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My wife and I hiked this trail on 1/18/19 after it had been raining in the Palm Springs area for almost a week. A fair amount of the trail (below, to the north of the ridge and down/up the canyons portions of the trail) was washed out or obscured, but it’s still a relatively easy trail to find/follow. It’s generally a well-maintained trail so I’m sure it will be snapped back into full form soon. We were surprised at all the wildflowers already – this early in January, beautiful. It is a fantastic trail; we’ve done it numerous times. We’re planning to keep going back this year to catch the progression of wildflower blooms. It’s all great but we’re thinking of just walking the ridge out and back – the views are just so incredible, especially as one walks/gazes to the west with all the snow now on the San Bernadino Mountains/San Gorgonio Mountain (Old Greyback) – spectacular!

4 days ago

The pond is great!

11 days ago

Easy hike very sandy trail. Not too steep but some nice views and the prehistoric looking palms trees were really different.

17 days ago

It was nothing amazing but we still enjoyed it. We were surprised by the structures, or what was left of them, that were above the palm trees. Not clear how one would have brought up the materials to build there or why. Trees were burned but still alive. Decent short hike and not too many other hikers.

Great hike but the return after the palms is confusing. You follow a riverbed as others mention then at one point you need to turn right into the mountain and start climbing. I went the wrong way a few times and reconnected a way that is not even marked here. Was tough but we made it.

Very easy but beautiful trail. Good for all ages and ability.

No trouble staying on trail with support of all trails topo.

My favourite out of 4 , and yet. For me it’s not well signposted. I backtracked 3 times .

1 month ago

An easy stroll on a beautiful morning. Amazing pond and oases with spring fed water.

on McCallum Trail

1 month ago

Best desert oasis I’ve seen in SoCal

Great hike along a San Andreas Fault line ridge with amazing views. Today the Goodyear Blimp floated by close enough to plainly read its Goodyear marking - not kidding!

1 month ago

Easy trail with beautiful scenery of the authentic palm trees. I never know palm trees looked that way without trim. Very cool. The desert oasis was also beautiful.

3 months ago

Beautiful, easy desert hike.

4 months ago


4 months ago

loved this

easy but worthwhile

Easy walk looks like Jurassic Park right when you start it. Highly recommend it(:

7 months ago

Closed until 6/22/18

Closed until 6/22/18!

Great hike. I came across rattle snake on south trail that drops into the Grove of Pushawalla Palms. Be very careful in warm weather as the Snakes are out. It's a great hike for cardio if you take the high route along the ridge. Beautiful view of the Coachella Valley. Early Spring flowers are an added bonus. Saw a couple horny toad lizards as well.

8 months ago

Easy walk. Absolutely recommend! Minimal effort for a maximum reward! We went on a day where it was 104 degrees and the palm trees provided great shade.

9 months ago

Nice destination, easy to get to, plenty of parking. Basically two oases connected by a relatively flat trail. It was over 90 degrees and bright sun, but very comfortable inside the trees. Walking between is about half sand, which is a little annoying in the heat, but worth it. The fish & crayfish at the pond are fun to see, although the latter are the reason there are no frogs. Our 12-year old twins had no problem, even in the heat, although bring lots of water - no water fountains. There is a bathroom at the start. No dogs allowed. There is even a little visitor's center with some history -- and A/C!

Good hike. Enjoyed it

It's more desolate than the west side of the valley, so not as beautiful IMO, but still a nice hike. Signage started out great, then not so good anymore. Fortunately, it's in an old riverbed much of the way, so it's hard to go too wrong. Wanted to hike on the rim trail, but wasn't sure whether it would take me to Pushwalla Palms (it does, I'm told). When I continued out from Pushwalla Palms, I got quite turned around. (In the words of Daniel Boone, "I've never been lost, but I've been a might bewildered a few times.) Made it back to the Palms okay, but I was a bit concerned, because I usually have a very good sense of direction. All in all, I had a fine time.

Great hike. Stretch of trail along the ridge is quite exciting.

We enjoyed the unexpected sites we experienced on this hike. only a few minutes away from my in-laws house, we thought we'd feel like we were hiking through their backyard. it was a pleasant surprise to hear absolutely nothing just a few steps into the hike. Just 30 minutes into our adventure at 2:30 in the afternoon, we heard a pack of howling coyotes. You start the hike in the bottom of a dry riverbed which I believe is part of the San Andreas fault. You can choose to continue on the valley floor or go up a ridge line. We went up. Challenging incline for just a bit but obviously worth the climb. Views of Coachella Valley on one side, faultline, Palms, oasis, mountains and silence on the other. Will definitely do this again!

Good hike. Beautiful views on the upper trail. Interesting rusted truck frame in the wash heading down into the Pushwalla Grove. More water there than I expected. The upper trail on the ridge is strenuous to some degree, but the 360° views are outstanding.
The turnaround and return hike is much easier, as you pass Horseshoe Palms.
Worth the time. Take water. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Easy trail for single hiker or families. Sand but very manageable. The McCallum Grove and pond is cool looking and cool in temperature with so much shade. The pond holds the famous Desert Pup fish slithering around visible to even kids (in the shade). There are benches around the Grove for a rest and feeling the breeze. A sign describes the water life as you near, even mentioning the dreaded Crawfish that plays havoc on the ponds ecosystem.
Elevation change is nearly unnoticeable once away from the visitor center. The trail can even handle the three wheel strollers for little tikes. I went in January 2017 and the temperature was a slightly warm high 70's, except in the shade of the palms. It's free to hike, but the Preserve gladly takes donations. The beginning and end have an old cabin showing history of the Preserve and Oasis. Worth a walk and if it's too easy there are many other trails on the Preserve that are more challenging with great views.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Like walking on soft beach sand, volunteer lady not very welcoming, cool vista point

on McCallum Trail

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Nice and easy. Rewarded by a pretty reflection pond and many palms at the end of the trail

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