Nice and easy. Love the ducks and other birds around the lake.

6 months ago

A nice shady walk, rolling hills great to get started with.

6 months ago

For a 55 yr old, it's.a very good trail with short uphill stretches that gets the blood flowing. Following the map takes roughly an hour to finish. Park itself is very nice and well maintained. Park along State College Blvd. and just walk in to avoid park fees.

This is a paved walking path through Craig park, not really a hiking trail. It turns into a dirt path if you go up and over Fullerton dam. Other than that, it's a very well kept park with a lake and stream. I think you have to pay to park, but there is free parking on the street. We saw ducks, geese, lizards, squirrels, tadpoles, turtles, and crawfish. Three stars for the scenery, other than that, it's a fairly leisurely stroll.