Located in the heart of the beautiful Napa Valley wine country, Bothe-Napa Valley State Park offers camping at 50 campsites, picnicking, swimming, and hiking trails that go through stands of coastal redwoods as well as forests of Douglas-fir, tanoak, and madrone. Daytime visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll in Ritchey Canyon to view the delicate ferns and listen to the water splashing down the rocky creekbed. Bring your wine and cheese and picnic under the towering Douglas Firs. On hot summer days, grab a swimsuit and towel and come enjoy a dip in the park's swimming pool open on weekends, beginning on Memorial Day weekend through mid-June, then daily through Labor Day, from 12- 6pm. There is an additional fee for the use of the swimming pool, to be paid at the park entrance. The large picnic grounds are located in the day-use area, and are even available for group events and getaways. A covered area for group use contains picnic tables, a sink and an electrical outlet with a horseshoe pit and wheelchair-accessible restroom nearby. Whether you visit the back country on a several hour hike or take a mere stroll along the creekbed, you will enjoy a close-up look at all the natural beauty the park has to offer. There are well over 10 miles of trail for your indulgence. Summer temperatures may reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but nights are usually cool. In the fall, when daytime temperatures are more pleasant, the leaves begin to turn, creating a dramatic and colorful display. Temperatures don't often go below freezing and snow is infrequent, but nearly 45 inches of rain are apt to fall during a single winter - between December and March. Dogs are restricted to the camp and picnic areas and must be leashed. They are not permitted on the trails or in the pool area. The park is open 8am-sunset.

its great hike,shady and well maintained.Had a good hike and workout. i went all the way to upper ritchey and encountered 2 down huge trees.And no other signs if i should keep going so i turned around. Total of 9.8 miles from the trailhead.

We walked to the grist mill, steep climb with loose rocks. We toured the mill, Scott the volunteer docent was very informative. The Miller started the mill wheel. Very cool. The tours are on weekends. Thanks to Scott and the Australian Miller.

The redwood section of this hike was fantastic. Lots of shade and was a easy hike. Trail well marked. The view from the peak was pretty obstructed by vegetation.

This is a beautiful trail and well worth the short hike. I’m not sure why it’s rated easy, though. Sure, it’s only 2.2 miles round trip, but the elevation change and sometimes unstable ground make it a little more taxing than “easy”. There is poison oak along the trail, but since it’s the end of summer it wasn’t all over the trail and was easily identifiable since the leaves were red. It may be more of a problem in the spring and early summer.

4 months ago

Actually did as a loop out Redwood Trail and back on Ritchey Canyon Trail. Was most shaded and great on a hot day.

Good but the brush at the peak was too tall for a view of the valley .

Great hike but I would rate the actual Ritchey Canyon to Coyote moderate++. The start on Redwood Trail is a mild, subtle incline with a wide trail and is easy going. At about 1.5 you get leave for RC-CP and it gets fun! More noticeable gains and steeper inclines, traversing small creeks and some rocks, an incredibly narrow path dolloped with poison oak to keep you on your feet. Once you actually get to CP, a rock-staircase will take you up the final ascent with full sun (only 5-15 mins or so.) I lost my footing twice on steep declines, which rarely happens. I did this hike alone and after about mile 2.5, felt somewhat uncomfortable. Limited room for error on a lot of the trek due to narrow trails traversing canyon-sides. Kept Alltrails GPS on and had to backtrack twice, signs somewhat confusing. Would do again w a partner, not alone. Wouldn’t do it after any rain as even dry trails lead to a couple near-misses. Pretty hike overall, good workout and nice terrain. Didn’t see much wildlife (they probably saw me though

Lots of poison oak! I wouldn’t take any pets, or children on this trail because of how bad it is. A great hike though, wonderful views, great redwoods!

6 months ago

Great hike!! The trail get can get crowded during the spring time for good reason. It gets extremly hot in the summer months, so bring plenty of water and some sunscreen!!!

It’s a pretty nice trail. Technically easy. You can shorten or lengthen it at a lot of points during the trail. Dogs are not aloud on the trail.

