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Decent area. Most of the wilderness is dead cause of the fire a few years ago so there isn't a lot of wild life. The incline when you reach the mountain is pretty tough. Steep incline. The water level is high in cache creek during winter. I went during January. There is nowhere to cross the cache creek on the winter when you reach the baton flat. I was told by the locals that the creek can be crossed during the summer. It is about 2.5 miles from the parking area to the baton flat. Great views when you get to the top of the mountain.

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27 days ago

I'm a local and everyone knows this trail as "Low Water Bridge" it's an awesome trail that was used back in the old days before hwy 16 connected to hwy 20. The gate is locked and closed to cars, trucks and side by sides BUT it is open to dirtbikes and atvs (just drive around the gate between the posts). Be sure to have your bike registered because sometimes you will run into sheriffs patrolling the trail (very rare but it does happen). If you are a beginner just take it easy because the hills getting steeper and steeper the farther you go. Overall one of my favorite trails to go ride and see some amazing views.

The elevation gain makes this a challenging "moderate" hike but the views at the top are worth it. Just be prepared for some steep inclines and rocky patches

This trail has beautiful views along the steady climb. Lots of scrambling over rocks. Coming down at 2:30pm I encountered a rattlesnake whose rattle warning sent me yelping back up the hill in surprise. He must have been sunning himself on the trail. Otherwise, not much wildlife- just tiny lizards and a bird here and there.

For an 8 miles out and back you get your workout bang for the miles buck; almost all of it in the first three miles with about a 2,000 feet elevation gain.

The elevation gain is not all of it. While the first 1.5 miles or so are easy enough to navigate, the trails becomes noticeable more rocky and a bit tougher to manage for the top half of the ascent: a bit of washout here and there, narrower trail with encroaching bushes, tight and steep switchbacks.

But the huffing and puffing is worth the effort as sweeping views await when you reach the ridge. As a previous reviewer has noted, a short scrambling detour to the unnamed peak to the north (when you reach the ridge) offers very nice views overlooking Cache Creek and the parking area you started from.

The .75 miles to Fiske Peak itself are easy enough to negotiate; don't forget to sign the register at the top (if you are so inclined) and to stop and enjoy the 360 degrees panorama, including Sutter Buttes in the distance to the East-North-East.. Another time, I may continue to Lowery Peak (another 3 miles to the south - 6 round trip) to get above 3000 feet.

A short-ish trail on the demanding side of "average", especially for older legs :-)

Great hike.... Good workout. Spectacular views at top. Carry plenty of water.

Difficult for beginners!!

tough hike for sure. Def need to go when not to hot. tough on joints, nice views from top. lots of narrow spots that u really have to be careful on. we have done hikes rated as hard that were easier than this one, so moderate may be an understatement. had 3 kids with us 10,11 and 12 yrs old. they crushed it, admitted to being sore at end. views were worth it! recommend doing mt st Helena first which is very close to this one and will give amazing similar views.

I've hiked this trail, partially, several times and did it again yesterday (5/12/16). Probably bad timing for it -- it's starting to get a little too hot, and this is a strenuous hike. There are 3 trees down blocking the trailhead; I had to remove my backpack and,crawl under.
Lots of flies and mosquitos right now.
I've never hiked the whole thing. After the 1000 foot mark, it continues a little further to the dry (right now) gulch, where you continue to the left up the hill. You continue climbing, up and up, dirt trail, until eventually it levels out, then there's a little steep downhill into some boulders you have to navigate and then continue around the mountain. This is generally my turn-around point. so, while I haven't done the whole thing, I think I've done most of the climbing.
Great workout!

Well maintained trail with beautiful views. Hike up for mountain and valley vistas or hike down to Cache Creek.
This mountain was burned in the Lake County fire last summer, and it's interesting to watch it come back.

Great trail. Did it during the hot spell in Feb '16.
First three miles were shady, damp, verdant and pretty steep.
The last mile (along the ridge) is fairly flat, sunny and dry.
The unnamed peak on the north side of the ridge offers some good views, but take a short bushwack (the trail is labyrinthine and a bit overgrown).

There is a register at the top of Fiske peak (under a rock containing the western-most of the three usgs markers).