Bolsa Chica State Beach is a popular place for surf fishing for perch, corbina, croaker, cabezon and sand shark. Also popular is in the summer is bare-handed fishing for California grunion, a species that only spawns on sandy southern California beaches. The Park is located in Huntington Beach and extends three miles from Sunset Beach to Seapoint Avenue. A bike-way connects it with Huntington State Beach, seven miles south. Wildlife and bird watching are popular. Across the road from the beach is the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, operated by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Great little place for family hikes!! We got to see some snails, ducks and even spotted a coyote!! Highly recommend!

14 days ago

Relaxing walk with kids.

Too easy but the view is awesome.

Nice walk, great for birding, easy to follow path, open and populated.

Easy walk, you get two choices of scenery, each visit has been very pleasant. I have yet to walk the full trail because I tend to go for the sunset view, which is stunning from here. Top choice for sunset viewing. They have benches perfectly placed.

Lovely at dawn. The winter rains have caused wildflowers to grow over the trail in spots; there are also some gnat swarms near the oil wells. But these are minor inconveniences. Great dirt to run on!

Beautiful trail with lots of wildlife to see (including insects).

I walk here all the time. very easy stroll, great for a running trail too. beautiful birds and views.

2 months ago

Great trail with my 6 yr. She loved it!