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Great hike! Absolutely beautiful especially if you hike on a day where you are above the clouds. Downhill though is a total bitch on the knees! Super steep on certain parts and the rocky terrain just puts your feet and knees in achy agony downhill. There are some sketchy parts where you gotta go slow in order no to slip and fall down that mountain but I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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Been coming up this trail (and neighboring peaks) for years but this remains my firm favorite. Lots of interesting changes of scenery with elevation and that unveiling of the vista at the peak itself is always a stunning sight

This trail has it all. It is one of the best hikes in CA. Challenging, rewarding, and multiple excellent vistas. 10 out of 10.

Great all-around hike!!

This trail kicked my butt! Amazing views, and such an amazing experience. Be ready for some steep inclines and loose gravel. I made the mistake of not bringing poles with me, and that is something I will never do again. So happy I did this. Got some great pictures, along with a great workout. I personally went counter clockwise, and it was tough. Most others I saw on the trail went clockwise, but that decent is intense clockwise. Just decide if you want an intense climb, or strep decent! Such a beautiful trail. Bring lots of water and give your self plenty of time to rest and pictures if you are new to these types of hikes. If you think you have enough water, bring more.

tuff climb but totally doable! worth it for the view..don't be surprised if it becomes one of your favorite hikes!

8 days ago

It was a great hike. The weather was nice while we were there this morning. The hike was moderate with lots of rocks. On our way down, one lady hiker felt and the fire fighter has to come and help her out So hike carefully n watch your step.

One of my favorite hikes, done it dozens times.

First time using All Trails. Only started recording once I reached the saddle. Spectacular views heading up from the saddle and crossing the upper reaches of Ice House Canyon. Many "Wows." Interesting views of the dead trees. Why have these died? Ontario was the better of these two peaks. But from Bighorn I could see other hikers working their way up Cucamonga. Long day hike.

First hike in CA since moving from Denver, and did not disappoint. Great mix of terrain and grade with some excellent views.

My first long hike with my hubby and friends. It was very tough but the views were to die for, it was a surprise to see snow but it was so wonderful. We weren’t prepared with food just snacks and water. So we ran all the way down lol. We did almost 16miles total. Great Adventure

Tracked 12.8 miles starting from the trail head/permit box. Trail was pretty, a little rocky I’m certain points. Left over food scraps were laying around at the summit which was terrible to see, take your trash with you people, come on!!

Very interesting trail starts off lush and covered next to the stream. Becomes more arid as you ascend. The vegetation changes with the elevation including manzanitas and ponderosa pines. Uphill all the way out and therefore downhill all the way back. Great little trail would be worth doing again to do a backpacking camping trip. Many trails throughout the area.

Great trail with great views

Tracked 13.2 RT skipped Big Horn Peak. Ice House trailhead to Ice House Canyon is very rocky. My knees always suffer on the way back through the canyon.

Good hike, almost finished my 3L. Next time I’ll carry 4L since it’s getting warmer out here.

We arrived to parking lot at 6:40am on Sunday and it was full already! Get here earlier to snag a spot or risk parking further out along the road.

We hit the trail at 1600 on a Friday and made the summit around 2000. The trail was pretty empty due to the time of day and the temperature was really nice. The spring before the saddle is still flowing strong and we filled up water there because that is the last source before the summit. We almost missed the summit trail because the sign is broken but there is a large wooden post with “peak” written on it so follow that up to the top.
We set up camp on the summit and enjoyed the sunset and sunrise. It was a little chilly but nothing to worry about at all. The only thing to keep in mind is the wind! It was extremely windy at the summit but there is plenty of natural cover so choose your camp site wisely.

Ok hike. Trail through Icehouse is pretty, but beyond that not so much.

it's long but scene keeps changing. lush at beginning turns to Rocky turns to arid. trail never disappoints.

great hike! loved every minute of it! amazing cool mountain breeze the whole way up and down yet the summit was perfect (not windy). loved it!

