Castaic Lake State Recreation Area is a reservoir of the State Water Project. It is one of the Project's largest recreational lakes and the terminal of its west branch. The site includes 29 miles of shoreline. A major attraction is the 425-foot tall Castaic Dam. Castaic Lake has two bodies of water. Lower lake is for non-power boating and canoeing. Swimming season on lower lake runs from mid-May to mid-September. Upper lake is for sailing, power boating, water and jet skiing, and fishing. The lake is stocked with bass, trout and catfish. Boat rentals and a tackle bait shop are available. Other recreational activities include hiking, biking trails, picnic areas and playgrounds. Rental group picnic areas are available for up to 600 persons. Park is open sunrise-sunset. The recreation area can be reached by exiting Interstate 5 at Hughes Lake Road, 41 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. From Ventura, it is 51 miles to Castaic Lake via Highway 126 and Interstate 5. Please be advised, Castaic Lake SRA is one of the few California State Parks that does not accept the Annual State Parks Pass.

Not too steep and not too long. Saw an owl and a hawk. Had the whole trail to ourselves on a Saturday morning. A bit over grown but we enjoyed the views of the lake.

off road driving
4 months ago

Tapia canyon road ended up having a ton of private property signs, ended up opting for Wayside Canyon road to the left instead, had an awesome time back there!

off road driving
4 months ago

all the trails after the paved road had private property signs and do no tresspass, were those legit? i though this was a public road. or is this a case of localism :(

off road driving
6 months ago

I did the last 5.8 miles of the trail. Trail averages 1.5 car widths wide, will plenty of turn offs if you needed to pass a vehicle.

The trail is very well groomed. I didn't touch 4WD the whole time. Any 2WD vehicle with good ground clearance could complete the trail. Great views, didn't see another person the whole time I was out there.

There is no cell service for about 30 minutes in any direction so be sure you download the map offline before you go.

Pretty boring hike— felt a little industrial and not much vegetation, but the lake views were nice.

Good views of Castaic lake along the trail. Limited shade and can get very hot during the summer. Not too busy most days. There are some steep sections of trail so I recommend bringing trekking poles. I wish the trail circled the lake instead of climbing steeply and returning to the boat launch. Well maintained trail.

Great adventure trail! There isn't a lot of guidance as far as where the trails begin, end, or which forks in the road to take, but that's part of the adventure.

Nice scenery and view. Peaceful trails too! There is a fairly consistent view of the lake, which is nice as well. $11 parking fee though, which sort of sucks.

Ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. We took dogs, but if you take dogs yourself, I recommend bringing ample amounts of water. There aren't a lot of places to refill bottles.

The trail was nice, great views. But it was very isolated we were the only ones on the trail the whole time.

Great trail with amazing views of the reservoir

Friday, February 24, 2017

Great trails for all skill level

This is a gorgeous spot, but be prepared to pay for parking ($5 or $8 I think) and see joggers/swimmers if it's warm enough.

This trail was desolate, and when we heard coyotes making a kill in the vicinity of the area we had just passed, it was a bit eerie. The trail seems to go on and and on monotonously and is not too strenuous at all. When you finally begin to loop around you are almostly instantly greeted and rewarded by beautiful views of the upper lake area that seem to go on forever! We covered nearly the whole range, and after it looped around it continued to incline a bit. This is where I think we chose the wrong path, because we let out of the trail on a windy road which took us an additional 30 mins to cover. Altogether about a 6 plus mile hike. Although the view of the lake was miraculous I probably won't be frequenting this trail.

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5 months ago

Sunday, October 01, 2017

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