Beautiful hillsides. Maintained trails. Wildflowers. A "waterfall" (though I use the term lightly). Can you really ask for more in a hike?
Most of the elevation gain happens in the first mile and then it is relatively flatbor downhill after that.
Looking forward to coming back and exploring more. Definitely worth the 1.5 hour drive from Los Angeles.
There were a lot of crowds, but I believe that's because the Preserve had been closed for a few weeks and reopened today.

off road driving
1 month ago

Went yesterday, lots of water in the canyon and wash. Was a lot of fun.

1 month ago

Great views. Recommend taking the side trail up to the pond to add a little climb to the relatively flat trail.

Beautiful Trail, really is about 8 miles of hiking. Just one big long loop.

1 month ago

If you stay on the main paved road it's more of a walk down the middle of a valley. But it is absolutely beautiful after a rain.

I am new to hiking but so far this place is my favorite place to go! It's so beautiful and so relaxing. Multiple trails to choose from and nice scenery no matter what trail you choose. Definitely will make a habit to come here every month!

Pretty views of the snow-capped mountains. Easy hike in the cool weather. I would say pack a picnick lunch and enjoy the day.

This really is a great trail. If you want to do the whole trail, I recommend starting by noon so that you have enough time to finish the trail. The trail is clearly marked so you cant get lost. I met several people along the trail and they were all very friendly. There are benches along the trail where you can stop, eat, rest and enjoy the surroundings. You start to see the benches after mile marker 4. The mile makers are clearly visible. The views from the top of the mountain are awesome; you are going to be surprised as to how high you were on the mountain once you get towards the end of mountain trail and start your descent towards the valley floor. No bathrooms on the trial, but there is a bathroom at the beginning of the trail. I took my walking stick, which helped during the first part of the trail since you are climbing up a steep incline. If you take your dog with you, there are no clean up bags on the trail. There are also maps and an info board near the parking lot. There was a bike trail too; but have yet taken it. Enjoy the hike and views.

I have been here before but for some reason the directions on how to get there changed, its directing me to go through the orchards...that is not a valid route. Other than that its really nice, family friendly especially for the little ones