Purchased by the State of California in 1983 this historic ranch property is hidden in a pristine valley south of Half Moon Bay. The area offers solitude, groves of mature eucalyptus, and a rich assortment of wildlife. With the addition of Rancho Raymundo at the east boundary, park property extends from Higgins Purisima Road in the west to Skyline Blvd. in the east. Park is open 8am-sunset. Hiking Trail The current trail consists of the old ranch road winding its way alongside Mills Creek for about one mile up to a 1930's bungalow that serves as a park residence. At this point the trail veers off the road and bends down to cross the creek allowing the visitor to look back in time while viewing the Mills Barn and surrounding outbuildings. Continuing on the road beyond the barn the valley narrows between steep, chaparral covered hill. The walking is good for an additional mile above the barn past the wooden tanks supplying water for the park residence, then the trail fades away into the dense growth of stinging nettles, poison oak and coyote brush. Bring Water - None is available in the park.

Very mellow trail, we did as part of the 'hike into 2017' activity.

Uneventful hike my wife and I did on the way to Purisima. I did it once and the only thing really interesting was we went a little off trail to a pump house and found a recent deer kill by a mountain lion. She wasn't impressed! A one and done...

It was so nice and peace full. When I went the other day the grass was very overgrown but other than that it was great. I would totally do it again!

2 years ago

Peaceful quick walk. Took me about an hour round trip and I walk a bit slow. Not many people were on the trail, so that was nice. I also brought my dog and let him run off leash whenever there weren't any other hikers.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Not much of a trail. It's okay for a short walk.

Not much here. You go up an old ranch road, turn around and come back. There are some benches near the end. This would be more of a destination with an improved trail system. The vegetation does not make this a great place for cross country.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood, purisima creek redwoods is a better destination.

Good if you are short on time and you want to get a quick hike in.