Short and steep. Great cardio whether hiking or running. It is a great way to get some peace above the city stress and enjoy a nice view. I absolutely love this trail which can also be used to link with the Claremont loop.

I did it yesterday.Thw weather was perfect for hiking. When i got to the top it was only me.The whole Ontario peck just for myslef. Next time i will go to camp up there for a night.

Completed our first peak in the 6 pack of peaks. It was definitely tiring, but so worth it when we made it to the top with those amazing views. There were several snow patches and rock slide areas, where you just have to go slow. We made it without poles, but they would have made it easier!

nice view
the sky beautiful

Unlike most girls I didn't ask for a nice romantic candle lit dinner, diamonds, vacation or clothes.

My wish for my birthday celebration was to go hike Cucamonga Peak with my man. This was a 16+ mile hike (was suppose to be 11.6) that is #2 in our Six Pack of Peak Challenge with 4,300 feet of vertical gain and a top elevation of 8,859′. it says it is about 4 miles to the notch. It is 5 miles to the notch and then 3.3 to the peak. You will pas two signs for Ice House Canyon trail and that is once you are already 1 mile in. One says 3 miles the other is 4.7 and both end at the notch. Then the sign for the peak says 2.4 and it is 3.3. We both had our GPS and both came out almost exactly the same.
There is a few small patches of snow on the trial but no spikes required right now.
We conquered it. My feet hurt, legs are sore and slept 10.5 hours last night so I was super tired but we had such an amazing time.
These are the things that make me the happiest. Spending time with the ones I love, pushing yourself to the limit and being outside in all of Mother Natures beauty.

Power up you'll have amazing rewards in the views all around! Back down make good use of your trekking poles or your knees gonna let you know they want some TLC later

One of my favorite local hikes. Great for a little cardio workout. Awesome view of DTLA up top.

Great elevation and wide open trail.