Couple of friends and I tackled this hike last weekend. We got to the trail at almost 10am and thankfully we weren't any later because this hike took a lot longer than we expected it to. We parked and headed up the paved road towards the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center. If you stay on the paved road and go to the right, like we did, you will end up on the "Old Boney Mt trail" which is just a short loop that took us a bit longer route. You'll already be walking far enough if you plan to go to the peak, so I would suggest you stay to the left, cross over the cute little bridge near the culture center and take the feeder trail through the grassy field. About half of the hike is fire roads with gradual elevation gain an loss, nothing too difficult. There is a detour that will take you too a waterfall, which was very nice when we went! Once you get past the monument the trail is pretty difficult, the trail is not maintained and it is more like a climb up a very narrow trail for a few miles, which, thanks to all of the rain lately, is very washed out in some parts. This trail is definitely an ankle-breaker. Hiking boots and poles are a great idea. I would go on a clear day, the views were great but it would've been better on a clear day. We heard a couple say that on a clear day you could even see Mt. Baldy from the top. took us a little less than 4 hours to get to the peak, and 2 hours to get down. At the peak there was a native american gentleman playing a flute, we sat with him feeling the surreal, nostalgic yearning for the people who once lived on these lands. I will definitely visit the culture center next time.

Hike became a last minute idea or ours and did not start until 3pm. Nice lady on the trail did not recommend completing it since it would be dark if we made it to the summit. We made it to Danielson Monument at 5pm and decided to turn back. We had plenty of water with us but did not have warm clothes. Great trail with incredible views. We will be back in the following weeks to complete it, this time we will get an early start.
Oh yeah, just before we got to the trailhead we saw a group who was walking on the trail blindfolded using only their senses. Turned out they were part of the new berry park martial arts center and putting their skills to the test. Great group of individuals.

Good, challenging day hike through chaparral. Somewhat marred by views of urban development and area will need time to recover from recent fires.

Its long. Take ur phone and make sure you stay on the right trail. There are plenty of turns and forks. It was rough. But a good hike. Took my dog with me and we made it.

Best hike ever, difficult, but not super bad, you can rock climb at the top into caves as well! When I went, it was inside of a cloud so no view but the experience was fantastic!

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6 months ago

Nice and tough! Excellent views.