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lots of different trails. Beautiful views.

10 days ago

Just hiked this trai, with a 20 lb pack. l. FIRST - The directions are wrong. The easiest way to say it is go to the golf course and park, or park out on the road before golf course and walk the 1/2 mile. Then, walk behind parking lot ad see the trail down below, across railroad tracks, that's your trailhead.

It's 2 miles mostly winding UP to the intersection of Brush Canyon Trail (to the right) and Scully Ridge to the left...stay left. maybe a 2 1/2 mile stretch on the ridge, up and down rolling hills before the trail hooks around and heads into the canyon on, Lower Alisio. You stay on this, another 2.5'ish miles when if you're not careful, you will miss the right turn UP to Brush Canyon Trail, which is a few windy switchbacks, back UP to Scully Ridge and the trail back to the golf course.

If I didn't have the pack it's good for trail running, although the straight ups most likely to be hiked....

Hiked today. Missed the left turn when we went off path to top of San Juan. Added 2 extra miles (oops) If you go counter clockwise, add an extra 2 miles, and carry a 50lb pack, that last hill is a butt kicker!

on Telegraph Canyon Road

23 days ago

liked the trail, very clean

fyi. there is a 5 dollar parking fee cash only.

I really enjoyed this route yesterday morning. First time I tried it clockwise. It’s easier going clockwise because the bulk of elevation gain is stretched out over 4 miles on Telegraph Canyon and Bovinian Delight and you almost don’t notice it.

Fun but I would do for a while. The brush was over 6 feet tall and had to mash through cause was already committed and a lot of bees. Beautiful scenery though.

1 month ago

Nice and challenging trail. Took me about 2 hours. Not much shade. Saw lots of bunnies and lizards. Birds were singing. Shortly after the pay area, there's a bathroom. Maybe a water fountain. I'd revisit after it rains. So much brown and not enough green.

no wild flowers to report I guess we haven't had enough rain the hills are fairly green though so that's nice ,trails are easy to walk, not much else here

1 month ago

Nice trail for going long distance. Not much elevation gain. I did this for endurance hiking.

Rattlesnake in the grass on easy street. Narrow trail gets you close to their territory. Nice views. Pretty intense climb for “easy trail”. Enjoyed it.

1 month ago

Love the trail!

south side ridge has great view. Lots more to wonder about

trail running
2 months ago

Great running trail. Beautiful views.

2 months ago

This trail is beautiful to hike during the wildflower season. Since we haven't had a lot of rains, the trail itself is dry, without much color. It's a decent hike and there are nice vistas at some of the high points. No shade at all, so go early or on days that won't get as hot.

I use this loop for trail running. It has some good challenging hills combined with nice views of the hills. Sidewinder is a great single track trail! The whole loop has very little asphalt. Take the N. Bane Ridge trail to the right about 1/2 mile up from the CHSP gate. It's just before the reservoir. At the Sidewinder trail junction try looping to the left or right. Either way will loop back around to the junction and then back down to Bane Canyon to the gate.

Nice trail, can’t wait to do this one in a few months after it rains so the hills are more green.

on Scully Ridge Trail

3 months ago

This description & map is completely screwed up:
1) None of this has any connection to Featherly Regional Park. This is Chino Hills State Park.
2) The trail map shows a hike on Scully Ridge and Lower Aliso trail, but
3) The description apparently refers to the entirely different Coal Canyon Trail (also Chino Hills State Park), starting from the Green River Golf course but going to the other (south) side of the 91 in Corona.

Pretty good hike to get back into hiking. Wasn’t too bad in the inclines either. You can always add on nearby trails to make your hike longer/increase difficulty. Got a nice workout and I got to discover some of what chino hills state park has to offer.

Lots of bikers on this trail though...

trail running
3 months ago

Great loop for a trail run. Has some challenging hills and a nice stretch along the ridge. Good views of the hills!

This loop ended up being 8.2 miles. Elevation was 1000 feet. Lots of ups and downs. Beautiful single tracks. Really enjoyed hiking Bane. Highly recommended

on Bane Canyon Loop Trail

3 months ago

Really great trail. Clean bathrooms at the halfway point. Amazing yellow coyote squash just growing in the wild! Rolling hills and new growth of grass makes this place that much more special.

The entire east side of Rimcrest Drive (parking facing up hill) is free public parking from Fairmont Blvd all the way up to the trail head entrance. The west side and all of the side streets (the homes), is permit only. Parking is very easy Monday to Thursday, a little busier on Fridays, but can be busy Saturday and Sunday when the weekend warriors are out.

Overall it was a nice place to walk in nature with my dog. I was a bit sad to not have seen more colors in the plants ( it was mostly dead), but it was still pretty. It's unfortunate that you have to pay for parking ($5) but the price is not bad.

no shade come early avoid sun burn or come late in the afternoon. but good workout w/ good view

No parking, “except by permit” . Closed due to rain?

Very nice and quiet trail with stunning views, you can see different kind of terrains in one trail route, watch for animal excrement.

Good long hike!

The north trail is closed due to part of the trail being washed out.

Pretty and Safe.

5 months ago

This is a great little loop trail that is part of a series of connected trails in the park. I used the Easy Street trailhead (which was pretty busy). Despite the number of cars at the trailhead, I saw few people on my hike. This section of the park seems most popular with mountain bikers, but it is also good for trail running since the “trail” is a well-maintained dirt road.

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