ample time to enjoy it. If you take your dog make sure he/she has dog boots as the rocks can injure their pads.

Great and challenging hike! The weather was perfect when I hiked yesterday. A little windy in some spots, but not bad. The summit was completely empty on a Wednesday too which was a nice surprise! No snow at all. Just make sure to layer because the wind does get chilly.

my husband and I went on a spontaneous hike up the trail yesterday. Since it was spur of the moment, we weren't as prepared as we should've been with proper footwear and gear, but we stopped at the one mile marker and came back down so it wasn't bad. so beautiful and serine I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's a beginning hiker or even an experienced one. The trails can get slightly narrow at points and the rocks are tough to walk on (especially in the wrong footwear

Trail is beautiful but can be rough on the feet. The majority of the path is made up of loose rocks or small boulders so be careful of where you step. There are snow patches on the side of the trail after Icehouse Saddle (halfway point) with steeper ascents. Finally, about 0.2-0.3 miles before the summit, the trail curves to the left, but the actual trail to the summit is around some fallen trees directly ahead. Don't follow the obvious curve to the left as that is a different trail and instead cut around the fallen trees and you'll find a dirt path leading you to the summit.

Hiked to the peak for the second time Sunday, April 8th. Beautiful day. The trail was clear of snow and ice all the way up. Check trail conditions if we get more rain before summer.

Just did this as an overnight backpack summit campout on Sat 3/31. Such a great hike with an awesome peak to sleep on! There is some snow and ice on the trail, but not enough to require crampons. I’d even say microspikes would be overkill for that day and unless more snow arrives it will only improve. Some grippy shoes and trekking poles are all I had and I was fine. Just take it slow at those spots.

Columbine Spring was flowing nicely for some quick fill water refills before heading up the dry stretch. We probably could have just melted snow up top, but grabbed spring water because we didn’t know for sure how much snow would be up there...and because spring water.

Fairly crowded trail but had the peak almost entirely to ourselves for the overnight.

loves it its Hard but worth it

Went today in a group of 11. It was the second time I’ve done this trail. The cooler weather was enjoyable after hiking up the first time last July. My body tends to run hot, so I hike without a jacket while everyone else usually does. Had to put it back on at Ice House Saddle because high winds made it quite chilly there throughout the day. We all had to put on our micro spikes or equivalent for the ascent up to the peak. It wasn’t the clearest of days, but the views were great nonetheless. We all used our spikes again for the way down back to the Saddle, but most of the ice and snow had melted into slush after noon when we had headed back. It’s killer on the knees from Ice House Saddle back to the trailhead, but it’s totally worth it. Most of the same group did Mount Wilson back in January and we plan on hitting the entire 6-Pack before Whitney in September.

This is a great, challenging hike with views that rival other higher peaks. This trail and others that connect to icehouse canyon get very crowded on weekends. I suggest weekdays if you are more sensitive to many hikers on the trail.

The first couple miles of the trail follow the creek bed which means large rocks and uneven trail so be mindful of where you’re stepping. Also, there is a bit of ice on the trail up to the peak. I made it without spikes but it was a little sketchy.

beautiful, but difficult

Amazing! Hard on the knees, but otherwise a piece of cake :)

1 month ago

This was a really fun hike. I spent 2 nights at Kelly's Camp and an interesting snowy night the last night. This trail is really beautiful with lots of views.

This hike was perfect for the day we went. We ended up going right after a mild snow day, still some traffic but not heavy. It was absolutely beautiful. We didn’t make it to the top, we stopped at about 3.5 miles and turned back, I didn’t wear the right shoes for how slippery the ice was. Regardless, hiking in the snow was beautiful, temperature was mid 30s, making it perfect for a cloudless day hiking in the snow.

Such a great hike with versatile terrain. There is ice and snow on the hike after Saddle Ranch but I did it in wool socks and hiking sandles and my feet never got cold. Do not stop for lunch at Saddle Ranch! It's freezing (not my feet). Walk a bit further. Great views and not nearly as cold. High winds after Saddle Ranch but a storm was a brewing. There is a cove under the main rock for cuddling ;)

Good workout. A lot of steep areas. Pretty view .

Amazing Hike. Ice house lives up to its name, so cold. The ice and snow is a bit tricky but totally worth it. I did the entire hike in shorts and hiking sandals. Mexican sherpa Lol!

This is a really fun Alpine Hike, close to Los Angeles. If you're into high elevation and big trees, this is a great location. I went up for President's Day weekend, and camped at Kelly's Camp both nights. I recommend being ready for VERY cold weather all day. This campsite does not get direct sunlight during the day in the winter, so it does not warm up much. I'll definitely be camping here again once the weather warms up.

The major drawback to this campground is the lack of a close-by water source. If it wasn't such a haul to bring water, I would have given it a 5 out of 5.

excellent trail running along a creek that changes monthly. lots of fallen trees and rock. so many great stops, including old cabin foundations.

although it's rated as difficult, the first few miles are pretty easy.

Great day too have done this hike today. After Ice House crampons are definitely recommend since there is snow and the trails are more narrow. Unfortunately the Cucamonga Peak elevation sign was missing...but nonetheless still was a great hike and the weather as well.

Hi guys, wanted to get a water report. Were there still streams running up halfway point?

Decided to hike this trail in the winter this time around and couldn't be happier with my decision. I have done this trail once over in July and had a difficult time enjoying it cause bugs :( However, if you choose to do it in the winter, be prepared!! bring microspikes or the like because the trail does get narrow with exposed cliffs at certain points and the last thing you want is to slip on any potential ice. Use the Alltrails app to help guide you to the peak, it does get tricky to navigate the last .3 miles to the top especially in fresh snow. All in all, great hike with great scenery. The trail gradient doesn't get too steep so its nice on the knees. Save your knees people haha, check out my photos from the hike!

2 months ago

This can be a brutal hike for newbies, or part timers. I've been wanting to make it to the saddle for a while now but should have done some training first.
It took my grandson (12 yrs) and I about 6 hrs to make it to the top because I am so out of condition.
Going to do some training for a few months and go fo Cucamonga peak.
Overall a great hike and beautiful wilderness.

Made it to the end :) Beautiful views along the way. Some parts of the trail had ice, we just went through it very slowly but be prepared for that. Bring lots of water and snacks to keep up your energy.

So worth it, get there early as parking fills up quick. Enjoy the view!

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