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Great trail, especially considering the proximity to the city. From the parking area out to the cabin at Cronan Ranch took us just under 3 hours at a quick pace - there's not a lot of elevation change along the bulk of it.

we had our dog with us, as did half the people we came across, nice tree lined trail beautiful water spots along the river .

did this hike today and loved it! it's a pretty easy hike. the trail is wide and mainly flat. lots of bathrooms along the trail if needed, and such pretty views!

easy hike. lots of shade, so would be great for summer time. the only downside is your either looking at dirt or trees, not the best views. but still worth checking out

beautiful location, free parking, overall a great hike

Took the family on this trail. We didn’t do the whole thing, but of what we did hike, it was relatively easy. We went in December. The weather was nice. You can hear and see the river in some spots. There was some others hiking, walking their dogs, or jogging the trail. I’ll definitely do this one again, but perhaps try the whole thing.

Beautiful open space, lots of options to deviate for harder or easier hike, nice views of river, hills, wildflowers. Highly recommend to extend the trail via west ridge loop.

Very nice hike. We started at the equestrian parking and went left, the stayed left down to the river. Following that trail hooks you back up with the Gerle loop. It is a bit shorter but so nice walking along the river. We went mid day and it was warm but nice amounts of shade kept it comfortable. Decent little hill towards the end to get your heart rate up a bit but still a nice easy hike. We are looking forward to returning and doing more of the trails here.

2 months ago

Had a great hike with pups and infant in the backpack! We took the outer trail Greenwood, it was closer to the river and the dogs could get in for a dip and drink along the way. Magnolia trailhead is the name of the parking- you are in the right place.
We only saw a couple people and there were horses(allowed on gerle trail) in the parking lot but not allowed on greenwood trail apparently as the sign states. Really pretty views and a great fall day.

Love this trail for horseback riding and hiking. Has been getting busier on the weekends with cars in the horse trailer parking.

Went for a trail run, weather was warm, trail was perfect. There are bathrooms at the parking area and down by the river. All very clean, nice to have. Down by the water and a couple of places along the trail there are shaded sitting benches and even some picnic benches.

I really enjoyed this trail, took a side trip to the river, so beautiful and peaceful. There is allot of full sun, but also wooded areas to walk through. I used my All Trails Pro to navigate since the service was spotty, will go again to explore more.

Very little shade 90% of the way. The lower valley trail is so much nicer than the new upper loop. It’s easy to get lost on the way back as it’s not clearly marked- you can follow the trail one way and turn it into a 15 mile hike instead of turning around and going back to the trailhead. There are some neat features like an abandon movie set and a nice picnic area where the American River is. We saw a lot of people rafting which was entertaining. River much too fast to swim anywhere near there.

There was almost no shade, however the trail was well maintained, wide, and had signage. Not very busy (prbly because it was hot). There was a good amount of elevation, about 1500 ft ea way for out and back. Only a small creek along the route and ends at the American river where there is a rapid and fast moving water. We had our dogs and weren't able to let them swim due to rafters and danger of the rapids.Just over 6 miles roundtrip. It was a good workout but not ideal with dogs and on a hot day.

Great trail, easy enough for kids. My twin 6 year old boys made it all 5 miles in and out. Not much shade so dress light in summer and bring plenty of water. Only saw one other human on the trails.

We parked at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Free parking - Yaye!

We did the whole 12mi hike - it was definitely an intermediate hike. We started at the West Ridge Trail and took West Ravine Trail on the way back (easier path).

Beware: No shade!!! (We run out of water because it was just so hot today -9/1/18. I should’ve brought more water.) We was a lot of horse poop and a baby snake.

The West Ridge Trail leads you to the river where you can see Satan’s Cesspool. There’s no shade there too so it was difficult for my group to eat together.

Overall, it’s a decent hike. I think this is a great trail for spring time.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of variations in terrain and options for trails. A beautiful breeze coming off the river almost the whole hike. It gets really hot and a lot of the trail is not shaded - so even if you get an early start it is probably better for a fall/winter hike. Bring plenty of water. Lots of poison oak in parts. Trail is also used by horses and mountain bikers so you need to be on the lookout.

So i love this trail!!! i have just about done the whole thing but i must tell you as an advocate for Mountain Lion's, they are here! I have found it's den and numerous deer kills within a month in the same spot. I know we are all aware they are there , but i can tell you first hand that they are. This trail can be very hot so come prepared if doing it in the summer. i think the views and change of scenery after each 2nd mile is really neat. I would rate it as moderate but not too strenuous. It's so worth it as the trail goes on forever! Good Luck

Signage could be better. From the parking lot, go left on the trail to do the loop that way if you are unfamiliar. it is easier to not take a wrong turn that way.

It has a few nice views, and for a stretch you can hear the river, which is nice. The trail never approaches the river, so don't count on that.

Well maintained, this loop trail has minimal elevation change, and you could do laps on it if you want.

Very nice groomed trail, river is nice and able to swim in

It was ok- there are a lot of rocks on this trail which are hard on the knees, and you only see the river view for a very small portion of it. The scenery is pretty boring otherwise. It’s a lot of up and down, which is a good workout, but I don’t think I would do this trail again. Also, the directions from this app took me to a different trail (Sweetwater). I found this trail by chance when I was heading up to Auburn and remembered the name. If going here, I wouldn’t rely on the app’s directions for it.

easy trail with river and stream access off of the loop

The signs were quite confusing but otherwise a really great trail

mountain biking
8 months ago

I’d definitely do this trail again. I’m a novice at mountain biking so some of the climbs were difficult for me - ended up hiking up some climbs. I’d definitely go back! Maybe during rattlesnake hibernation season.

I love hiking this trail! we always see lots of mountain bikers who are the most polite trail companions. I think this trail has lots of hills and it's Rocky, but I like it, never boring.

Not sure why this was rated as a hard trail, pretty level and easy hike and great swimming spot if you venture down to the river , however did not get 5 starts because two reasons. First it was very dusty my shoes were super dirty at the end mostly due to all the construction they have been doing on the road across and on the older buildings. I’ll definitely be back when they Finish the construction

8 months ago

We walked the short 2.6 mile loop in early May with a toddler, and a baby in a backpack. The trail is smooth and fairly level, great for little feet--a few rocks that tripped her up but nothing serious, and no scary drop-offs or dangerous cracks. Quite a bit of poison oak but hey, welcome to the foothills...! The trail is partially shaded, which made it wonderful in the Spring and probably tolerable in the summer, and there are several great places for a swim, and quite a few nice views along the route; there's even a toilet half way round, which is rather civilized!

The map only shows one loop, but there's an outer loop that runs closer to the river. To find it, turn left instead of right at the first fork in the trail (0.3 miles clockwise from the main Magnolia trailhead), it will take you down to a kayak put-in spot, and will join back up with the Gerle loop after a while.

Excellent spring hike. The trail end at the river is a great place to picnic and recharge. Very clean, hikers were of all ages: dogs and horses too!!

Great network of trails out here! I could spend a whole weekend just buzzing to and fro. I noticed a connecting trail that will take you to Folsom Lake... very excited to try that out soon!

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