Climbing out of his boat and onto shore in 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo stepped into history as the first European to set foot on what is now the West Coast of the United States. In addition to telling the story of 16th century exploration, the park is home to a wealth of cultural and natural resources. Join us and embark on your own Voyage of Discovery.

This is in a national park and you have to pay to get in. I wish I would have read this before driving out here without money on me. Maybe another day.

13 days ago

Peaceful trail with breathtaking views. Information signs about local wildlife and a few WWII-era structures keep the trail interesting, as do the natural surroundings themselves. I saw birds, bees, and even a small snake slithering across the trail. And the exposed yellow sandstone in one spot is really pretty. The all-downhill, then all-uphill factor makes it exhausting near the end, and I don't care for the very upper part that's just a paved road. But the bottom part of the trail is lovely. As for being wheelchair/stroller friendly, I wouldn't consider this trail to be suitable for either one. There is a short, paved panoramic loop behind the lighthouse that is accessible, but personally I wouldn't bring my stroller on this trail. I did bring my 2-year old twins with me but preferred to carry them both for short stretches rather than push 2 kids in a stroller uphill for a mile. And one more thing to consider: be prepared for no shade. I went on a cloudy morning, and it was perfect!

A nice hike showcasing the rugged beauty of San Diego’s cliffs. It’s gorgeous!! The trail is has steps built into the steeper slopes. Parts of the areas you can explore are dangerous, especially with little ones - I felt that I had to be very attentive and careful with my kids. It’s a pretty short trail, but you can also drive up to the lighthouse parking lot and walk the Bayside Trail or the shorter panoramic trails around the lighthouse. There is an entrance fee of $15 per car (good for one week), but $30 gets you an annual pass to this park. If you’re military, you can get a free annual pass for all the National Parks here.

Not really a hike. One mile but it is very cool looking. If you go in the winter I guess the low tide is during the day hours so you can get to more of the cool places. Nice and relaxing. Carry some snacks and have a picnic on the shore. Very relaxing. You can bring your fur babies too.

24 days ago

Very short but beautiful hike. No shade at all so on sunny hot days bring your shade with you. It’s an out and back that is all down hill out and uphill back. Then you have to add the road that you hike down that you then get to hike back up to the lighthouse. It’s all good in the end. The views are spectacular and worth the workout. Benches are placed along the trail so you can take a rest if you need to. Bring water!

Nice but so short it’s almost pointless

Never disappoints!

Nice walking trail with beautiful water views. It's all uphill on the way back. I found stopping to read the information signs helpful for rest breaks as needed. Note, it does cost $15 to access the park via car but the pass is good for 1 week.

1 month ago

Great views of San Diego!! Don’t think is wheel chair friendly at all! I was pushing my son (about 40 pounds) in a jogger stroller and it was a little bit challenging uphill. It was a great workout after all.

2 months ago

Very amazing view!!! Great easy hike, my friend with me did it in flip flops lol

2 months ago

Downhill first mile, uphill on the wayback. jogger friendly.

2 months ago

Love Point Loma. This is a nice little trail with great views of Coronado, San Diego and Tijuana in the distance. There's some WWII history things to see related to gigantic spot lights and a generator building. Nothing too dramatic on the road grade - most people can handle it though wouldn't recommend wheel chairs. Lots of native California vegetation with some identification signage. Pick a little of the Coastal Sage and smush it with your fingers - the smell is wonderful.

2 months ago

Great views. Really cool little park.

3 months ago

Easy walk! Stunning views, cool breeze! Make sure you bring your water bottle. Enjoy!

Amazing views! Short trail with steps but worth the hike. Get there early to avoid the crowds.
No flip flops, slippery at times if you get down to the water.

Great trail, beautiful views, fun to climb down the cliffs into the tide pools and check out the caves. There were many visitors and many children of all ages also climbing down. Family friendly, and adult friendly as well.

4 months ago

This is.a great trail with great views of San Diego Bay that’s about 2 miles round trip. It is almost completely downhill for the first mile and of course you must come back up for the second mile. I notice that it says wheelchair friendly....I don’t think so. The first quarter of a mile is paved. The rest is dirt and rocks.

Nice hike with great ocean views, tide pools, and interesting rock formations and cliffs.

This is a nice, easy trail for a walk. Its fun to head down and explore the tidepools after. Don't bring your dog.

5 months ago

Great views with easy access.

Really pretty views! Good place go if you want a short hike.
Take some cash with you. We needed to pay a 10$ fee to go in the park

Really nice trail to get someone introduced to hiking.

Easy hike, with good views and nice tide pools, only visible at low tide.

5 months ago

Easy hike, with GORGEOUS views of San Diego Bay, Pacific Ocean, and downtown SD!

NIce views of the ocean and impressive tidepools

Easy hike with a 3 year old boy

6 months ago

I would rate it moderate rather than easy. There are some steep inclines.

Short and scenic hike. Best at low tide.

7 months ago

Beautiful views of the city

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