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Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres, mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. A warm dry mediterranean climate prevails over the Forest. It is the Southernmost National Forest in California.

off road driving
5 hours ago

I hiked into the falls today for the first time, I have to say "wow" the views were great and a lot of water flowing makes for a fun time..more water than I expected

Lots of tagging under the Falls. Kids pics are ruined with penis tagging behind Falls. Decent hike

11 hours ago

Maybe not so kid and dog friendly, but a great hike overall. The views at the top are spectacular, and the wildflowers are plentiful. Would go again sans 7yo child and 13yo dog. Proud of them for finishing, but they are DONE for the day:)

12 hours ago

Don't bring your good car. 4-5 miles of washboard, potholes, water crossings, dips... you get the idea.
But the trail is fun. Limited parking.
Nice to see water in the waterfall at trail's end.
Lots of dogs today. I'm Ok with that.

trail running
16 hours ago

16 hours ago

A nice section of trail beside the stream. I took a spur off the top of the main trail loop for some nice views of the valley. On the return route took the road that goes by an old corral area. A very pleasant, peaceful, hike except for the noise from the steady westbound planes en route to Lindbergh. My route was a total distance of 9.7 miles.

17 hours ago

For starters, I'm a 21 year old year round college athlete. This trail whooped my ass. The 1100ft elevation change is practically straight up and straight back down, most of it bouldering and/or scrambling with ropes. Do not bring small children, pets (unless it's a mountain goat), elderly people, or people grossly overweight or out of shape on this hike. Start early - it gets hot. Falls are amazing, swimming hole is even better. Natural waterslide is a little sketchy but worth a go - just keep your head up. Trail is not well marked at all so keep a close eye out for the spray painted arrows.

Great for a kid and older dog! Perfect weather at 9am. Right around the corner from Laguna Mountain Lodge.

So pretty nice hike but be sure if you are going to have gaiters-if you go off the road like we did on a single lane trail the foxtails are terrible. Had to stop several times and pick them out of our socks and boots. Also ran into some mosquitos along the water. The road make a sharp right and if you miss it then you are on single lane trail. Didn't see anyone on a Friday morning except a skunk-