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over grown
3 months ago

Would probably be best in winter or spring when the pond is full. The loop past the pond was badly overgrown; long sleeves/pants are a must, and the payoff wasn’t that great. The river itself is fantastic in August and it’s a beautiful spot to camp and swim.

no shade
4 months ago

Pros: -great workout -excellent panoramic views from the top -starts by river if you want a dip -can extend hike along ridge at the top even further Cons: -narrow trail -loose dirt especially dangerous when coming down. If you don't have shoes with good grip, be very careful -some shade but not enough on a hot day. No shade at the top FYI -will need to scramble over a few rocks when crossing -lots of switchbacks and grade can be up to 40% at some spots. Fun going up but coming down was scary when combined with the loose dirt Tips/Advice: -took us about 4.5 hours with a 20 minute break at the top (5'11", 180 lbs, mod fit, hike 6-10 times a year) -when starting after crossing the bridge over the river, climb up the embankment and go left. There will be a sign on your right with a steep incline showing you the start. If you get to the part that's overgrown with poison oak you've gone too far -bring hat, sunscreen -LOTS OF WATER! I normally don't finishine but I drank all 3 liters -start early especially if going in the summer -lots of lizards that scurry off so be warned if your dog isn't well trained and off leash. It's a long way down

Very nice hike with out any other people on trial. Trail is very easy to find and well maintained- even though heavily overgrown sometimes. The views at the end are worth the effort!

over grown
5 months ago

No long dirt pot hole roads on way to this trail head ! Right off the highway! At the trailhead , Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Happy for a cloudy day, moderate shade on the trail. Bring water as there is no water source after you’re actually on the trail. It calculated for us about 9.6 miles from car to peak and back to car. There’s about 6% of the trail that is moderately flat ground the entire way. Basically up the whole way up and down the whole way down. That said, it was a beautiful vista at the peak. 360 degree views, buttes were clear for us to see. Such beautiful surroundings, top of the world kind of feeling. It was so peaceful and the log in book at the top was so much fun to read through. Lots of gorgeous views on the way up too. If you often don’t see a lot of panoramic views, this is something you will enjoy 150% Also after all this spring rain there were probably about 15 ( not exaggerating) different types of flowers, colors of blue, pink, purple, orange, white,green and red. So pretty ! If you have a a lot of summits under your belt, then the terrain going up may not bother you but for us with a few summits, it was over all, not that exciting for the climb that we endured. Other notes : Someone killed a Gardner snake we found on our return trip. I’m hoping they just didn’t realize that the snake was harmless. However it was heartbreaking to encounter. You’ve come to nature. Please don’t harm nature. This is their home you’re traversing through unannounced. And then you decided to kill them. Two tinsey, tiny ticks. The kind that are hard to find on pets, like ours :(. But we caught them right away. )Hopefully we didn’t miss more. There were a lot of people on the trail ahead of us maybe 15 so they may have gotten the most of the ticks. None on my fiancé or myself. Our pup is 10 and hasn’t hiked in a while did fantastic. There are some skinny parts on cliffs and lots of Lizards so be alert and leash up so they don’t go after a lizard off a cliff. Pit toilets at trail head.

May 25. I had attempted to hike the trail two months ago and the bridge was under water. This morning not anymore! Partially shaded. It is not the most popular trail so don’t expect many other hikers. Great views! Totally recommended.

I hiked this May 11 and the bridge was no longer underwater. Beautiful trail, especially peaceful in the early morning. Lots of wildlife including deer, lizards (too many to count), and a few snakes on the trail on the way back down. I should have worn sun screen for the exposed sections, so make sure you learn from my error. The views are some of the best in the area and I highly recommend this one.

NICE NEARBY OPTION: I’ve hiked Fiske Peak twice and it’s great, but the bridge was still underwater on April 9 so the trail was inaccessible. Looking for other hiking options, we drove 3-4 miles back south on hwy 16 to a wide pull off on the right side at Valley Vista Regional Park. From there we found an old but clear trail (though not mapped on All Trails) that goes up the ridge. After a couple of miles it starts to fade but it rises to some nice viewpoints, eventually up to just across the canyon from Fiske Peak. It was a clear afternoon so we could easily see the Sutter Buttes and the snow-covered Sierra beyond. Our out and back hike totaled 4.5 miles and 1500’ gain. A very worthy hike and a great find. A highlight was the gorgeous spring landscape greenery and a stunning display of lupine and other wildflowers.

March 17. Trail is closed due to inaccessibility of the bridge at the beginning of the trail. I tried Pierce Canyon as a close-by alternative.

bridge out
washed out
8 months ago

Looks beautiful! But the bridge is currently covered by water, made the hour drive but unfortunately unable to hike today (March 17). Just a warning for others making the trip!

We hiked Fiske Peak in June 2018. It was beautiful, and also quite intense towards the peak! Much steep climbing over large boulders, which was difficult for someone with short legs! Definitely worth it, though, when you reach the top. Beautiful sweeping views, and really cool to experience the difference in wind and temperature at the top of the mountain. I recommend this hike! Be sure to wear sunscreen, and bring snacks for the top to enjoy with the view!

