Nice ocean views. Wildlife

no shade
9 hours ago

lots o snails when its wet out

Nice beach. Clean sand and water. Can take off shoes and walk.

Perfect weather & perfect trail conditions

Great trail for hiking, some of the paths are pretty narrow but the views are beautiful!

Beach day during Covid and the riots.

$15 to park but it’s no biggie. I should have gotten there a little early because of the heat but it wasn’t bad. I also accidentally went the wrong way and off the route but still got back on trail. I didn’t think it was that challenging but when I got home later I felt the push.

Nice walk on the beach. The upper trail goes closer to the busy road and further away from the beautiful cliffs.

6 days ago

I will recommend this trial to anyone that wants to do a great workout and enjoy a nice view to the ocean.

A lot of of choices to choose from Mtb

6 days ago

Beautiful views and very nice for all levels of experience. Friend and I did get confused on where the start of the trail was but ended up making our own and walked along the cost.

no shade
7 days ago

Great trial and connects to the beach.

I'm pretty fit and I attempted to run/jog the entire loop solo. I only took a liter of water and started at 10am, next time I'll take a hydration pack, carb gel and start before 8 am. Also, trekking poles would be very helpful. I started at the trailhead towards the beach, super super easy, pretty flat then easy downhill. The way back feels ALLLL uphill. There is no shade whatsoever so plan accordingly.

Nice views down the coast once on Moro Ridge Spur. Rest of trail was incline or declines, very few flat parts. Parking at trailhead is $15

It was an easy hike. I will consider myself intermediate so it might be challenging for others. The view was great!

Very picturesque trail. This is not a single track. It’s pretty wide the entire way. Good steep climb at the beginning for a while. All worth it once you get to the top.

Beautiful trail that feeds into a lot of other trails. There are some steep hills and a good amount of up and downs once you reach the Laguna wilderness trails. Don’t go in the heat of the day because there’s not a lot of shade.

You have to download an app to park staff is not friendly.$15 to park

Post rain Monday, trails were actually really good. Not too washed out at all!

Fun trail! Little flies like to follow you on this hike but they don’t do anything. Lots of hills. We saw a snake eating a lizard, eventful.

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