Definitely worth the view! And the cloud of ladybugs at the bottom portion of the trial, so cool (: it's a tough hike, but the switchbacks at the end actually didn't seem as bad as the ones for Mt. Wilson, though!

Nice trail,great peak. Beautiful view. Imagine night up there...that'll be nice.

Awesome hike!!!

Tough hike, but the views of the top are totally worth it. Also, I didn't think the switchbacks at the top where is nearly as tough as the ones on Mount Wilson, if anybody is looking for comparison. Really pretty hike great views. Definitely wear bug spray or have a bug facemask

Good trail, easy to find. First half is decently shaded, but the entire way is just walking up the fire road. You pass an active bee farm, and never had any trouble.

WOW! beautiful hike, however, very rocky, lots of gravel on most of the trail. My feet and knees were barking downhill and I had trekking poles. We started at 7:30a Friday morning, didn't run into too many hikers. We reached the summit at 1p taking breaks along the way. Gorgeous view from summit.
The saddle junction gets super windy plan on breaking before or past it. Not much wind except for junction. First 2 miles really pretty, ruins from old cabins. River rushing through- makes for gorgeous photos.

6/11/2017 5:30am start. Clear path not a lot of hikers. Took us 2hrs 47mins to the top. The Saddle and Window were very windy. Took us 2hrs 19mins down. A lot of people coming up around 9:30am.