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Great day hike! Suggest to go early to avoid crowds and find good parking.

super fun beautiful view lots of animals

Hiked the first 3 miles of the loop to Hoegee's camp (awesome lil camp area) for a one night stay with my pup & finished the last 1.7 miles the next morning to complete this trail. Had fair amount of animal activity/movement at night, thankful to find our food bag in tact in the AM! Awesome place to stay overnight, minimal water at the moment, down to a few streams.

7 days ago

14 days ago

Had a good time hiking this trail. This was probably one of the hardest trails I've hiked due to the distance. But it was well worth it to see the views.

Nice flow for mtb, but too many hikers on the path

17 days ago

Loved it. The way back loop is a little light on foot space so be careful walking along the edges. Lots of nice polite hikers coming through and beautiful views. Wear good shoes :)

18 days ago

18 days ago

Great hike! I would do it again. The forest here is beautiful. It's a big contrast to the city just a few minutes away. Like everyone else says some areas have lots of bugs. Head nets and Off spray were helpful. Make sure to bring shoes with good tread and hiking poles. The walk down can be slippery because of all the acorns on the trail. There are pit toilets on the way up at one of the camps. At Sturtevant Camp the water fountain was on for us to top off on water. At top there are also toilets and water fountain. However, on the way down there is nothing until you get back to Chandry Flat. It took us 8 hours including breaks to complete.

24 days ago

one of my favs