great hike. lots of trail runners, dogs, nice little incline, gorgeous views of the bay

Very scenic. Saw a sign about mountain lion but didn't see any. What a disappointment!

trail running
4 months ago

Hard. About a good 800ft elevation gain within the first .7 miles. Gorgeous view of the Bay Area. Wear trekking boots as the path is steep and slippery.

This hike was a great sequence of microclimates and excellent views of the East Bay. I will definitely be adding it to my list of regular hikes. The exposed section near Dwight tests your footing, so watch out there.

Amazing hike! Sun to shade ratio is PREFECT!! Our dog loves every minute!

Great local hike! Th first mile is basically straight up (60ish floors on my health app). Then rolling hills. Great views of the bay. Especially beautiful in spring with loads of wildflowers.

Quick ascent with a great five mile plateau. Some guy was taking a nap up there it was so aces.

trail running
5 months ago

Mostly flat and lots of shade - really great for a run or a casual walk!

I'm 42 and in decent shape but not a fitness fanatic. I thought the first 2 miles of the trail were a challenge and had to walk pretty slowly. But after that it is mostly down hill. About 30% shade on the way uphill that was certainly welcome on a hot day!

There are some STEEP sections! Beautiful views, terrific work out.

It's a tough climb up, but well worth it with the spectacular views. It's not well marked, so I kept looking at the map on the app to follow the track. The trail isn't as shaded as I thought it would be based on the satellite view. I would say it's about 50% shaded, but that might be generous.

trail running
7 months ago

Started at Strawberry Pool and ran up a narrow path up until the start of this trail. Over brooks and amidst Eucalyptus trees. It is a lovely route that is definitely runable for trail runners. The decline back is the perfect pitch with a few technical areas, not much. A great run while child is at swim lessons at sunset!

Basically a fire trail that winds out UC Berkeley you can park at either end of the trail. There are a couple of interesting shortcuts through a redwood grove. It is quite popular with professional dog walker's so it can be difficult to find parking at the base. It has great views of the Goldengate. It also has a lot of eucalyptus.

Beautiful and challenging trail! Enjoyed it very much. The only thing is that the portion by and along the road is overgrown by dry brush. Be sure you and your furry friends do a thorough tick check!

It's a steep one! First part is really tough but 2nd half is more shaded. Not a very well marked trail. Amazing views along the way!

Awesome trail with incredible views

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