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Chantry Flat Recreation Area is located near the towns of Arcadia and Sierra Madre in Angeles National Forest. The flat hosts the last pack station in Southern California, Adams Pack Station, has large picnic area with 35 picnic tables, and is the starting location for several historic trails in the area. The site was originally planned to be a ranch by a prospector named Charley Chantry in the early 1900s. However, his permit failed to go through and he lived on the land with his dog, Patch, spending enough time here to have the placed named after him. Chantry Flat is the trailhead for many great hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains area. These trails include the Gabrielino Trail and Sturtevant Trail, which passes Sturtevant Falls and leads to Sturtevant's Camp, the oldest resort in the San Gabriel Mountains. The recreation area can be accessed off of Angeles Crest Highway. There is a small parking area that fills up quickly. There is some overflow parking in the Adams' Pack Station, however it is still recommended to arrive early, especially on weekends. A California Adventure Pass is required to park in the official parking area and on the street.

best hike I've been on so far beautiful scenery

20 hours ago

Did the loop but ended up adding the the Rim Trail so total distance was 17.6 miles of hiking. Definitely would do it again since I felt it’s good training for the distance aspect,since elevation wasn’t much of a factor. Definitely recommend it since it’s a good training hike.

Pleasant hike. Went on a Tuesday so very little traffic.

Waterfall is nice, trail in good condition.

Downside is that you are ascending up a mountain and get very few views. You are enveloped by trees entire time. Not horrible just not what I would hope for

5 days ago

Did this trail Jan 26 by myself. Started around 6:30, finished around 1:30 with an hour break at the Observatory. Trail is nice and dense with woods with some streams to cross over. Suggest going up the eastern route to the peak and down the western route. Bring layered clothing as it can get quite cold in the wooded areas. No bugs to deal with in the winter

6 days ago

Freezing on the summit. Actually, the whole way up and down too. But really nice hike- in the trees the whole time. 1st half of ascent was easy, 2nd half was pretty tough. Bizarre summit with the telescopes. Easy but long descent. Overall, outstanding trail.

This is a pretty straightforward hike. Parking sucks unless you get there between 6-7am and requires a parking pass. My favorite part of the hike is toward the top where you’re surrounded by greenery everywhere. Hardly feels like you’re in LA.

Please be advised that the route in the “description” section is NOT 4.7 miles!! That distance is more in line with Hoagee’s to Upper Winter Canyon. The route described was almost 10.5 miles. That being said, it’s a super nice area to hike in. Get there EARLY as parking will fill up before 6:30am on the weekends.

Solid hike. Weird parking lot at the top. Start early (before 6:30am) on weekends because the crowds descend fast. Was never overwhelmed or taken to my edge but instead consistently fed a beautiful trail with great views.

trail is challenging but quite scenic and rewarding.

19 days ago

Ditto on difficulty left and caution on location of trail expressed by others.

It is a great hike, but definitely not for beginners. Prepare to invest a full day completing it and heed the warnings on the parking at Chantry Flat. I arrived just a few minutes past 6 and it was already getting close to capacity.

21 days ago

Please be aware that the trail starts in the woods in a not so obvious location, as you walk towards the falls and much before reaching the falls the trail is on the left hand side below a small hut/post but it starts off to the right of the sign. One strenuous hike, starts off easy-moderate but increases difficulty after you pass the “swing” at the camp. Being in the forest for most of the hike it protects you from the elements. Hiking poles would help some.

22 days ago

22 days ago

Buggy, but really fun and challenging. The map is showing from Chantry flats, but the text is indicating Sierra madre start.

Good trail, however I feel they should maintain the toilet facilities much better since that’s what the “adventure pass” is for

Nice trail! Beautiful sights and sounds. Camp Hoegee was pleasant.

I've been hiking this trail for years, close to home and great little conditioning hike or just to enjoy nature for a while I suggest you go mid week as parking lot is full by early morning on weekends

Very good hike, just not in love with the structures on top.

1 month ago

Super pleasant hike. Covered by trees a large part of the time!

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