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very hard I try to run it all the way to the top. I had to stop several times, once you get there I just kept going down. just about 7 miles done today 7/8/17.

Very challenging inclined hike but so worth the beautiful path and scenery.

The trails that start at Brand park vary. There are multiple trails that start from the parking lot next to the Library. I've hiked this mountain many, many times and I've taken various paths to various end points, always making the goal to reach the peaks or the poles. This review will be the one which starts at the following place. Park your vehicle next to the library. Take the paved road to your left, and not the paved road that leads to the Doctor's House. Ok, start walking on the paved road and pass the road block pole and after a few steps the incline hike starts on your right. It's a nice cardio, that will take you to the seven trees point, with bleachers. Once you're here, continue onward and upward to a zig zag looking path that will lead you to the fire road, right below the pole. This hike from the seven trees to the pole is touch, no doubt about it, but it's an awesome cardio session. Once you get yourself to the paved road, you can take 3 paths to reach the pole at the top. Don't stop here, just make it happen. Either continue on your left side and head up, and then make a right turn and head to the closed fence area, or walk straight up and make an initial climb over some rocks and then hike on straight and you'll make it to the fence, or make a right, and head downwards for a little bit on the fire road and as you make a circular left turn, you will see a trail on your left, as your making your circle turn downwards. Once you locate this trail, start hiking and you'll make it to the top in a little bit. Once you're at the top, it's the greatest feeling of accomplishment on this mountain, hands down. Well, once this is accomplished head back down, but going down that steep downward hike is dangerous. Take your time and don't rush, you will fall or slip. You want cardio, this is it. There are other trails in this area as well, and I'll review them as well. Have fun and be safe.

This is the same trail as Beaudry Loop. Great workout. Steady incline and great views of Glendale on one side and DTLA on the other.