my girl friend and I like to ride our bikes on this paved trail through the marsh/homes to The Rock.

1 year ago

Nice relaxing walk thru estuary, sand dunes, and along the beach to Morro Rock. Huge surf crashing over the breakwater into Morro Bay. One of the nicest beaches in the area for fine sand and loads of shorebirds.

I like simple that I can bring my puppy.

4 years ago

I really didn't enjoy this trail. It really wasn't a trail actually, it was a paved walkway through a neighborhood park which ended on the beach. The additional trek to Morro Rock seemed to be tacked on just to add some length or interest. The part of the beach on Morro Strand was nice, and do bring a bag to carry sand dollars, they are plentiful. Otherwise, a boring ho hum walk.