Absolutely stunning! Best hike I’ve been on so far. At the top it’s just magnificent. Take a seat at the top and take it all in.

9 months ago

Great hike and lots of hidden gem views.

10 months ago

Wonderful hike, but mediocre view at the top due to many trees around the actual peak. Some good views nearby.

Pretty crowded. Seemed like a hiking group came. Trails are pretty narrow! Good solid hike though. Don’t bother with the vineyard hike, nothing to see and lands you at the camp grounds.

Friday, November 24, 2017

I was turned away at the gate by a ranger who said dogs are not allowed on the trail. Please update the description. I told her online it said dogs on leash. She reiterated no dogs on the trail but was very friendly and directed me to Oat Hill Mine Trail nearby in Calistoga.

Monday, October 30, 2017

I didn't think of this trail as "easy" though the early part of the trail is flat. It ascends when going up Coyote Peak. We expected a view from Coyote Peak, but it is very overgrown and it feels a bit anticlimactic.

Great views, but trail junctions could be a little clearer. Maybe I meased up because I am a newbie at this, but I met others who were lost as well. The good tbing is that the trails are short enough that you should be able to get back before the end of the day.
Nice shady trails would be good for kids, but there is poison oak everywhere; they might like to play at/in the stream at the begining of the trail.

Redwood trail was awesome on a hot day

Sunday, July 16, 2017

VERY hot in the summer. But it was nice to see a little bit of history. Not as "easy" as the app says. Pretty much a 90 degree incline for the most of it.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

In terms of distance I would call this easy, but in terms of terrain I would call it moderate. Nice flush toilet bathrooms at the beginning of the trail. Some sections of the trail seem to follow the path of a dry stream bed and it is a little steep and very rocky. I have some mobility issues due to a previous hiking accident and I could not have done this trail without my walking poles. Bearing all of that in mind it was a great "first time back" hike. Nice balance of sunny spots and shade.

Lovely, easy hiking. You start on the Redwood Trail before coming to the point where Ritchey Canyon Trail branches off. Take the branch, because Redwood soon becomes narrow in places, with poison oak reaching for you left and right. Ritchey, however, stays wide and clear for a much greater distance before it, too, gets choked by a variety of plants, including poison oak. Really, they have to cut back the poison oak or they'll lose a lovely hiking experience. By the way, you can give the summit of Coyote Peak a miss, because the trees block any view there might once have been.

Nice and cool hike in mid-May that follows a pretty stream. Trail is within Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, so if you are driving in and want to park at the trailhead it's $8/car. Ritchey Canyon Trail starts off as Redwood Trail and you have quite a few options for making the hike longer or shorter. Great for trail running or biking.

A gorgeous valley hike following the creek (seasonal). This hike scales well to different adventurer levels. I suggest making it up to Coyote Peak for a lunch stop. Has a nice vista from there. Lots of Redwoods, Valley Oaks, wild flowers, Douglas firs, and mature Manzanita. Would be a pleasant hike on a hot day.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Go on a day when the mill is open for a great piece of California history then take the trail over the hill into the state park next door.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I went with a friend and our kids, she has two toddlers and they did well with a little encouragement and fairy searching. Next time we would like to try one of the longer hikes nearby without the littles.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beautiful trail, definitely worth the time. Not a lot of high elevation views. Trail is between easy and moderate.

Monday, August 15, 2016

I did Ritchey Canyon to Spring Trail to South Fork to Coyote Peak, which looped back to the Redwoods Trail. This was 5.35 miles and 1,924 feet of climbing (according to Runkeeper).

I came across several deer on Ritchey Trail and a rattle snake up on the rocks of Coyote Peak Trail, so keep an eye out.

Don't bother with the last ascent up to Coyote Peak. It's gnarly and you really cannot see anything because of the trees! The best view is at the trail marker on the exposed rocks below the final ascent. I did not go up to the Homestead site.

I had no trouble following the trail markers to create my own loop.

Quiet setting for a mild hike.

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