This trail has dangerous fall situations. Not for children

This trail is very dangerous and should never be mistaken for less. I personally have assisted in two helicopter rescues from this trail, both being fall victims. On three different visits the the bath, I have seen the remains of dogs that had fallen to their deaths. I am a local and have frequented the bath for over forty years and say this trail demands caution!

This is not an easy trail. I live here locally and I’ve done this trail getting into God’s bath is not difficult but getting out is. It’s gonna have to walk up a granite vertical face with a rope or Billygoat the side of the mountain either way it’s a little difficult. This is a difficult trail I do not know why it’s rated easy

It was a super awesome place to go too. Only thing that I didn't like was that there are people that are starting to leave their trash. Please keep this spot clean and beautiful and pick up your trash. But still an amazing site.

Great place. Hike not "easy". I believe it is marked correctly on Google maps.

Absolutely beautiful. Hike up the trail is not for the faint of heart. It's easy for the experienced hiker and hard for those that aren't used to using ropes to support their weight and to scale down and across ridges.
A lot of people are littering, leaving their beer cans, beverages, picnic food, wrappers all along the trail as well as at the site. Please, if you do go, pack out everything you brought with you. Respect nature and keep this place beautiful. What you leave there will stay there forever, because this is a secret spot, there is no one that is coming to clean this place up. It is all up to you to clean after yourselves.

The hill to get down is pretty tough, but once you are down it is absolutely beautiful.

Does anyone have exact directions from San Francisco? The link shows google map directions that I have read are inaccurate

we went up today! it's so amazing and beautiful!!! if you use GPS and as you are passing second bridge and it tells you 8 more miles. STOP STOP STOP it's actually wrong. the bridge with green trim is the one!!! we took our 8 year old daughter ( she hikes alot with us) and she did good.

Does anyone know where is a good place to stay next to the trails to God's River? I want to take a trip next week.

Road is open! Great swimming hole.

Still closed :,( 7/14/17

people are saying the road is closed, but can you still go down to gods bath for a longer hike with the road closed?

Still closed. ☹️

Does anyone know if the road to get to Gods Bath is still closed? Heard there's signs still up

The decent down from the road is steep and dangerous but once down to water level it's an easy hike to the pools. I wouldn't recommend for children or elderly persons. Pack light, no glass, carry in, carry out, basically over crowded, over used, why leave the city? This site was very secret and known of mostly by locals only. This site, as well as many other sites I comment on were enjoyed au'natural pre internet

I love this place! so beautiful!

One of the best swimming holes. Wish is was more of a secret. Beautiful pools to play in. If you haven't been - GO!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's a great place to hike and swim! Would love to do it again, but this time bring a garbage bag to pick up peoples junk.