A nice easy trail. However there is a lot of foxtail, so be very careful bringing a dog along.

Very much recommend going early in the morning. A beautiful trail, especially when watching the sunrise over the hills. If you want to see the old mansion, there isn’t a trail marker for it but once you see a bigger path heading down you will see it. It’s all burnt up, but still a site to see with the tub and old trough still visible. A great morning stroll.

Not enough variation in grade. Pretty but uninteresting.

Wonderful, quiet trail. No reason to not continue further if you’re enjoying the trail. Great for dogs.

One of a few trails still open. Definitely worth extending the hike to Albertson Motorway or Simi Peak for stunning views.

private property
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1 month ago

it's only for biking

Easy stroll with a few inclines and some nice views. Plenty of bikers at Cheeseboro so keep alert if you are hiking with little ones.

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2 months ago

Probably one of the best mountain biking trails around. Got the loop down so it’s a 4 mile climb and then a 7 mile downhill ride to the parking lot.

Go early to avoid crowds and respect social distancing. Lots of mtn bikers so stay alert and keep dogs on leash.

beautiful trail. heavily used by mountain bikes but the trail is pretty wide in most places so it's easy to let them pass by.

Do recommend the trail

Good run. Watch for bikers. Many of them do not let you know they are behind you or trying to pass you.

This is a great hike not a lot of incline and really pretty scenery. Just a quick note if the first parking lot is full you can continue driving and there as another lot at the trailhead.. there are clean restrooms there as well....

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3 months ago

Came here for Suicide Trail. Cool ride - fire road climb for about 45 min, then super technical downhill. Riding demo bike Yeti SB140 T2 size Med - great bike.

This is a awesome trail. I loved how the first part of the trail is more mountain and red dirt road and the middle part of the trail is all trees and the last part was open field mountains. So pretty. Perfect trail to run. Just a quick note the directions described above and the direction to the trail head are two different places... if you want to follow this trail then just hit direction and follow your Apple or Google map it will take you to the start of this recorded trail and you’ll get verified.

Great training for Great Race half marathon.

To the question of whether to approach this trail clockwise or counterclockwise I say emphatically “Clockwise!”. Two reasons to go clockwise: 1) You get the neighborhood section of the hike out of the way up front, and 2) Your knees will thank you by going up the suicide trail instead of down. Much easier on the joints to go down the easier grade.

Great training for the Dole great race Cheesebro

A nice quick little hike you can do in an hour. Easy trail good for kids.

Nice wide well maintained trail, a little shade at the beginning but none when climbing. Wildflowers are starting to bloom, this one will be beautiful in about a month

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