Sun Mar 11 2018

Absolutely gorgeous loop, but some clearly hasn't been maintained in a long time. We went clockwise. The first four miles up to the top of Fiske Peak are in great shape and moderately trafficked. There is a trail register in a box at the top near the survey marker. From there, the trail gets pretty overgrown for the next four or so miles. Definitely wear long sleeves and pants to prevent getting scraped up, and keep an eye on the map on your phone to make sure you're still on track. We were able to follow a set of horse tracks. There were some small springs on the ridge around mile 6-7, but I don't think I'd want to rely on them. At about mile 8 the trail comes out on what used to be a parking area for the south end of the blue ridge trail. It would be difficult for even a dirt bike to get up there, so we tented there for the night. The trail then follows the old dirt roads down into the valley. At the low elevation point before heading back up onto the ridge there is a short spur to a clearing with a concrete(?) picnic table and fire pit, totally covered in grass. Shortly after that is the trailhead for the Fiske Creek Trail, which goes pretty much down the middle of this loop. As the trail goes back up to the ridge the road is in better and better shape (less overgrown, less eroded, fewer rocks fallen into it, more evidence of recent traffic.) Around mile 16 or so there is a small pond, apparently called Fiske Lake, that is probably a year-round water source (treat/filter, obviously.) Half a mile after the lake is a four-way intersection with other dirt roads. This area seems to get a bit of traffic. Take the rightmost road. The rest of the walk is a gentle downhill and quite pleasant. Overall, stunning views along the ridge lines, but badly in need of maintenance. Maybe next time I go out I'll bring some loppers.

Sufficiently challenging. Beautiful views. Minimal traffic. Be mindful of the changing weather as it can get quite cool with a brisk wind and a cloudy sky. Should rain begin to fall, I imagine portions of the trail would be treacherous. Keep a good pace and jog the flat stretches, it’s a little over an hour to the peak.

Nice trail that will provide a good workout due to its incline. Some washed out and rocky areas that you have to climb around but the top is beautiful. Lightly trafficked which is good because the trail is pretty narrow in some areas and make sure to bring water. My son did come home with a huge tick that we didn’t discover until a few days later so make sure to check after the hike. Also, I would rate this closer to a moderate-difficult hike because of the quick incline. Some other trails on here marked as moderate are much easier than this one so if you’re looking for an easy moderate hike, this isn’t it.

The strenuous hike pays off at the summit, the views are beautiful! the trail is a bit muddy in sections and there is some scrambling and a few switchbacks.

Tue Jan 16 2018

Really fun trail with spectacular views! At the Fiske Peak summit, we were able to spot Mt Shasta, Mt. Lassen and the Sierras in the distance. The trail is pretty narrow from time to time and required a little bit of scrambling, which I personally found great, as it makes for a little challenge and ignites a feeling of adventure. 2300ft is no joke, be prepared for sore legs the following day. Bring plenty of water.

ohv/off road driving
Fri Sep 15 2017

The trail was closed

Today I went up to check out the hike...fully prepared. My dog in tow. we had water, snacks. Started out at 945 a.m. and it quickly became hot. we walked near the water and the rocky terrain for an hour and called it quits. great scenery and nature atmosphere. Loved it.

Great hike! I took 4 boys between 9 years old and 15 years old. Probably a little too much for the 12 and under kids depending on fitness level but we did all complete the hike after SEVERAL short breaks. The views from the peak are amazing and include the entire valley, Sutter Buttes, and the Sierra Nevada's. Take LOTS of water especially during the late spring and summer months! We completed the hike in about 3.5 hrs.

The bridge crossing Cache Creek is open. The trail is clear, narrow in some places, with some poison oak at ankle level. Made it to the peak just in time for it to hail on us! Beautiful views at the top and a log book with lots of signatures.

We tried to do the hike today, but the bridge is underwater so we weren't able to access the trail. Hopefully once the creek level goes down i can do it again because its a great hike (did it a couple years ago). The views are definitely worth the work getting there. A great workout!!

ohv/off road driving
Wed Mar 01 2017

I'm a local and everyone knows this trail as "Low Water Bridge" it's an awesome trail that was used back in the old days before hwy 16 connected to hwy 20. The gate is locked and closed to cars, trucks and side by sides BUT it is open to dirtbikes and atvs (just drive around the gate between the posts). Be sure to have your bike registered because sometimes you will run into sheriffs patrolling the trail (very rare but it does happen). If you are a beginner just take it easy because the hills getting steeper and steeper the farther you go. Overall one of my favorite trails to go ride and see some amazing views.

The elevation gain makes this a challenging "moderate" hike but the views at the top are worth it. Just be prepared for some steep inclines and rocky patches

This trail has beautiful views along the steady climb. Lots of scrambling over rocks. Coming down at 2:30pm I encountered a rattlesnake whose rattle warning sent me yelping back up the hill in surprise. He must have been sunning himself on the trail. Otherwise, not much wildlife- just tiny lizards and a bird here and there.

For an 8 miles out and back you get your workout bang for the miles buck; almost all of it in the first three miles with about a 2,000 feet elevation gain. The elevation gain is not all of it. While the first 1.5 miles or so are easy enough to navigate, the trails becomes noticeable more rocky and a bit tougher to manage for the top half of the ascent: a bit of washout here and there, narrower trail with encroaching bushes, tight and steep switchbacks. But the huffing and puffing is worth the effort as sweeping views await when you reach the ridge. As a previous reviewer has noted, a short scrambling detour to the unnamed peak to the north (when you reach the ridge) offers very nice views overlooking Cache Creek and the parking area you started from. The .75 miles to Fiske Peak itself are easy enough to negotiate; don't forget to sign the register at the top (if you are so inclined) and to stop and enjoy the 360 degrees panorama, including Sutter Buttes in the distance to the East-North-East.. Another time, I may continue to Lowery Peak (another 3 miles to the south - 6 round trip) to get above 3000 feet. A short-ish trail on the demanding side of "average", especially for older legs :-)

Great hike.... Good workout. Spectacular views at top. Carry plenty of water.

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