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Great view!

8 days ago

A nice workout up the hill and down. Great views along the way. I went on May 16 in the late morning and had a brief encounter (for a few seconds before it bolted into the brush) with a young mountain lion (not kidding). Highly recommend this hike; it is a bit of work on the way up.

$20 day use. Then the trail is at the other end of the park and all overgrown. Not very scenic either

Advances trail with gorgeous views and lots of elevation

lots of beautiful wildflowers when I went in early April. Paintbrush, fritillaries, sidalcea, pipestem, California lilac, fairy lanterns and many more. Excellent hike for flower nerds. Also saw a bunch of California sister butterflies towards the bottom. Someone had picked all of the tiger lilies though.

The view at the top is nice, but windy. Bring a jacket if you plan on hanging out at the ridge. You can see Goleta on one side, along with the channel islands, and on the other you can see all of Cachuma and the surrounding valley.

Nice hike. Very narrow and a bit crowded, so passing with my dog was a hassle. But it was lovely and a great distance/level for us.

1) Definitely Drive To Whittier Camp
2) Follow The Directions To Circle V
(Parking lot to the right)
3) Just follow The Trail From There

The view at the top is worth all the uphill battle. Definitely a lot of shady areas where the sun isn't beaming on your face. We did encounter a baby rattle snake but it went away on it's own. Bring a sufficient amount of water with you! I cannot stress that enough. And whatever you do don't give up because once you have made it to the top it's all worth it. You get to see the ocean and the lake it's incredible.


on Tequepis Trail

2 months ago

I enjoyed this mostly shaded hike. a good workout, crossing a couple creeks on the way to the top. The view from the top is incredible - A 360 degree view overlooking Lake Cachuma and Goleta.

This is a really pretty, well-maintained trail, and probably doable for most people (it's barely moderate, in my humble opinion). I hiked from the trailhead in the Lake Cachuma recreation area, all the way to the Bradbury Dam, which is about 2.5 miles one way. The Lake is filling up, yay! Great photo opp's, scenery, and places to stop and rest.

Be aware that to access this trail you need to either pay a $10 per vehicle access fee at the entrance to the recreation area or walk in at the entrance and walk through RV campgrounds and picnic areas for over a mile before the trail starts. The trail is really an unsurfaced road along the east shore of the lake, though at its current depth you see as much of the lake bed as you do the lake. Nice vistas of the lake and mountains, though. An easy walk.

4 months ago

is it 8 miles round trip or 8 miles to the top? you guys are all over the place

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6 months ago

Not sure what is going on here. Tried to drive up Refugio Road and there are a number of signs "Road Closed, Local Traffic Only". Then when we encountered a couple walking dogs we asked if we could walk from the construction site up, we were told that if we tried to do that, "someone would call the sheriff". Not sure if that was legit or they were just being jerks or what.