26 days ago

Visited this trail on Memorial Day with the wife and two small dogs.

It is easy to find, and there's a $4 parking charge.

The route isn't entirely intuitive, I round myself continually checking AllTrails. It's also very overgrown in some spots which is tough on small dogs.

Amazing views though, and the wild mint is everywhere so enjoy all the sights and smells!

1 month ago

This was a gorgeous "build your own" hike. I wanted to do more than 2.7 miles but my husband has a bad knee so can't do strenuous hikes...this was prefect because we added on another mile or so with a few more trail explorations. All of the rain made this look like we were in Hawaii vs Malibu...so green everywhere with 15+ different types of wildflowers. We also enjoyed scrambling up a few rocks for better views...but the best view was the overlook trail that hugs the coastline. You could see for miles... There were several parking spaces even though we got there at 11:00 am, so don't despair if your partner is not a morning person ; ). Can't wait to come back with kiddos. Lovely & uncrowded vs other hikes.