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Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres, mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. A warm dry mediterranean climate prevails over the Forest. It is the Southernmost National Forest in California.

Easy hike down to the reservoir, nice and clean and several places to hang out. hike back up to trailhead is reasonably steep but it's a short distance so even someone who hasn't hiked in a while can make it.

Fun day trip from San Diego. Gates to the top are open right now but the one fork through to the north has multiple locks on it and never seems to be open. This is an up and back trail with a gate at the main entrance and another about half way up. The top one can be closed based on rain and trail conditions. I did it in my lifted 4Runner in 2wd about 90% of the time. Threw it into 4wd only on a few sections for more of a safety reason than slippage. Stock 4Runner who joined me had some difficulty in areas but never so much that I had to assist or recover. Many narrow spots for pull outs to let folks pass so just be careful and use hand signals. I had to yield for downhill traffic a few times as I was nearest a spot where we could pass. It's all good if you're cool on the trail. Please pack out what you pack in. Lots of trash and even some used tp at the summit. Not cool.
Suggest this more as a off road drive than a hike. Hikers need to be baller to treck this thing from the base road to the summit.

trail running
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LOVED THE TRAIL! It was the right amount of challenging, and beautiful at every turn! We appreciated the ropes at two locations where the grade and sand make it highly difficult!

We give 4 stars because this trail is LITTERED & FILTHY!!! ( I came across a used tampon) Bring a trash bag with you to help by picking up trash!!!

This trails is great, but it needs to be approached smartly. There's no water running to very little in the summer and the heat is intense. I've seen many people helicoptered out because of dehydration and dumb climbing. Bring Gatorade and water it gets very hot here. They just redid the parking lot so it's a lot better.

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