Enjoyable mix of forest and chaparral. There is good steep ascent, but easily done in running shoes. Many beautiful native plants and minerals. Nice views. The downside is that it was easy to get lost. There are some spurs and shortcuts that have been well-used, and lead to bushwhacking.

Beautiful trail. The trail will come to a fork after about 10 minutes of hiking. We took the middle trail which was relatively steep. Bring water. Dappled lighting throughout.

there's a lot you can see if you explore the area!

great trail, and 3 other off trails, you must take. so beautiful, very narrow and steep at points, but very doable for all levels.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Loop trail just off of a tract housing development. Heading right off of the trailhead takes you on to a mostly flat, unpaved fire road that soon narrows into a proper hiking trail. This soon splits and climbs a long, steep hill. Eventually the trail ends in a clearing at a private property boundary that yields a view of the surrounding hills, and a slight view of Cloverdale.

To complete the loop, you then need to double back about 1/8 of a mile to a steep right turn down the hillside. (You will see wooden steps.) Most of the rest of the trail is hilly undulations on a narrow, slippery trail. There are a few spots that afford a nice view of Cloverdale and the rest of the valley. The trail eventually tees into another trail. Turn left and you will shortly run into a paved fire road. This is a steep downhill to the trailhead.

For what it is, and how convenient it is to Cloverdale, it's nice. For its length, definitely on the strenuous side of moderate.