no shade
8 days ago

I started with the pena trail, which had lots of uphill- not what I would rate "easy." No shade on route. Parking lot had port-a-potties and hand washing station.

This was a nice trail! If you start to the right there are a lot of hills on and off until you reach the top, they are doable with breaks. Next time I would start to the left because there aren’t as many up hill areas. There are parts where you have to walk single file. Very nice shaded area in the middle of the loop that was refreshing. Lots of bugs flying around, but did not get any bug bites. Next time I will bring a whistle in case there are any animals. All the tall grass and bushes/trees leave a lot of hiding places for wildlife. The loop was less than 3 miles starting and ending at the parking lot and took a little less than an hour for beginner hikers going a steady pace.

13 days ago

Not much shades, need to walk pretty far to have some views. Overall it’s okay to walk.

A mix of open hillside and shaded trail. A great workout!

no shade
15 days ago

Perfect on a cool misty day when I came. Would not be recommended on a hot, sunny day due to lack of shade.

21 days ago

This trail is awesome and chill. Was not challenging at all, but it’s definitely combination of shade and sun! It’s a great hike to do after a long strenuous hike!

Some hills but good workout and hike. We took our 10 year old and teenagers.

Hike this clockwise (so, go left at the first junction) for an amazing uphill climb at the start and a beautiful, meandering hike to follow (with some small inclines to spike that heart rate). All of my path tips are for those going clockwise. Estimated 70/30 shade/sun ratio. Use that sunblock for the beginning and end. You'll go about 1.5 miles each time in full sun, no shade. The views! I loved every step on Figueroa through to Chisnunak. The wind was pretty fierce at the top, which was a nice way to cool off after the climb. Again at the end, in full sun, more wind - but this time with lots of dirt in the air At the junction where Oak Cove meets Serpentine loop, do not continue on Oak Cove (gravel road). Instead, go right and climb up Serpentine Loop. (This portion of the Oak Cove trail doesn't even appear on the map.) It was absolutely worth the climb. Watch out for Poison Oak on all the north side trails. I saw so many beautiful, grassy knolls that made me want to roll in them! Resist the urge, unless you are wearing protective clothing. Thistles abound! (I didn't because I wasn't.) There are many benches and even a few picnic tables along the way (mostly on the decline portions), perfect for a rest and a snack. Be aware that many of the inclines and declines involve gravel or loose pebbles. I trek with poles and still slipped a few times. Right now, everything is so green! I'm excited to come back to this park and hike more trails, lengthening my trek. I'm stoked that Rancho del Oro Open Space is still open, so I can expand my hike into that space, with the limitation that some trails are now one-way, during the COVID-19 pandemic. And of course, this is Mountain lion country so educate yourself on how to manage an encounter, which is unlikely but could happen.

A lot of bike riders sharing the trails and they go fast so can’t really let the dogs or kids get far from you. Kind of boring trail. Not much elevation and easy to do.

So read all the reviews and decided to try it out today. Fantastic view at the peak point. Once you reach the peak you would find a Bench where you can sit and just enjoy. (Clockwise trek Bench would be on the right side) Now coming to hike yes 100% recommended to hike clockwise. Would be tricky to do it anti-clock wise. Network wise since I am using T-mobile so 75% of the places network is available. Bike riders will definitely increase your trek completion time. Every 20 seconds we had to wait to let a bike rider pass by. Lastly carry plenty of water. Some points shades are completely missing and if you start late the sunshine would suck up your energy.

Mostly unshaded. Good for cold but sunny days.

Came midday Sunday during covid - parking lot was close to capacity, but only passed a handful of groups on this trail (seems most people were hiking Mayfair Ranch). Near the start it can be pretty narrow but trails widen up later on. No shade in many parts. Wildflowers are beautiful with some pretty dense patches near the trail (LNT!).

I started left for the clockwise route. Hard, honest climb after the first mile, but the reward of the views at the top made it worth it. I was expecting to give a 5 star review, but the Cottle section of the trail was a big downgrade. Not that the trail wasn’t fine (it was) but having to deal with group after group of mountain bikers bombing down the narrow trail was unpleasant. Recommend this loop only during non-busy times. I’ll be looking for alternatives avoiding Cottle for next time.

1 month ago

Hill more gradual

1 month ago

Part of this route is no longer a trail

Quiet trail - some hills but not too bad. Great variety of wide wooded area trail and single track through a meadow. Really enjoyed it and takes less than an hour.

Great trail. When you enter take the left side and go clockwise first. Get started early... because the first part is steep and not very covered and you want to get that part done before it gets hot.

Very nice scenic trail. We started off with the harder part, and finished off easy. Highly recommend to get here when it opens because it got very busy when we came back.

1 month ago

Doesn't get as close to the water as I was hoping.

kinda steep for the first mile, nice gradual grade up to the peak. super steep on the way down but it flattens out for the last 1.5 miles. super muddy (it rained a few days ago) well shaded on the way up, exposed on the ridge. lots of very pretty wild flowers! over all a nice, tiring hike

Great Trail just finished it with 2 11 -year-olds. made it out to a small downed tree that you can climb over we decided to turn around and come back Empty trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

All Trails please update Calero County Park. The Los Cerritos Trail is now permanently closed to biking. There is a new trail not depicted on All Trails called Oak Cove Trail that is great for biking. Please update.

2 months ago

Easygoing, some hills but not too hard. Some shade area but mostly open. Very light traffic and no biker in the morning.

Great hike for us to take our pup on. Was a bit muddy due to recent rains but nothing too bad. Gorgeous green rolling hills and views. Loved it and will be back again most definitely.

Some serious grades in the second half of this run! Enjoyed finding my way between parks and the single tracks intermingled with the rest. Beautiful views.

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