off road driving
1 day ago

Good trail for beginners looking to get their feet wet with off-road adventures. I completed it in a stock 2018 Raptor. I used 4H just to give me a bit more stability, but it could have easily been done in 2WD. A truck this wide will get some pin striping and there are some tight turns but I didn't have any issues

The trail is not terribly challenging. You'll need more clearance than your typical car has, but any cross over should do just fine. RAV4's, CRV's, Ford Escapes, Subaru's shouldn't have a problem here, especially if you have AWD variants. There are protruding rocks and ruts so you'll want to mind your speed if you don't have a huge amount of ground clearance to avoid bottoming out. If you have something more capable like a SUV, Jeep or truck, you can carry a bit more speed without worrying about bottoming out.

There are virtually no side trails here, you get to a dead end and head back the way you came with no options to explore much of anything else. I personally find Otay Truck Trail quite a bit more enjoyable. It's longer, better views, and has tons of side trails, many of which can be pretty challenging.

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