Photos of Coachella Valley Preserve Hiking Trails

My wife and I hiked this trail on 1/18/19 after it had been raining in the Palm Springs area for almost a week. A fair amount of the trail (below, to the north of the ridge and down/up the canyons portions of the trail) was washed out or obscured, but it’s still a relatively easy trail to find/follow. It’s generally a well-maintained trail so I’m sure it will be snapped back into full form soon. We were surprised at all the wildflowers already – this early in January, beautiful. It is a fantastic trail; we’ve done it numerous times. We’re planning to keep going back this year to catch the progression of wildflower blooms. It’s all great but we’re thinking of just walking the ridge out and back – the views are just so incredible, especially as one walks/gazes to the west with all the snow now on the San Bernadino Mountains/San Gorgonio Mountain (Old Greyback) – spectacular!