1 month ago

Beautiful views of the lake and mountain. My heart was pumping on the section of the Los Cerritos before you turn onto the Pena trail. It was a nice afternoon stroll for a fall day.

2 months ago

saw 30 inch rattle snake

3 months ago

4 months ago

What a GORGEOUS hike! So much wildlife this morning near the pond (which I guess is the watering hole). Lots of bullfrogs at a different pond along this trail about 1.5 miles in as well. The flowers were blooming, the grass was tall and green, and there were lots of bugs, but no biting bugs. The dark oak trees contrast beautifully against the light green wavy grass. There's lots of shade and sun and is in perfect condition to hike right now before it gets too hot. We did all 7 miles (both loops) and were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful views and wildlife we saw. Bring lots of water, definitely wear sunscreen, and maybe wear a hat in the next couple months. There is a bit of steep incline between the loops, but it doesn't last for a long time.

Keep the trail clean and enjoy!

trail running
7 months ago

A nice trail although I'd keep a careful eye out for rattlesnakes. Other than that an easy trail for someone who hikes regularly. Also, this is to be expected but when hiking along bodies of water but be wary of insects! There are a lot along the reservoir.

We did the shorter hike. Nice incline and decent view. Not a lot of shade but definitely a lot snakes...rattlesnakes!!!