Fun trail, but the oak trail is no longer available and you have to stay on bell canyon all the way up to the star rise trail connection.

Went yesterday, March 27th, this trail is closed due to CV19.

This trail is currently closed due to CV19. I went yesterday, March 27th, to see the signs and gates closed.

Very nice trail - it’s located in Casper’s Regional Campground and Park so there is a fee to enter and park. Weekend pass is $5. It’s worth it. The fee keeps a lot of people out so the trail is quiet and open with little traffic. Saw horseback riders, squirrels, tons of lizards and one rattlesnake trying to warmup on the trail. A rock rolled into him encouraged the guy to move off the path with zero rattles. Weather was nice and the trail was open, but I could see why it would get closed after a rain. Keep that in mind when you go. This time of the year is perfect, with the moisture we have had recently, the grasses were still green and spring flowers were blooming. Not a ton of cover for about half of the distance so completing this during the hot dry summer months may not be fun. But in spring with an ocean breeze and cloud cover, it was really pleasant. Make sure you pick the right day. There is some loose rock and a couple of tough sections but overall not a difficult trek. I completed in my running shoes but would have liked hiking shoes so I wouldn’t have to focus on my footsteps so much. Poles would have been nice in sections also.

Short hike. Started raining

Parts of this trail are closed.

Lovely day!

washed out
4 months ago

This was an okay trail. 3 stars for a couple reasons: The elevation was pretty flat up until the end there, then there were some serious elevation climbs. You’re also right next to the highway for virtually the entire hike so if you’re looking to go into the wilderness I wouldn’t say this is the hike to do. Also easy to get lost so I would definitely keep the map available

7 months ago

It was a really nice run. Not a lot of traffic on the trail. They do charge an entry fee the park is kept in really nice condition.

Nice hike from Casper’s Wilderness Park. Would make a nice hike in the cooler months. Some incline towards the end.

Shakedown Alert⚠️ They charge $3 to enter this park. I passed on it there's so many around here that are free. Soon they will come up w a reason to charge for the

Had lunch at the tables about 4 miles in. Great local uphill training. Got lucky with cloud cover today!

Thu May 16 2019

Loved the trail! ♥️

Hiked on a cool day in April. Nice shady walk at first, more exposed in the middle. San Juan Creek was running "high" (perhaps 4" deep). This is the second time I've done this hike and really enjoyed it. Fantastic views. Watch out for mountain bikes around blind curves. Saw tadpoles, rabbits, doves, and other birds. No large animals (deer, bobcats, coyotes, etc.) but the area looks like it would be good for them. Would recommend this hike. Also, ranger at entrance was very helpful in explaining hikes and possible trail outages for other trails.

Trails closed and/or overgrown up to the hotsprings. Could not make it all the way there. Great adventure tho. Giving this low stars to discourage inexperienced hikers. You will get lost.

Sun Mar 24 2019

trail was closed in the middle near the creek, had to back track.

Beautiful area, I recommend cold brisk days to hike this area. Go on a semi cloudy day. Stay very quit as you hike in this area and you may see mule deer, scrub jays, bobcats, rabbits, and many other creatures. It can get very warm in the summer months. A bit muddy after a rain. I’ve been here numerous times mountain biking and hiking. During warmer weather watch for rattle snakes. There has been mountain lion sightings as well. Check out the visitor center in the weekends. I am amazed on how little use this parks gets.

Mainly uphill, no shade, pretty views. Saw a deer. Nice that you can do a loop, went back Eastern flats but no shade, today the road would have been better for shade. Lots of trails in this general location $3 to get in.

Interesting trail that rides the ridge between the park and Coto. There really is not a loop anymore. the Oak Trail segment is now closed. There was hardly anyone on the trail on Saturday. A couple of runners, a biker, and a boy scout troop. We went about an hour without running into anyone. Once on the ridge trail, you are exposed in the sun with little shade.

Sun Dec 10 2017

nice short hike. great signs and well maintained trail. definitely a moderate not a hard hike

Hiked this loop trail in pleasant 85F weather on a Monday afternoon. As a result, I didn't encounter another soul which was a pleasant surprise. The trail is rated by AllTrails as difficult but I think moderate is more accurate. There is a fairly steep climb on Oso Trail but not too difficult. You are rewarded with some nice views over the park from up there, especially back toward Santiago and Modjeska peaks in the distance. Be sure to bring enough water/sunscreen and wear a hat. You are exposed to the sun for significant portions of this hike. There are a few places with loose rocks and/or sand where footing can be tricky. Hiking boots are recommended. Overall, this was a very pleasant hike where you can work up a sweat and get your heart beating a bit.

Park in the first day use lot you come across on your right side. Cost is $5 to enter the park. The trail map is pretty handy. Plenty of butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, and lizards on this hike. Right now the yucca blooms are impressive.

Beautiful wildflowers, green hillsides, water in the creek!

This trail was a tough and beautiful climb. I would not recommend taking San Juan Creek trail back. San Juan Creek trail is next to the highway, so it is very noisy.

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