Short trail through an interesting marsh to the beach. I parked on Carpinteria ave. and picked up the trail on Sandyland Cove. There were big no trespassing signs but there were also lots of people/dogs heading that direction so it seems to be okay.

Plenty of sea sells :)

Nice short nature trail for a walk or run in the Carpinteria city limits. Can be combined with beach day. It's better to enter on Ash St. There is plenty of parking near the beach.

Person above is crazy as they will never enforce that as I have walked on/around that area for 30 years without issue... also that is not really the start of the trail head ;-) start of salt marsh is on Ash Street near downtown/beach.

Didn't get a chance to get on this trail because the trailhead as its marked here is on private property. The road to get to it (sandycove) has big signs out front saying that it's all private property and trespassers will be prosecuted etc. So if you go to do this just beware of that if that matters to you.