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mountain biking
16 days ago

Rattlesnakes are out in full force now. My son had a baby one cross the trail right in front of his bike

Went on hike on Sunday April 29 a group of 10 around noon. There were plenty of parking spots. Park rangers were there to provide information of trails. Considering weekend, not many people were on the trails. All hikers we met along the way were very friendly. We’ll definitely go back.

Trail enter a private property, which access is restricted. Otherwise great view.
Did end up as a 10mile loop to avoid the private prop.

Beautiful views. Sections of the trail are just breathtakingly amazing!! Not much shade on the first half of the trail. Didn’t see many other hikers.

LONG, only a couple of longer climbs. But a great day trip.

Good old reliable cheseboro

The whole family loved the trail.

3 months ago

Most of the bikers were friendly, but some of the trail was very narrow and the bikers go so fast that it’s not the best place to hike with dogs. But it was a good hike.

An easy 4.8 mile loop up and along the service road and back again. Takes less than two hours.
Great view down into Cheesboro Canyon, over towards Las Virgenes Open Space and Simi Peak.
Very little shelter so plan accordingly.
This place belongs to the Coyotes so respect their space, you're a guest here.

Nice meadows. Did this loop in about an hour and 15. My fitbit calculated 3 miles even.

A pleasant hike up Palo Comado Canyon until it around the 1.5 mark where the ascent becomes more of a workout and especially on a warm day. Well worth the effort to make it to China Flats and it's many spurs and views.
Downhill is via Suicide Trail bike path (Warning: for experienced downhill bikers only) which is a steep descent before a brief steep bastard of a hump back towards the start.
The final section is by necessity through a housing development but we aim to explore better options in future. For this trip on a hot day we were tired and just wanted to get back to the car.
The trip up to China Flats and then retracing your way down Palo Comado Canyon is also a worthwhile option if you want to avoid the less interesting scenic option via Suicide Trail.

3 months ago

I got lost ended up in oak park

it’s a very good trail.

on Smoke Tree Trail

5 months ago

Nice short trail that leads to other nearby ones
Ended up going up towards the hills for a detour

5 months ago

Great trail
Lots of bikers on weekends
Too much horse poop to give it a 5

5 months ago

Love this trail! Extremely low traffic and stunning views. Good challenging incline, but great flats to run as well.

Hiked this loop on a warm day. Mostly encountered Mtn bikers on the trail. The majority seem to ride clockwise so Hike opposite way to see them coming. Take plenty of water. There isn’t a lot of shade on much of the trail. Trail is well worn so not too rocky, but it can be very dusty.

trail running
6 months ago

Good open trails with lots of options. Trail is soft in spots and because of all the options it’s easy to get flipped around or lost. The middle peak is nice, but the trail is pretty bland otherwise. There is trails for all skill levels.

challenging on a hot day, but totally worth it

8 months ago

Lots of mt. bikes. We entered the loop from Doubletree Lane, so only 7 miles for us.

Saw three deer today (Sept 19,2017) hiking this trail. See my milepost on my recording Cheeseboro Canyon View attached to Cheeseboro Canyon View Trail. Always great to see deer. It wasn't near dawn or dusk but about 11:45. It was a cloudy cooler day. There was a doe with male and female fawns. Doe stayed pretty well hidden but fawns were out in the open. Both the young ones and I had a staring contest but they were unperturbed.

8 months ago

We encountered several bikers, who moved clockwise through the northern half of this loop. Therefore, I recommend hiking this loop counterclockwise, so that you can see them coming.

There was a significant amount of horse manure on the southern half of this loop.

Difficulty level was moderate.

I used my jogging stroller and it worked OK. I would do it again.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Difficult climb on dead cow trail as it is full of channels and holes. But a great down hill ride after the climb.

Really peaceful Canyon, mostly wide trail, better to hike in cooler evening. I've hiked in midday and the sun kinda wipes you out as there are limited shade and breezes. Well travelled by bikers and hikers, listen for the bike bells and step to the left!

Mother's Day hike with my family. Beautiful mountain views, lush foliage and flowers.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

very beautiful and fun hike. The mustard plants are wonderful to navigate through.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

As I anticipated the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail was very busy with hikers, hikers with dogs, and bicycles. Parking lot was near capacity at 9:30 when I arrived. I was walking a friends dog which complicates the hike. She is getting old and now moves rapidly away from aggressive dogs. I usually sit her down so in her haste to get away, I don't trip over her. In a couple instances we had bicycles and dogs converging at the same place. Once a couple horses were thrown into the mix, If you want a more peaceful experience from this trailhead get off the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail and onto one of the many other options. You won't have the trail to yourself but it'll be way less crowded.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Great hiking trail with kids or if looking for an easy hike. Beautiful canyon views.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Took a trail south of Cheeseboro today and there was a major kerfuffle of coyotes in the bush. Heard howls for a few minutes coming from an area of dense brush about 100 yards away. Never saw a single coyote. Just a reminder to those that walk dogs and are inclined to take them off leash. Just because you don't see coyotes doesn't mean that there aren't any coyotes. Your dog probably knows if there are coyotes around and if he/she is inclined to chase or investigate...it could have a tragic ending.

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