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Chino Hills State Park is a 14,102 acre open-space and critical piece of the Puente-Chino Hills biological corridor where plant and animal diversity can flourish. Located near Riverside in the Santa Ana Canyon hills, the natural space is a great place to see oaks, sycamores, sage scrub, and green grassy hills that stretch over 30 miles from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Whittier Hills. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking are the most popular activities in the park. The park features over 60 miles of trails and fire roads that offer something for everyone. Enjoy the picnic area, equestrian staging area, a historic barn, and park bathrooms. Chino Hills State Park is 10 miles northwest of Corona. To get there, you can take the 91 to Highway 71-N, and then make a left at Soquel Canyon. Continue onto Elinvar and then turn left. Elinvar will merge into Sapphire on the left, and you will see the park entrance on the right. Dogs are not allowed on any of the trails at Chino Hills State Park. You are able to bring your dog to Bane Canyon Road, McLean Overlook, the Rolling M Ranch, and in the campgrounds, but the dog must be on leash at all times. Operating hours: October - March: 8am-5pm Friday to Monday April - September: 8am-7pm Friday to Monday

18 hours ago

I began this trail at Rimcrest drive. This is a residential area where street parking is available. When I used this app for directions it did not take me to an accessible area. The app took me to Diemer road to begin the hike. Diemer road ends with a private road that is gated off and you cannot access the trail here. If you begin this trail at Rimcrest Drive the trail begins with a fork in three directions. Left is the Telegraph Road Trail, straight ahead is the Easy Street Trail and to the right is the South Ridge Trail. Be warned that to the the South Ridge Trail is a much longer Trail and without a map, could be very easy to get lost because there are many other trails that stem from it. I began by starting at Telegraph road (big steep hill to the left). The beginning of the trail offers a few pretty lookouts, we could see Catalina from the top. This trail will eventually fork in two directions. If you want to loop back to the beginning, stay to the right. The trail to the left will require you to back track. Taking the trail to the right began with a downward sloping trail. This part of the trail had some water damage, and gravel was loose, so watch your footing. The trail will eventually fork again. To stay on the loop and get back to beginning stay to the right. The trail to the left will take you back towards Carbon canyon. This portion of the loop was pretty easy, ran into many bikers here. The Easy Street Trail stems off to the right randomly, looks kind of sketchy and would be really easy to miss if you are not paying attention and don’t have a map. Easy Street is very narrow, and at the beginning winds through a bunch of trees (which is nice because it’s the rare shaded area of this hike). The trail ends up having a drop off at your left. This portion is short and will take you back to Rimcrest where you began. This was a good loop and I will definitely do it again. *trail heads are not well marked, so bring a map **there is very little shade cover, so on a hot day wear a hat and bring plenty of water ***watch out for snakes and coyotes

Nice trail, can’t wait to do this one in a few months after it rains so the hills are more green.

Pretty good hike to get back into hiking. Wasn’t too bad in the inclines either. You can always add on nearby trails to make your hike longer/increase difficulty. Got a nice workout and I got to discover some of what chino hills state park has to offer.

Lots of bikers on this trail though...

trail running
16 days ago

Great loop for a trail run. Has some challenging hills and a nice stretch along the ridge. Good views of the hills!

This loop ended up being 8.2 miles. Elevation was 1000 feet. Lots of ups and downs. Beautiful single tracks. Really enjoyed hiking Bane. Highly recommended

on Easy Street Trail

24 days ago

I use Easy Street Trail as my return leg on all of my Chino Hills State Park hikes, because it ends (or starts, depending on what you choose to hike first) at the Rimcrest Drive free parking area. It’s my “almost done” final minutes. The South Ridge Trail is also at the parking area and you can take it east or west, which I usually do to start my hikes.

Another commenter mentioned snakes. Last year starting in February I saw nonvenomous snakes here about every 5th or 6th visit. They were usually at the south end near the parking area where the trail is flat and cuts through fields, but I saw more snakes on the longer and wider Telegraph Road which is the trail Easy Street runs into at the north end. I see more on weekdays than weekends, maybe because on weekends there are more people making noise that keep snakes hunkered down. But beware! The entire Chino Hills State Park area is also rattlesnake area, so be careful and use common sense, and remember baby rattlers do not rattle. I chatted with a park ranger in late winter last year about already seeing nonvenomous snakes out early, and he said the rattlers were already out and about too.

on Bane Canyon Loop Trail

25 days ago

Really great trail. Clean bathrooms at the halfway point. Amazing yellow coyote squash just growing in the wild! Rolling hills and new growth of grass makes this place that much more special.

1 month ago

The entire east side of Rimcrest Drive (parking facing up hill) is free public parking from Fairmont Blvd all the way up to the trail head entrance. The west side and all of the side streets (the homes), is permit only. Parking is very easy Monday to Thursday, a little busier on Fridays, but can be busy Saturday and Sunday when the weekend warriors are out.

Overall it was a nice place to walk in nature with my dog. I was a bit sad to not have seen more colors in the plants ( it was mostly dead), but it was still pretty. It's unfortunate that you have to pay for parking ($5) but the price is not bad.

This hike is the best in the springtime (March-June). It is lush and green rolling hills everywhere and very pretty. If you go in the summer/fall it’s a stark contrast. It is brown, dry, dead, ugly and HOT since there are few trees and virtually NO shade on the trails. I do not recommend going on a hot day. Trail signs are a little hard to see so pay attention or you may end up spending a few hours hiking (unless that’s what you wanted).

No parking, “except by permit” . Closed due to rain?

Very nice and quiet trail with stunning views, you can see different kind of terrains in one trail route, watch for animal excrement.

1 month ago

this route ca be accessed diectly from Yorba Linda residential neighborhood onto South Ridge trail or from Carbon Canyon Rd. for a longer hike. Parking at the State Park Discovery Center is well worth the $5 fee & makes this trip about 6.5 miles. The park changes quite a bit seasonally & from year to year. Too many mountain bikers to be a peaceful hike, but most share the wide trail.

This is a great hike. Has more than one trail and hilly.

Good long hike!

Trail is closed till repaired.

The north trail is closed due to part of the trail being washed out.

Pretty and Safe.

2 months ago

This is a great little loop trail that is part of a series of connected trails in the park. I used the Easy Street trailhead (which was pretty busy). Despite the number of cars at the trailhead, I saw few people on my hike. This section of the park seems most popular with mountain bikers, but it is also good for trail running since the “trail” is a well-maintained dirt road.

2 months ago

I found this great little trail during downtime at a water polo tournament at Yorba Linda High School. The trailhead is just 5 minutes from the high school and located in a residential neighborhood. This portion of the trail is a quick little “there and back” trail that is part of various lengthier hiking options. There is a nice bit of elevation change that was great on the legs.

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