21 hours ago

Beautiful, virtually unknown, trail in Riverside! In the span of a few months, I’ve seen a rattlesnake, couple coyotes and today encountered a bobcat! Still an amazing trail, definitely one to maybe take the headphones out, be vigilant, and enjoy the surroundings! Very little trash and graffiti too! Will always be a favorite!

if you do not know this trail or have the membership to the app do not go on this hike. 3 signs to nowhere. trail is not at all clearly marked, one could easily get lost. so dissapointed

Great hiking trail good leg work out and great views

7 days ago

Great hike, pretty steep the majority of the way up but the views are great.

10 days ago

Found this trail when I decided to try to catch the sunrise atop the infamous "M" on Box Springs Mountain. There wasnt alot of info out there for the M specifically, so i used the satellite setting on Google Maps and saw this short trail that seemed to lead from the neighborhodd to the M. I took my 12 year old son early on January 4, 2018 and hit the trail. We parked in the neighborhood east of Box Springs Mountain, off Hidden Springs and Pigeon Pass Rd, but there is a dirt parking lot you can park at during daylight, opens at 7am. The parking lot uses the honor system and asks you to drop $5 in a box. We initially took the wromg trail due to unfamiliarity and darkness, we started at 530am. We picked the trail that leads from to the right from the dirt lot because it had white painted arrows on the ground Lol. After 30 minutes I realized we were heading away from the M, which sits on the front (or south side) of the mountain. I used Google sattelite to backtrack to the parlking lot and chose the middle trail, which seemed to go in the exact direction of the M (Note you cant see the M from the start, but I know where it sits). The trail is not very clear in many places because people have cut the trail and created more direct trails, but pretty much all of them get you there once you get going. It is about 2 miles to the M and 2 miles back. The trail has some very steep portions that are slippery with sand and gravel and also has areas where you have to step onto boulders and its easier to use your hands. It is a bit tricky because you cannot see the M at all until you are literally right in front of it. After we completed the hike, we realized the landmark you can use is the radio antennas, which can be seen from every point of the hike and basically sit right above the M. On this trail, it will be the antennas that sit in second position from the most right antennas (there are many sets of antennas on top of this mountain). You can sit on the M, which is about 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall and made of rock and concrete and painted white. During christmas and New Years it is lit up at night with LED lights, also good for night hiking. My son made the hike with no issues, other than a little exhausted. it was about 1100 feet of elevation gain. It has amzing views of the sunset, sunrise, city of riverside, and city of Moreno Valley. Highly suggest this trail, but beware there are definately coyotes, snakes, donkeys, and at least one mountain lion. We only heard donkeys, did not see any others, but saw many fresh coyote paw prints and clear mountain lion prints. This should not deter you as this should be expected in any mountain setting, you are in their home. Just take a knife, a whistle, and be mindful.

12 days ago

Lightly challenging trail. This was our first trail. And coming from an athletic background it wasn’t too tough. It was a great trail for a short 20 min drive. Not crowded a good quiet trail. Will get a good sweat towards the top. Great starting trail in my opinion for people with a little bit of athletic background.

I went looking for the Two Trees hike but ended up on this trail. I have lived in the local area for many years and never took this trail. It's a great little hike so close to home. Beautiful views of the city and sunset. Trail is easy to follow and gives a good workout. I just hiked a couple miles up to the higher road and stopped, so there is still more to go back and see.

18 days ago

We’d give 3.5 stars... good hike, very steep! We only saw one lizard. As others mentioned, some fire damage and lots of trash and broken bottles at the top. Some pretty views and a little stream, despite no rain this year.

nice short hike

great trail easy to walk and follow, definitely will visit again for relaxing hikes.

2 months ago

This hike is close to home and always a favorite. The path is well maintained and has great views. It's a great sunrise and sunset spot! The hike to the M on the mountain is a good little workout! Make sure to wear sunblock on this one. There is no real shade to speak of.

The elevation gain is quick... easy when cool, moderate in full sun. Carry lots of water, especially if you extend your jaunt into the Mtn Park at the top.

Is the trail open after Sunday's fire?

on Two Tree's Trail

5 months ago

I do this trail almost weekly. It's a nice way to get the blood flowing at the start of the day, and give a bit of elevational perspective on the town of Riverside.
HOWEVER, as of last night (8/14/2017), the trail caught fire, so it might not be safe to hike for a while

6 months ago

Nice well-marked trail. Pretty easy and my dog enjoyed it. Views from the top are nice especially to watch the sunset!

This is a fun trail. A steady incline that is not to difficult. Coming back down is really fun. It can give you a good workout. I enjoyed this one. It takes about an 1-1.5 hr to go up and come back down at a steady pace.

Not a bad hike! Best to go after it rains!

Its not easy, its a moderate trail...;) 7.3 miles back and forth and its hot!

Nice and tuff mtn.

7 months ago

Two steep, two many lizards, two hot, two brown, two hard.....Two Tree's

I didn't finish it

Girls 0/10 - saw no girls

Pros- lost calories
Cons- No Girls

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