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Tough trail! Great workout. Uphill till you get to top. Beautiful views.

Great day too have done this hike today. After Ice House crampons are definitely recommend since there is snow and the trails are more narrow. Unfortunately the Cucamonga Peak elevation sign was missing...but nonetheless still was a great hike and the weather as well.

Hi guys, wanted to get a water report. Were there still streams running up halfway point?

Decided to hike this trail in the winter this time around and couldn't be happier with my decision. I have done this trail once over in July and had a difficult time enjoying it cause bugs >:( However, if you choose to do it in the winter, be prepared!! bring microspikes or the like because the trail does get narrow with exposed cliffs at certain points and the last thing you want is to slip on any potential ice. Use the Alltrails app to help guide you to the peak, it does get tricky to navigate the last .3 miles to the top especially in fresh snow. All in all, great hike with great scenery. The trail gradient doesn't get too steep so its nice on the knees. Save your knees people haha, check out my photos from the hike!

10 days ago

Good quick workout with a great view

Made it to the end :) Beautiful views along the way. Some parts of the trail had ice, we just went through it very slowly but be prepared for that. Bring lots of water and snacks to keep up your energy.

So worth it, get there early as parking fills up quick. Enjoy the view!

18 days ago

awesome hike. stream is nice. there's still some snow at top.

I liked this trail.
Some exposed areas could be super hot in summer.
A lot of people/not a walk for solitude.
Bikes zoom down the path, listen for bike warnings.
When the turnouts are full it can be hard to park.
Not long enough to be a day hike.
Pretty trees and rocks along the shaded areas.
Great uphill cardio.
Wide walking path that feels stable (some slightly loose sandy areas)
A lot of people so you feel safe.
Short enough to get a good morning workout and still have your day left ahead of you.
The view at the top is panoramic.
You feel accomplished when you reach the top.

Bring your adventure pass for parking and lots of water.

Great for cardio work out...

Did not make it to the end. Trail had Ice, and slipped a couple of times. I will go back with spikes. But good workout and hike.

Got there early! The incline was a bit tough but I pushed through!

Good and calm

19 days ago

Get there early. Limited parking. Good steady incline the whole way. you need a Wilderness Pass.

Always a great hike. Hiked it today and lots of ice and snow on parts of the trail above 7800' There had to have been 200 people on the trail with most stopping at the saddle. Never saw it that busy before. Without crampons I wouldn't recommend hiking to peak until it warms a little bit. Could be dangerous.

Just enough segments of icy snow, esp on the northern shaded side the last 1.5 miles, to make this tricky. Recommend poles at a minimum and use spikes if you have them on the descent. There’s a few places that if you slip off you’ll tumble a long ways. Otherwise beautiful trail as usual.

Nice but hard but I love it especially with the snow on floor

Awesome. Not too intense, very nice through Icehouse Canyon. Great views from the summit.

Great hike to do alone or with friends. A lot of incline, but the view at the top is well worth it!

This was a good one. Very windy. Lost of snow as you approach the summit. The views were awesome. Spikes or crampons are a must. Saw many people turn around.

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