Love this hike. Physically challenging both up and down! Scenery is lovely with a bit of everything from tall trees and rushing water in the canyon to stubby trees and brilliant sunshine on the mountain peak. Beautiful birds, cute chipmunks,and great views!

The hike up was hike up was more challenging than Baldy via Devil's Backbone. All single trails no fire roads. We started 5am. Views were spectacular. Check out the video

6 days ago

Went on the first Saturday of August and started the hike at 6:45am. We bought our adventure pass the day before at Big 5 Sporting Goods for the parking. When we arrived there at 6:30 we got the last parking spot. The weather was perfect for hiking. It was in the upper 60s in the morning and we were shaded most if the way up. Lots of people and congestion on the trail up until we reached the saddle. At the saddle you have 5 different trails to select from. Make sure you follow the sign that says Cucamonga Peak. The last 2 miles it opened up and we did not have any shade. It was not too hot though but glad we had sunscreen. You go downhill for a little bit before you start to incline again. The last mile seemed the steepest. The trail is very rocky & sketchy (narrow) in areas. So glad we had our trekking poles as it helped our knees going down. We about fell on the loose rocks & gravel several times so be careful descending. We drank 3 Liters of water and 1 bottle of Vitamin Water. If it was warmer out I could have easily drank 4 Liters. It ended up being about 70 degrees and sunny. It was a bit crowded at the peak but there is plenty if space up there to find a private spot on a rock to sit and take in the views. I would recommend doing this hike on a Sunday or a weekday during the summer. Stunning views throughout the hike and loved all the running water in the creek for the first mile.

This hike is definitely hard!... but worth it for the views at the peak. It is not marked well, though, so a few times we got off track then turned around. At the peak, we saw a couple who started an hour before us, but ended up getting lost so it took them longer to reach the peak. Nonetheless, it was worth it.

It was a pretty tough hike! But the view is definitely worth it! I would recommend to start early, I started at 6 am and finished at about 12 pm. I'm glad I got an early start and beat the sun, at least for part of my hike.