So I get to the first Saddle, easy peasy

So I get to the first Saddle, easy peasy

As a normal Claremont Looper, this one kicked my butt at first. Straight incline to the top. Once you get there, it's breathtaking. In my opinion, a better view then its neighbor. Going down feels amazing! Park in the open area where you aren't covered by larger vehicles or where you can be easily seen from by passerby's. I went last month and about 7 cars had all their windows broken and belongings stolen. They were parked off on the east side of the road behind a large SUV before the turn.

Great hike. If this is moderate I hate to try the hard trails. It kicked my butt as I got closer to the top. Straight up. Loved it and felt rewarded when I got to the top and saw the beautiful view.

Fun hike STEEP! Great workout I will definitely go again!

Great day for a midday hike before rain comes this wknd :)

1 month ago

Looks like an amazing hike! You guys think its safe to hike this right now by yourself?

the weather was perfect