Finished this hike Saturday, May 26th. Awesome views, chilly, too many rocks for my liking, but what a great view of Gorgonio above the clouds. We started at 6:20 and it took less than 3 hours going up. Temp was under 40 degrees at the top. Took a different less traveled trail on the way down and it added 3 miles. Fog rolling in added to an incredible experience. Totals: 15.38 miles in 5 hours 40 minutes. Trekking poles are a must!

Hiked this today! It was beautiful, a tad crowded (it was Memorial Day), and sunny. The trail to the Saddle was great and scenic. When I hiked to the peak, it was incredibly strenuous. I will give some solid advice: wear the right shoes and/or use poles! You'll be walking on paths of loose rock so having a solid pair of boots is a good thing unless you are super nimble on your feet. Don't cut the switchbacks! As tempting as it sounds (due to the steepness), you will be sliding down a mountain nonstop. I saw a guy fall today from cutting a switchback, he was ok, but don't do it! It's a solid hike and well worth it.
**Bring water or some filtration system!!!!

It's a killer. But in a great sorta way. Glad we had lots of water. Trail is narrow most of the way but everyone was super friendly in letting people pass as needed. The saddle was a fun rest point. And the views at the top were worth the pain of the full trek. Nice outhouses at the trail base. Adventure Pass required to park at the trail head.

Hiked it as part of a one night backpacking trip. The hike was a challenge but quite nice. The trail itself was varied, rocky and/or steep at times, while flat and easy at others. The weather was great during my trip and the views are excellent at the top.

As John stated, bring plenty of water or some way to purify/filter natural sources.

Great trail, tough if you havnt been keeping in shape. I'm a giant of a person and I was tearing through water like there was no tomorrow, def want to bring plenty of it. The trip down from the top can be hard on the knees but is very relaxing. Bring walking sticks if you are carrying lots of weight.

30 days ago

Definitely one of my favorite trails in the area. Beautiful, many options when you get up to the saddle. Also, easy place to hike around in the snow. Not really for casual hikers though.

This trail is gorgeous, but overnight there was a heavy snow when I did it (mid-March), so be sure to be prepared for any weather conditions.

Trail hiked on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, start time at approximately 0612 hours. Weather report indicated 62°/40°, Sunny; summit report projected 43°, chill 36°, and wind at 15 mph.
If you are not accustomed to cooler weather, be careful to not layer so much. I made the mistake of adding a few more layers then necessary and ditched them within the first mile. I was set to take the Icehouse Canyon Trail to Cucamonga-Peak.
The first mile was a very scenic mile, lots to see and you might get camera crazy. There was nothing fun about mile 2, it was a prelude of what was to come. If you find that you don't like it, make note that it gets worse. At mile 3.5, I got a little disoriented, if you're coming from the icehouse trail, you will see 3 trail head signs. To your left is the 3 T's trail, center is the Cucamonga-Peak trail, and to your right is the Ontario peak trail. Everything is well marked! I think just from being a little tired, I thought I had lost the icehouse trail. From this point on, the following 2. something miles change dramatically in scenery, weather, and terrain. That can't be emphasized enough!
You will be hot, cold, confused and challenged. The last mile is brutal, the switchbacks are relentless, and the terrain switches back and forth from semi rocky to just rocks!! I used trekking poles, and I wouldn't do it again without.
As previous reviewers have mentioned, this trail is doable! I'm not fit at all, I was in agony on the way down, but it's so doable. For it being a Wednesday, I was surprised to see approximately 40-50 people throughout the day. All of those wonderful people were of different ages, younger and older and lots of dogs. You can do this....one foot in front of the other!!!
**There was a chihuahua trekking this trail! Either that was a bad a** chihuahua or I'm just a weenie!**
**Also, I'm not sure if there is etiquette for coming up on someone from behind while in the wilderness, but I'd like to state this: had I not forgotten my bear spray in the car, I probably would have sprayed every man that startled me unannounced! You were fit and stealthy, I thought you were a bear!** Just sayin'.

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