Facility Features: Picnic tables, hiking trail, hollywood sign, parking, tunnel/cave. Park open until dusk.

It’s a nice hike but nothing spectacular. The smell of horse poop and pee can be a little overwhelming from sunset ranch. There is no shade so avoid on hot days.

The view at the top is fantastic however. Amazing views of the Hollywood Reservoir and the view of the back of the Hollywood sign is certainly unique!

Great hike just watch out for the horse poop. minimal shade.

Can get pretty confusing if it is your first time here, there are many different options to reach the sign. Just remember that the sign is on Mt. Lee. cover up because there is no shade on this hike.

This trail is filled with horse crap and is absolutely disgusting. Horse tour companies should be responsible and pick up the horse crap. Dog owners must so why cant a paid business giving tours do it. I would never recommend this trail to anyone, unless you want to fight flies, nat, and dodge horsecrap the whole time. the smell is not enjoyable either. hike at your own risk!!! only giving 1 star because I have to. the city needs to make these horse tourist responsible.

Mostly on paved road. Nice views. Very populated with people and dogs.

great trail, amazing views and cold drinks available once you reach the top via the tank trail...

1 month ago

Another trail that I've been doing since I was a kid. My dad would bring us every weekend because we live so close to Griffith park. On your way back down when you pass the Captains roost stay on the same trail you came up and it will be a 3 mile hike. Get here super early I suggest 5:00am because it gets really crowded. You have to pay for parking after 10:00am. $4 an hour!

Nice and easy hike up to and behind the Hollywood sign. Trail is more of a smooth dirt road and the presence of tire tracks indicates this. Went in January and it wasn't crowded and the temps were very 'normal', not too hot and not too cool. Sunset on the way back down was amazing!

This is the best trail to get in front of the Hollywood Sign!! You can also go to the observatory once you are up in the trail. The hardest part is finding parking and then you are off. No bathrooms on the way. I went during the heat of the day, I took my liter water bottle. It took me 2 hours total while I stopped for lots of pictures. If you bring your dog, don’t forget WATER for them!! I saw so many people with large dogs, husky’s in 90 degree weather.... one collapsed... it’s hot on their feet too and they can suffer heat stroke!! Anyways sorry about my dog rant, there is a nice breeze and the beginning starts out with lots of shade and then it opens into a dirt road for truck access.
You will see horses on the trail if you are lucky; I also saw a man and his goat. There are trash bins in the area which was nice. The Bronson park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset so keep that in mind. My recommendation is to go early in the morning and bring a small car for parking. I would also wear a hat that has flaps on the back and sides for those that have sensitive skin, sunscreen and bring a little nap sack so you are hands free.

Great trail! Amazing views!! Bring a lot of water & wear a hat :)

2 months ago

great hike! Bring water, sunglasses & a hat.

Some great view of the entire Griffith Park, weekends are a little crowded for my taste.

This was wonderful!

Less of a trail and more of a wide dirt road. No shade, so bring a hat and plenty of water. Views of the city are stunning, but there isn't much else by way of pretty nature photo ops. Loved being able to go to the front and around behind the Hollywood sign, but doing both does add extra mileage, so be prepared. Iconic views from the sign itself. So glad I did this at least once. (And it only took 20 years of living here!)

I love this hike!! Bring at least two liters of water and a snack. This hike was 6.9 miles for me because I also went to Bronson cave and I recorded from the time I exited my car until I got back. It is an all uphill hike so go slow and steady. Wear a hat and put on sun screen. Enjoy!!

Great views of the Hollywood Sign!

Amazing trip, hike is tough, lots of uphill, all the time and a fairly steep incline. Took a few hours. The payoff at the end is worth it!


Love the views of the Citi... And the Hollywood sign.. Pretty traffic during the weekend.. Good workout not to steep for beginners.. Bring water n hat...

Step drop-offs and some climbing but great hike, excellent views from the Wisdom tree.

Fun hike..very hot on a sunny day. Majority of the trail was not shaded. Prepare to bring a hat, sunblock, and plenty of water. I would recommend to start earlier in the day. Enjoy!

Take Franklin Ave to Canyon Dr. go north. Plenty of parking along Canyon if parking lot at trail head is full. Took 4 kids, all 11 and under. Great family hike with views of the city.

Parking fills up quickly off Canyon Drive, wide dusty trail with options to go in front of Hollywood sign or behind it or to Griffith Observatory, all are worth exploring. Beautiful views on the way, especially from the very top. Bring enough water, Rangers do provide water buckets around half way point depending on time of day

Dirty, dusty, windy and hot. But the views are awesome. Went on a Thursday afternoon, not crowded at all. Watch out for horse crap, bc there was a ton of it. Good steady climb and felt a sense of accomplishment looking DOWN on those letters knowing how far above they were at the start. Glad I did it, but won’t be back.

Lovely views and lots of photos ops! Look out for the small brown sign that will direct you to the back of the Hollywood sign or otherwise you'll end up hitting a dead end and/or getting fined.

Park at 2980-3000 CANYON DR, CA 90068

Challenging route, but affords many gorgeous views of the LA basin on your way up to the sign.

This is a good one!!

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