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Very nice short hike with some beautiful views at the top. Pretty steep climb at the beginning but then pretty easy. If you’re going in the summertime recommend going early because there’s not a whole lot of shade.

Great views of the bridge. Spotted some hawks. Easy walk.

3 months ago

Good trail and not over crowded with tons of people. Someone mentioned below about the tick warning and that wasn't a joke. We purposely wore knee high white socks and pulled almost a dozen off and we didn't stray off trail, they're just that narrow and overgrown right now. We checked ourselves before getting in the car but backpacks must have even had them cause we found 2 in the car after. Gorgeous weather and tons of greenery right now, but not sure I'd go again this time of year

3 months ago

Franklin Ridge Loop is one of my favorite little loops. I suggest an alternate route, which skips the steep climb from the parking lot. Instead keep driving out on Carquinez Scenic Drive (west) instead of taking the left turn into the parking lot. The road stops at a gate, but just before that on the hairpin turn noted on this map is the actual trail head for Franklin Ridge Loop. If you take this route and walk in a counter clockwise direction, the climb is gradual. As you hike always stay on the fire road and take intersection turns to the left until you have come back to the last turn at the bottom of your loop and then take a right back to your car, (as seen on this trail map) (street parking is limited, but usually not full)

Nice jaunt, great for a short hike, nestled near scenic old town of Port Costa. End up at Bull Valley Restaurant or Warehouse Bar after your hike. Shhhh. Not overrun with tourists ...... yet. Let’s keep this jewel a secret.

3 months ago

Beware of ticks- I’ve hiked this trail a lot and enjoy it. However I don’t recommend hiking during this time (April) with shorts or bringing any pets because of ticks. The trails are overgrown right now and you can’t avoid getting ticks. I found over 10 ticks on me during the hike.

Good hike, nice views and close to home. Very steep in some areas but overall good.

Nice, short and relatively easy hike with great views of the Benicia bridge, Carquinez straight and Carquines bridge. Especially nice during spring with green hills and a few wildflowers.

Such a beautiful trial but very hard to find the entrance as it’s located in a small neighborhood on top of a hill. You must park in the parking lot in the town and walk up Caynon Lake Dr and take a right on Prospect Ave and follow that up. There you’ll reach the trail. Not good for strollers but easy to backpack with a baby. Very dog friendly, you can take your pup off leash but make sure they’re on command as others have dogs both on and off leash. The views from the top are GORGEOUS! And the town is so cool.

Hiked this trail today. The views are gorgeous! I can't wait to go again and take some of the other trails. There are some steep areas, but the scenery is well worth it

Great views, peaceful, and quiet. Well placed benches for a rest with a view. Muddy/slippery on the Hulet Hornbeck portion of the trail. I am glad I scaled that portion at the beginning going up and did not have to navigate it as a mudslide coming down. Fantastic hike!

Great view, easy walk, and the dog loved it.

Beautiful views of the bay, Benecia and bay bridge.

Quite. Minimal biking.

I have a ny injury that I cannot do a lot of up and down hill walking. This place is great for me and the dogs.

Nice little flat walk with great water views.

You need to go to the Bull Valley staging area to access the loop. Once there you will double back the way you came on McEwen Rd. Follow the trail along the fence line until you come to a gate that you leads into the town of Port Costa. Not a bad hike.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Great trail, encountered someone with their dog off leash was not friendly with my dog. Also people need to pick up after their dogs as well. Well maintained trail though.

Great trail. friendly ppl. watch out for dog crap on trail,some ppl don't pick up after they're dogs

Monday, July 24, 2017

Nice easy loop.great view. nice breeze..

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Most of the trail is on wide fire roads & out in the sun. The views are great but the hike to get to & from the ridge is STEEP. Plus, I found 4 ticks on my dogs once we got home.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great views of Carquinez Strait and Grizzly Bay, decent mileage, and parts of the trail are actually moderate-hard, not just moderate.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Large hills... nice views
It was unfortunate though, 2 out of 3 of our dogs had ticks all over them.

Won't go again.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easy hike with great views.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Easy short trail hike. I might wait until our rainy season goes away because it was still quite muddy. The grazing cows were cool! And the views are amazing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

although I didn't get to hike the entire trail because of the mud, I did love this park. it had lovely rolling hills a beautiful view of the bay and lots of birds. look forward to revisiting this place once it dries up a bit. The mud was just to much for me but my pooch loved it !

We started from the Nejedly Staging Area in Martinez, hike along the Carquinez Scenic Drive and the George Miller Trail, and continued to Port Costa Staging Area and return. This is an out and back hike along paved walkways/roads for a total of 7+ miles, and a total ascent of 575 feet.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Easy trail over gentle, emerald green rolling hills dotted with friendly cows, other hikers and their dog's.
great views too!

Monday, January 02, 2017

We hiked on the Franklin Ridge Loop Trail in the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline in Martinez, CA.   We hiked over a mile along the shore over the Arch Bridge and past the Sunken Schooner in the Martinez Regional Shoreline. Then we walked up to Rankin Park where we will start hiking up the steep coastal hills to the Franklin Ridge Loop trail. It was a beautiful hike.

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