Basically a Hugh cow pasture. Trail follows the perimeter fence all the way around. It was great too be near the cows. However the ground was very dry with high cracks. Not fun too walk on.

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1 month ago

One of my favorite places for a good workout, beautiful views!

9am on a Sunday. Pretty busy. Lots of friendly people

Beautiful Lake

This was an awesome hike with great views of the delta and surrounding hills. My boyfriend and I took our dog and let her off leash though the ranger did mention that coyotes have been known to snatch baby calves and small dogs so be mindful of your pup. Tons of wildlife - we saw, jack rabbits, hawks, gophers, owls and lots of vultures. It was super muddy when we went but we did go off trail a bit. Lots of other trails at this preserve so we look forward to returning. Also, be mindful of the cows - there were a couple of aggressive ones who were very protective of their calves.

This is a paved road closed to traffic. Beautiful scenery once passing houses. Rolling hills and fields with happy content cattle younger and older. It's of prairie dogs entertaining pedestrians. Bicycles and runners using this stretch as well. If your dog likes to hunt prairie dogs keep them leashed, there are huge colonies as you can see in hills. Ad they are curios! Enjoy!

Very family friendly. My 2 yr old walked the entire way. Shaded. Pretty flat. Handicap accessible almost the entire time,

mountain biking
Monday, October 03, 2016

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