$7 for parking, I wish I could afford to do this, but I would not have to eat for 2 days.

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It's exactly how it's described. I hiked the trail in flip flops with no problem. Great scenery!

Great easy hike to get you out of the house. Pretty creek views, can be crowded, and not difficult or long enough to be used for conditioning, but still worthwhile for a quick nature fix.

My 4 year old and I participated in the "story walk" hosted by the parks and library, they have placards along the trail with a page of the story so you read the book while you walk. It was a fun experience!

The trail itself was nice, although we prefer moor wooded areas. We were there in mid march and there is a nice creek, one part is tricky to cross without getting wet... the trail is a great starting point for hiking/ walking and it offers beautiful views of vineyards.

I went on this trail during the Sonoma County Trails Challenge, and, although lovely, it freaked me out. It was not maintained very well, so the grasses were at eye level, and touching us throughout almost the entire hike. We walked through for a long time with grasses brushing against us before finally noticing the hundreds of ticks waiting at the tips of these grasses, blatantly, hauntingly. Once we saw them, hundreds of them, on almost every blade of grass reaching toward us, it felt like a horror film. We were trapped, and the only way to get through it was to continue being brushed by tick-infested grasses. I read that it is wheelchair accessible, but that is the last thing anyone in a wheelchair needs. Normally I'm not so paranoid on hikes, but this was a pretty intense experience. Lovely, though.

Easy hike, good way to ease in to hiking as a past time.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Nice easy hike. Several different trails.

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Great trail walk if you don't have a tun of time!

Saturday, April 30, 2016