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The park is open 8am to sunset.

Amazing trail

Gorgeous rolling greens trail. Moderate yet muddy when I chose to go last weekend after the rains. Lots of fun off shoots to explore. It was beautiful to see the regrowth coming in since the fires. A total rebirth of the valley. We saw loads of coyotes coming back and looking for meals so think about keeping small dogs on leashes.

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on in the area. Gorgeous rolling hills for miles. Good mix of easy to moderate trails you can get lost on for an entire morning. The fires effects are still present but the areas rebirth it beautiful to watch. Blackened areas are being kissed by green grasses and sprouts coming out of charred trees. There are still road closures and the parks lot wasn’t open but I parked at the beginning of the lot. The trail was very muddy due to recent rains.

Go to trail close to the house. Great for trail running. Very tame mountain bike trail. Can be hot in the summer...

Unfortunately, the Morrison ranch house, was lost in the Woolsey Fire. A true piece of southern California history. It had survived over 120 years. A picture of what remains at the site has been posted.

on Smoke Tree Trail

3 months ago


nice area. you can ride your bike, run if you like to run some trails like i do or just hike. there's not much shade so the sun will be a factor..

nature trips
6 months ago

I love it is really close to my house

7 months ago

i would rate this as a easy to moderate trail on difficulty. i think people rate the difficulty based on distance. Nice trails throughout

Starting to get hot so the earlier you go the better. Thankfully a little of the June Gloom kept it on the cooler side. I took the little short cut (Dead Cow Trail) and thought it gave better views than the other part of the Palo Comado Trail.

7 months ago

Nice long hike with changing scenery. Definitely go counter-clockwise if hiking. Not overly difficult - not entirely sure why this is rated as “Hard”: Perhaps it’s the distance?

mountain biking
7 months ago

Fun basic trail that is great for beginners. There are sections with rock obstacles which are tunneled within trees. Great views too. Recommend bringing more than 24oz of water/sport drink during the heat. Popular trail for the horse riding Agoura neighborhood.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Rattlesnakes are out in full force now. My son had a baby one cross the trail right in front of his bike

Went on hike on Sunday April 29 a group of 10 around noon. There were plenty of parking spots. Park rangers were there to provide information of trails. Considering weekend, not many people were on the trails. All hikers we met along the way were very friendly. We’ll definitely go back.

Beautiful views. Sections of the trail are just breathtakingly amazing!! Not much shade on the first half of the trail. Didn’t see many other hikers.

LONG, only a couple of longer climbs. But a great day trip.

Good old reliable cheseboro

A fun loop with great views.
Very light foot traffic but mountain bike trail at the higher elevations and along Cheesboro section.
Best avoided on weekends as the bike traffic is much heavier.

The whole family loved the trail.

11 months ago

Most of the bikers were friendly, but some of the trail was very narrow and the bikers go so fast that it’s not the best place to hike with dogs. But it was a good hike.

An easy 4.8 mile loop up and along the service road and back again. Takes less than two hours.
Great view down into Cheesboro Canyon, over towards Las Virgenes Open Space and Simi Peak.
Very little shelter so plan accordingly.
This place belongs to the Coyotes so respect their space, you're a guest here.

Nice meadows. Did this loop in about an hour and 15. My fitbit calculated 3 miles even.

A pleasant hike up Palo Comado Canyon until it around the 1.5 mark where the ascent becomes more of a workout and especially on a warm day. Well worth the effort to make it to China Flats and it's many spurs and views.
Downhill is via Suicide Trail bike path (Warning: for experienced downhill bikers only) which is a steep descent before a brief steep bastard of a hump back towards the start.
The final section is by necessity through a housing development but we aim to explore better options in future. For this trip on a hot day we were tired and just wanted to get back to the car.
The trip up to China Flats and then retracing your way down Palo Comado Canyon is also a worthwhile option if you want to avoid the less interesting scenic option via Suicide Trail.

11 months ago

I got lost ended up in oak park

Saturday, December 16, 2017

it’s a very good trail.

on Smoke Tree Trail

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nice short trail that leads to other nearby ones
Ended up going up towards the hills for a detour

Monday, November 27, 2017

Great trail
Lots of bikers on weekends
Too much horse poop to give it a 5

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Love this trail! Extremely low traffic and stunning views. Good challenging incline, but great flats to run as well.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hiked this loop on a warm day. Mostly encountered Mtn bikers on the trail. The majority seem to ride clockwise so Hike opposite way to see them coming. Take plenty of water. There isn’t a lot of shade on much of the trail. Trail is well worn so not too rocky, but it can be very dusty.

trail running
Thursday, November 16, 2017

Good open trails with lots of options. Trail is soft in spots and because of all the options it’s easy to get flipped around or lost. The middle peak is nice, but the trail is pretty bland otherwise. There is trails for all skill levels.

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