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Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres, mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. A warm dry mediterranean climate prevails over the Forest. It is the Southernmost National Forest in California.

Beautiful views on the way up to the Observatory. Good hike. Gnats weren't to terribly bad this time.

it was not as hard as people make it seem but it is kind of dangerous if you don't go prepared or with plenty of water

off road driving
1 day ago

Kind of bumpy on the way up, but otherwise a very easy ride. It's important that you have some clearance, but otherwise 2 wd will do. The top has great views, but not a lot of space, so it's easy for this place to get packed with just a few cars. For some reason, people feel that they can leave trash up there. Please don't litter, and if you see trash, pick it up. Trash encourages more trash.

Nice trail. About 9 miles RT to falls from candy sore parking lot. This time of year it gets very hot in the valleys and on hills. Lots of water or you will regret going.

Good ride rather more open road!

on Sunset Trail

3 days ago

This was a great hike! It was really hot and there were a lot of bugs on the way up to to the actual trail head but the incline to the peak wasn't too bad! Lots of interesting reptiles on the way up and the scenery on the peak is unreal! I would recommend this hike on a cooler day or even during sunrise!