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Great trail, tough if you havnt been keeping in shape. I'm a giant of a person and I was tearing through water like there was no tomorrow, def want to bring plenty of it. The trip down from the top can be hard on the knees but is very relaxing. Bring walking sticks if you are carrying lots of weight.

Trail hiked on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, start time at approximately 0612 hours. Weather report indicated 62°/40°, Sunny; summit report projected 43°, chill 36°, and wind at 15 mph.
If you are not accustomed to cooler weather, be careful to not layer so much. I made the mistake of adding a few more layers then necessary and ditched them within the first mile. I was set to take the Icehouse Canyon Trail to Cucamonga-Peak.
The first mile was a very scenic mile, lots to see and you might get camera crazy. There was nothing fun about mile 2, it was a prelude of what was to come. If you find that you don't like it, make note that it gets worse. At mile 3.5, I got a little disoriented, if you're coming from the icehouse trail, you will see 3 trail head signs. To your left is the 3 T's trail, center is the Cucamonga-Peak trail, and to your right is the Ontario peak trail. Everything is well marked! I think just from being a little tired, I thought I had lost the icehouse trail. From this point on, the following 2. something miles change dramatically in scenery, weather, and terrain. That can't be emphasized enough!
You will be hot, cold, confused and challenged. The last mile is brutal, the switchbacks are relentless, and the terrain switches back and forth from semi rocky to just rocks!! I used trekking poles, and I wouldn't do it again without.
As previous reviewers have mentioned, this trail is doable! I'm not fit at all, I was in agony on the way down, but it's so doable. For it being a Wednesday, I was surprised to see approximately 40-50 people throughout the day. All of those wonderful people were of different ages, younger and older and lots of dogs. You can do this....one foot in front of the other!!!
**There was a chihuahua trekking this trail! Either that was a bad a** chihuahua or I'm just a weenie!**
**Also, I'm not sure if there is etiquette for coming up on someone from behind while in the wilderness, but I'd like to state this: had I not forgotten my bear spray in the car, I probably would have sprayed every man that startled me unannounced! You were fit and stealthy, I thought you were a bear!** Just sayin'.

Hey guys- just a question here. Don't have a car, taking a lyft up to Icehouse Saddle. I wasn't sure how to get back home? Is there a shuttle? Is hitchhiking a terrible option? Might just rent a car but trying to avoid it because after this hike, I think I'd just want to go home instead of making an extra trip. Let me know.
*Also rating this because I need to post this!

a great hike, if you're looking for a workout, this is the hike for you. some is hard surface, some is shale some are loose gravel, so the section between the saddle and the peak is downright dangerous due to loose gravel ,but it's an awesome.

Harder hike than I thought it would be, but worth the views! Get there early so you can get a spot in the parking lot and to beat the crowds. Drink plenty of water...

Did this with a four others, and it was awesome! We took 6 hours to summit and had the place to ourselves for the night of 5/10. Beautiful trails all the way up, great views, and a perfect sunset. VERY windy up on the top but we slept there anyway. Woke up to a great sunrise and clouds covering everything below, so it felt like a world away. Made it back down in 4.

Take at least 4 liters from Columbine up and you should be good. Be sure not to miss it on the right side of the trail before the saddle.

Trail conditions are pretty good to Etiwanda Peak. The last section from the main trail to the peak is a little steep and loose, but not too difficult and it is only about 1/8 mile long. The trail is exposed with little shade and can get hot. Make sure you are prepared with enough water and that your fitness matches the difficulty of the hike.

My first real hike, and it was a doozy. I was pretty overweight and out of shape but I was determined to get to the top so that I could take a good dating profile pic on the rock that hangs over the valley. I was completely unprepared and only packed a granola bar and a liter of water but my buds and I made it up and back in 12 hours with lots of breaks. You pass by a lovely stream, the remains of ruined stone cabins, waterfalls, and a mine with lots of malachite strewn about on the way up. There are about two dozen switchbacks which feel interminable while you're on them and are even worse on the way down when your knees turn to jelly. Pack sunscreen and possibly mosquito repellent, and more water than you think you'll need.

Managed to finish the hike in 7 hours last time I did it in decent shape.

This is a TOUGH 12 mile hike! Physically and mentally. You really have to pay attention the entire time you're moving to avoid tripping over large rocks, roots, and shale. The scenery is really beautiful, lots of backpackers and overnight campers up there. I started at 7am and the parking lot was full. There was shade most of the way up in the morning, but as soon as noon hits it is fully exposed & hot all the way. The switchbacks are LONG, not short like Baden-Powell. Bring 4+ Liters of water, electrolyte and salt chews for that elevation gain. Only 3 stars because of the mass amounts of people & difficult terrain which wore me down mentally before I was physically tired.

subi el domingo 13 de mayo fue como mi septima vez q hago cucamonga y me tomo 3 horas en subir y bajar excelente caminata

Awesome. Definitely tough, but do-able. Killed my water 3/4 of the way back down but chugged some right from a spring. I’ll bring a gallon next time!

