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Cleveland National Forest is the southernmost National Forest in the state of California. The Forest encompasses 460,000 acres in divided into the Descanso, Palomar and Trabuco Ranger Districts and is in the counties of San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. The U.S. Forest Service requires National Forest Adventure Pass for parking in many areas of the Cleveland National Forest. Popular activities include enjoying the picnic areas, hitting up the hiking trails up Laguna Mountain and Palomar Mountain, horseback riding, mountain biking. This is also a great place for camping. The Cleveland National Forest has campgrounds in the Descanso, Palomar, and Trabuco Ranger District as well as dispersed camping for a fee. Visitors can also take a drive along the Sunrise Scenic Highway and off roaders will enjoy the Corral Canyon and Wildomar Off-Highway Vehicle Areas. The forest makes a great weekend trip from Los Angeles or other Southern California cities and is a great way to take in the Santa Ana Mountains.

1 day ago

This was a wonderful hike with some amazing views at the end. You can park on the side of the road, there is enough space for about 5+ cars depending on how close the cars park.

The hike starts off fairly flat, then just goes up at a consistent rate to the top. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

Will definitely come back and do this hike again.

Love this trail so much. Unfortunate there's so much graffiti. Looking to start a cleanup group to get rid of the graffiti/trash if anyone's interested...

Fun hike, no water as of 12/09/18 even with the rain earlier in the week.

Did this hike for the second time today and it is always fun and a really nice view. The first time we went, it was definitely a lot more difficult since the other trail down was much much steeper, but it is permanently closed now. I assume that was for safety reasons, but now the trail is a lot easier so I was a teensy bit bummed out about that. Not a huge deal though, still a wonderful and beautiful hike!

This was actually 6 miles. No water in the falls, but as everyone else has stated, still worth the hike. It’s just beautiful at the pool!

This is actually a 6 mile loop well maintained trail. The water was barely flowing from the top of the waterfall but the bottom reservoir was full. The landscape of the waterfall was simply beautifully and well worth the hike.

Very scenic and beautiful. I went clockwise but either way you have a nice climb at the end. Didn’t see a soul the entire hike. Just me and the dog.

Great little hike. The initial drop into the canyon is on some loose rock but nothing crazy. I went after a rain and there was a good amount of water in the canyon. The hike back out gets the lungs going a bit, but it's short.

This was a nice, quiet trail. Ends up being a pretty good workout if you keep a good pace.

was beautiful can wait till spring hopefully when the water is flowing still so amazing!!

it's a leisure walk. very pleasant.

off road driving
4 days ago

Dec 8, 2018 gate closed

Trail was well maintained and the folks up front checking permits were so helpful and friendly. It heated up on the way back which was close to noon in December, so bring plenty of water as they recommend. It was more or less a hike through the desert. Overall a good work out. I was told snakes were around, I didn’t see any (amen).

When recording, it says the trail goes much farther. As the canyon narrows it gets to a point where you are unable to hike any further due to fallen tree, brush and large rocks. (roughly about three miles in) We did make it to a small waterfall, but a tree had fallen on top of it. I am not too sure how people went any further than that point.

good trail. Took my dog and all went well. Hiked up to where you start climbing over some rocks to get the waterfall, but decided to turn back after a family said there wasn't any water. hopefully that changes soon, definitely want to come back when there is water

Such a great hike with an amazing view at the top. Easy to follow, but challenging incline. And almost nobody on the trail - which is always a bonus!

I went in the morning of Dec 1, 2018 after some good rain. Still no water, but a great time as always. My Garmin watch clocked at 5.09 miles round trip. A bit of bouldering at the falls to get to the top but nothing too hard. The new path around the part where you used to climb down and up the hill made this trail easier in a good way. As always make your own way and be safe.

this is a nice Easy hike. 6.6 miles no big hills. only down fall is you can see houses and the road is only about 100 yards from eagle rock...

It’s an amazing hike is not that hard but take a lot of water with you

Excellent hike with incredible views. Be sure to go all the way to the second peak! Incredible to do right at sunset on the way down. The sign for the trail is tiny! It’s just a sticker on two metal posts across from an area to park (small pull off on the dirt road leading to the trail)

9 days ago

Accidentally followed this trail when we missed the path for 3 Sisters Falls. The trail was not marked at all and slightly overgrown, but the view from the peak we did make it to was amazing.

Because we didn’t plan on stumbling through this trail, we didn’t have a map. I don’t think we reached the real eagle peak, so we’ll have to do it again for real! We didn’t pass anyone else on the trail and it was completely suitable for our dog.

Went on a cool December day-probably wouldn’t recommend it in summer heat.

This hike was a little more challenging than I thought in that the boulders were vertical but it was so worth it. Haven’t rock climbed like that in a long time. I definitely recommend hiking boots and pants as my son wore running shoes and shorts and his ankles and calves took a beating. I wore hiking boots and pants and was very comfortable sliding down boulders on the way down. No waterfall but still a lot of fun.

Gate was locked. 12/2/2018

Great hike! Easy to moderate. Final stretch decent climb but rocky. Definitely wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes. Views are astonishing!!! Trail well maintained easy to navigate.

10 days ago

Nice enough to give it a shot. But please don't advise people to go "after a rain" without giving some head's up that means a good day or 2 with no chance of more rain. Most of the trail from the road to the falls is in a creekbed canyon subject to flooding. I worry since most hikers in the area only really know drought conditions. Too much road walking and too many inexperienced hikers for our tastes, but a nice hike nonetheless. Especially if you read up on the haunted history of he area beforehand.

Nicely managed hiking trail but will have to keep your dog on leash the entire time. Updated note that contradicts the website is that you do not have to bring a print out of your permit if you have the digital version. They accept digital permits, they just haven’t updated their website to reflect the change yet. Happy trails!

Highly recommend removing this trail from All Trails. The start of the road is a closed "gate." Additionally, the previous review is spot on, you go another one mile into the trail/road and get a closed gate, "No Trespassing" sign from the city of Vista. If you want the same great views and similar type of hike just go east a few miles to the PCT trailhead on S2/Montezuma Valley Road.

No water in the falls two days after the rain. The dry ground sucked it all up. 

Relatively flat first half followed by creek bed uphill climb progressively getting steeper with some bolder scrambling. In a wooded canyon. Pretty overall.

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