So fun with our kiddos!

A must go with the family.

Love this place, been here a handful of times.

I think it is worth clarifying that hiking here is easy if you follow the mountain bike trail and head back on the San Emigdio Canyon trail. If you want something more challenging take the Tule Elk trail instead of the mountain bike trail. You will chew up elevation the first two miles. There is an amazing view from the lookout area. Nearly everyone turns around there so if you just keep going there will be nobody left but you and the wildlife. There are animals everywhere! I was even overrun on the trail by a herd of sheep. The irony is that I saw everything except Elk.

It was super easy. The only thing is that there was snow and we were not ready for that. But fun never the less

It was fun and easy. Loved it

Great trail! The views are great and the trail is very easy. I didn’t get to the reflective pond though, another hiker told me its empty right now.

Excellent trails

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, even with the fog!

We were very discouraged on way in seeing oil mining (?) and endless flat farmland but once in the park it’s apparent how well kept and loved this 93,000 acre park is. Fantastic for dogs (FYI there are mountain lions and coyotes, practice safety!), easy parking, easy camping, great views, very few people on a three day weekend... can’t go wrong here. Day 1 was heavy fog, gave it a romantic eery feeling. Day 2 was clear, revealing epic scenery! Can’t wait to come back. Rangers were great. Since it’s a non profit it’s completely free entry and camping. This place is an undiscovered gem and we are fortunate to have stumbled upon it.

Finally got a chance to head out there and check it out some and it’s definitely something I’d do again. While I didn’t hike the full trail, the part that I did get to see was great.

Great area small area to hiking with a lot of unused roads and paths to follow if daring

It's very easy, kids can enjoy it and have a great time

1 month ago

Super easy and fun trail. Did it for my annual New Year’s Day hike and the views were awesome! A little warmer than expected but still perfect weather.

Awesome view!

Beautiful trail, a quick in and out. Perfect for new hikers and families.

Great hike. Less than a mile to the first great view of the valley.

I've been up here a couple of times times now and I really enjoy it. There seems to be trails for every skill level and the scenery and views are absolutely beautiful.

4 months ago

Great hike with lots to explore when you get to the top.

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