16 days ago

Out of all of the Three T's (Thunder Mountain, Telegraph Peak, and Timber Mountain), Timber is my second favorite (you can't beat the views from Telegraph). It's a fairly easy climb from Icehouse Saddle, unlike Cucamonga peak, Ontario Peak, and Big Horn Peak. Icehouse Canyon and Saddle was very crowded, but we didn't see anyone at the summit of Timber. It was tranquil, with views of Telegraph and Mt. Baldy front and center.

Beautiful trail with a great view. Difficult but doable.

Every time I get to head out west I meet up with some LA pals and we try to do a summit. This was a beautiful hike from beginning to end that's fairly challenging for someone from the midwest such as myself, where we don't get to enjoy this sort of terrain.

Nice paths all the way up, we found a hidden bottle of whiskey on the summit and took appropriate photos doing a swig on the peak's famous overhang. I was wiped after we returned to the car but enjoyed every moment.

I just got home from completing this hike. It was a lot of fun, moreso due to the two friends I was hiking with. We went with a group but separated from the others after awhile as we were on a bit of a time limitation. We summit-ed in 3 hours, then made it back down in 2 hours 15 minutes. The view from the peak was of seeing clouds, which covered much of the region, from above. Quite beautiful. The trail is in good condition, the altitude isn't enough to be a significant factor (one of my friends is usually affected by altitude while hiking and she didn't experience any discomfort), no snow or ice along the trail or at the summit.

The view is so beautiful. Come and see it yourself!

Nice time to go early in the morning shade all the way to 1/2 way point very steep in almost every area so steep going down hill and it is rocky so if you got pets put boots on them there paws get beaten up also the area of some the stair is super narrow so make sure ur dog is well behaved I almost witnessed a dog fall of the soft grave edge but his dog mom caught him fewwwww.....clear day temps was in the 50s so it warm but chilly due to the strong gusty winds. Lots of people up at the top but not to crowded due to the amount of space . A couple small water creeks went if over the trail so be carful not to slip with the clear cold weather and muddy bit all in all this took me almost 9:45 hours would not do it when it is hot 1/2 up is not covered by shad and steep switchbacks no fun.

Completed this hike in August! It’s a great hike with epic views looking over the IE and great photo opportunities. Bring water and snacks.

I went for the 2d time. Is not easy but very nice trail with amazing views. It takes more than 3 hours to get to the peak. Not a lot people like long hikes I like challenges and this is one of the challenges to get stronger. My hike was 4/15/18

We started the hike at 05:30am and the trail got real busy later in the day. Picked up lots of trash on the trail, lots of young adults cutting switchbacks... It was however a beautiful day to be outside. If Crowds aren’t your thing, try going on a weekday.

LOST a light blue Patagonia nano puff pullover today, Sunday, 4/15/18 just before noon somewhere between the Icehouse saddle and Cucamonga peak. It fell from a pocket in my pack. I assume someone picked it up, as it was nowhere to be found on the way back down the mountain. If found, please text or call (818)522-2140.

Great trail with lively stream! Took my dog and she loved the water. Rockier than I thought but totally doable. Definitely going back.

very nice views on the top.

Great hike. We had the summit to ourselves but only for a short time. The views from the summit are breathtaking so give yourself ample time to enjoy it. If you take your dog make sure he/she has dog boots as the rocks can injure their pads.

Great and challenging hike! The weather was perfect when I hiked yesterday. A little windy in some spots, but not bad. The summit was completely empty on a Wednesday too which was a nice surprise! No snow at all. Just make sure to layer because the wind does get chilly.

Great hike! Weather was perfect and the entire trail is free of snow. View from the top is amazing and the tree makes for good pictures. Ice House Canyon is a little rough as usual but it’s worth it!

Trail is beautiful but can be rough on the feet. The majority of the path is made up of loose rocks or small boulders so be careful of where you step. There are snow patches on the side of the trail after Icehouse Saddle (halfway point) with steeper ascents. Finally, about 0.2-0.3 miles before the summit, the trail curves to the left, but the actual trail to the summit is around some fallen trees directly ahead. Don't follow the obvious curve to the left as that is a different trail and instead cut around the fallen trees and you'll find a dirt path leading you to the summit.

Hiked to the peak for the second time Sunday, April 8th. Beautiful day. The trail was clear of snow and ice all the way up. Check trail conditions if we get more rain before summer.

Just did this as an overnight backpack summit campout on Sat 3/31. Such a great hike with an awesome peak to sleep on! There is some snow and ice on the trail, but not enough to require crampons. I’d even say microspikes would be overkill for that day and unless more snow arrives it will only improve. Some grippy shoes and trekking poles are all I had and I was fine. Just take it slow at those spots.

Columbine Spring was flowing nicely for some quick fill water refills before heading up the dry stretch. We probably could have just melted snow up top, but grabbed spring water because we didn’t know for sure how much snow would be up there...and because spring water.

Fairly crowded trail but had the peak almost entirely to ourselves for the overnight.

The second half of this hike is amazing, beautiful scenery. But starting from Ice House Canyon is never fun on the way down after a long day. Its is very rocky. But Ontario Peak is beautiful and worth the trek. All devices measure differently, but my Garmin Inreach registered this at about 15 miles.

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