This trail should be rated hard, not moderate. The uphill portion at the start is much harder and steeper than any moderate trail I've done, and I hike a lot. You need to be in good shape to hike this incline. Part of the trail goes along a road, so watch out for cars. The trail also has lots of tall grass, so watch out for ticks too. The views are incredible, truly panoramic. We encountered a violent meth-head on the trail who tried to start a fight with us (we ran away). The trailhead also has signs about car break-ins. It's not the safest trail I've done. Women would be wise not to hike this trail alone.

This trail is not moderate, it's hard. Steep hills and many of them. Slippery and steep declines too. Better wear a top notch hiking shoe with good traction. Maybe even bring a hiking stick too. This trail is best tackled before noon because the sun is unforgiving up there. The views are absolutely beautiful.

Great hike with spectacular views, especially when there's a clear sky. There's a good amount of shade from the trees on the way. My dog had a lot of fun!

Beautiful views all the way through, great uphill climbs. The route also tempers the downhill climb so it's not rocky and slipper