10 days ago

Easy short trail hike. I might wait until our rainy season goes away because it was still quite muddy. The grazing cows were cool! And the views are amazing!

although I didn't get to hike the entire trail because of the mud, I did love this park. it had lovely rolling hills a beautiful view of the bay and lots of birds. look forward to revisiting this place once it dries up a bit. The mud was just to much for me but my pooch loved it !

1 month ago

We started from the Nejedly Staging Area in Martinez, hike along the Carquinez Scenic Drive and the George Miller Trail, and continued to Port Costa Staging Area and return. This is an out and back hike along paved walkways/roads for a total of 7+ miles, and a total ascent of 575 feet.

Easy trail over gentle, emerald green rolling hills dotted with friendly cows, other hikers and their dog's.
great views too!

2 months ago

We hiked on the Franklin Ridge Loop Trail in the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline in Martinez, CA.   We hiked over a mile along the shore over the Arch Bridge and past the Sunken Schooner in the Martinez Regional Shoreline. Then we walked up to Rankin Park where we will start hiking up the steep coastal hills to the Franklin Ridge Loop trail. It was a beautiful hike.

Great hike for little ones....

I started at the Carquinez Scenic Dr trailhead, hiked up to Port Costa and back, then continued to the Eckley Pier for a total of 3.2 miles. This was an easy hike and I enjoyed the views of the Carquinez Strait and the Carquinez Regional Shoreline.

Good day hike with Yummy Foods nearby in Vallejo..!

6 months ago

Decent hike with some good views and is good to do in spring when it's green. Nice old oaks in the draws. pretty good areas with dogs with very little traffic.