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I don’t care for hiking on rocks .. trail is better after the saddle.

Hiking for 2.5 hours was rough but in the end, the view from the mountaintop was amazing and unforgettable

It was a very beautiful day with some rain I really recommend to do at least one hike under the rain is an amazing experience it was my first time and I really like it there were not to many people and it was not cold except when you reach the top is very windy but other than that is a very nice hike last week I did the Cucamonga peak and it was also very good trail in two weekends I experienced two complete different weather I recommend both of them my advice is start no later than 6 am so that way you can have a good day.

Love this hike! So beautiful with running water throughout the hike :-) Bring hiking poles!

Beautiful, amazing hike. Wish I had brought lunch and extra water bottles.

Did it today, was tough but awesome

Superb peak views.

Excellent hike! Started before the sun came up, easy to find the path. Parking was no problem at 6am on a Sunday but definitely was packed by the time I finished around 12pm. The hike was a good workout, the last 1.5 miles was a butt kicker! Great views of Baldy, which was snow covered! Cold at the top but tolerable. I think this is a moderate hike, I wouldn’t list it as “strenuous”, like Baldy!

I sign up to EisPiraten.com and I found cahikr, I left a message anywhere i could. I don't know if you will find it.

Did it twice already awesome, challenging, beautiful and relaxing. Did it at night and day too. Please pick up your trash. Don't cut the switchbacks. Thanks #HikerEvolution #HikeRevolution # HikerEVOLution

I would be interested in getting a group together to do some trail maintenance, but I think we should discuss on another forum.
Anyone out there on EisPiraten.com?
I don't visit there often but I think it's a good place to start the process.
I'm cahikr.

Tough but Awesome Hike. My First Peak. Going for 6 pack of peaks Challenge. On to Mt San Antonio!!!

Next time I willing to hike an extra day, rather to go to the wash again. That "easy" wash have an inclination of 97° and since I'm not a rock climber I will hike around the mountain. Really nice hike. Let's finish the cleaning. #hikerevolution

I have been coming up here to do trail maintenance and have been working on clearing a lot of the fallen timber that is not too big and cutting back the overgrown buckthorn. I really enjoy this area and see a lot of potential if it is given some seasonal TLC, but it’s such a big job and one or two guys is not enough. Above the burned out cabin is the worst spot with large fallen timber. To deal with it will require chainsaw or crosscut saw. Once you get up to the ridge though the rest of the trail up to Cucamonga is clear. An alternative path is to bypass that area and take the wash up to the ridge saddle, where you overlook the Middle Fork of Lytle Creek. I am RockHoundHiker.

Difficult but rewarding.

My annual visit to the Big Tree Trail this year was a maintenance trip. Few people hike this trail and after last year I decided I would concentrate on making the trail a little more accessible. As I started out around 7am it was noticeable that someone else had been up here recently with the same intentions and had done a pretty good job as well. So I just continued on up trail trimming back the buckthorn and tree branches and widening the areas that had already been worked. So the trail is fairly clear up to about the three mile mark for the exception of a few large dead falls that will require a crew to clear. After the old cabin site around 3 miles up the trail is still very difficult to follow with many large dead falls and lots of brush. The good news is that’s only another 1/2 mile of work to be done for the trail to be mostly clear to the summit. I turned around upon reaching another dead fall on the north slope above the middle fork as I was pretty exhausted by this point. It’s very hard work clearing brush and cutting tree branches plus I was getting pretty torn up from the buckthorn even with protective clothing. I also worked the road up in a few places both on the way up and down to help alleviate the pinstripes being inflicted on my ride. If you decide to try this trail out take some tools along and give this trail some love before it’s lost forever.

Beautiful hike with an amazing view at the end completely worth it the whole way

22 days ago

Did this on a weekend. The section to the saddle was a zoo, and up to Cucamonga was still very busy. That last stretch to Etiwanda wasgorgeous and quiet, though, with magnificent views of the steep cliffs. Look for the cairns at 1.3 miles from the Cucamonga split to get to an unasuming top with great views. There was an improvised register.

if you hike frequently, this hike won't take you a full day. I can go from the Icehouse trailhead to Icehouse saddle In under 2 hours. I've done the Icehouse trail and Chapman loop in 4 and a half hours. great hike though!

We recorded over 16 miles for this route. Ontario Peak view is wonderful. There are a far amount of felled trees to climb over, but not an issue for experienced hikers. Bighorn was “one and done” for us. There is a lot of shale and crossed switchbacks made path hard to find at times. Chapman trail on the way back is not for those with fear of heights, but it’s a nice alternative to lower trail. Be aware it is very exposed, very sunny so if you want shade opt for lower trail.


Great hike! I loved the views. The creek running by portions of the trail is beautiful and refreshing. It was wonderful to see so many out enjoying nature!

My wife and I hiked this Saturday 9/8/18. We arrived to a full parking lot at the trailhead at around 7:15 Saturday morning. We did find a spot along the road where we could get off to the side adequately. As everyone says though, get here early for a spot. It was going to be 100 degrees in the valley so wasn’t sure we’d hike the entire way today but it was very comfortable temperature in the mountains and much of the trail was covered so not fully exposed to the sun which was great.

It starts off along the creek and the sound of the water is very nice as you hike along!

My wife and I aren’t ones for “dangerous” hikes and we felt very safe along the entire route. Although there are switchbacks and walking along the mountain sides, I never felt uncomfortable. Highly recommend trekking poles and good hiking boots though as there are rocks and gravel areas where you want good footing and poles for balance as well as take weight off your knees etc.

Took me 3.5 hours up with a couple short stops to talk to other hikers. And 2.5 down non-stop. The views are awesome. As for the last few hundred yards to the summit, I’ve read people think it’s steep and the hardest part of the hike....I’d have to disagree as it wasn’t the kick in the teeth I was expecting and really not much harder than any other part of the hike. The hard part of this hike is that it is long....it says 11.6 but by my GPS it was 14. Don’t think you are doing this hike if you haven’t had some training or aren’t at least fit as it is a long way up and back!

Have fun. It’s doable!

Beautiful, varying, winding, lovely

I love this trail! It is definitely a harder hike but it is definitely worth it. The views at the top are great because you can see all of the inland Empire. I would recommend filling up your water at the stream at the beginning of the trail because there is none closer to the top. HAVE FUN!!!

I've done this hike three time in a six week period with the last two being over-nighters on consecutive weekends! At this point, its my favorite place to summit because of the view! Especially at night! You can take in the view of pretty much the entire Inland Empire as well as the High Desert!

Now to the terrain. The trail is definitely challenging once to pass Icehouse Saddle. The trail has some ups and downs as well as some very deceptive inclines! once you reach "The Tree" you start the last leg of the trail which is pretty much switchbacks the whole way but the views are spectacular! I can't wait to do a winter hike up there! :-) Finally, you'll come to a fork in the trail where you'll see a post that is supposed to have a sign attached to it. You'll want to stay to the right of that because the other pathway will take you to Etiwanda (so I've been told). That last couple hundred yards seems to be the most grueling! I'm not sure if its just because you've hiked almost six miles of rugged terrain or if its actually the hardest part of the hike!

If you haven't already been there, it'll seem like forever to take that last few hundred feet but as you reach the top, and the IE down below comes into view, you'll forget all about the last few hours!

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this hike.

As I stated before, at this point, Cucamonga Peak is my favorite peak to summit! maybe its because I've been there and camped out, the spectacular views or the hike itself... whatever my reason, I promise, you will not be disappointed!


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