Bolsa Chica State Beach is a popular place for surf fishing for perch, corbina, croaker, cabezon and sand shark. Also popular is in the summer is bare-handed fishing for California grunion, a species that only spawns on sandy southern California beaches. The Park is located in Huntington Beach and extends three miles from Sunset Beach to Seapoint Avenue. A bike-way connects it with Huntington State Beach, seven miles south. Wildlife and bird watching are popular. Across the road from the beach is the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, operated by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Very peaceful when the weather isn’t great!

1 month ago

Great view!

it's alright, bikes restricted

A continuation of the Huntington Beach trail. Great area if you are a dog owner as they allow dogs on the beach. Tends to get a bit crowded and a hazard area as you may find yourself dodging someone's loyal companion. 4 star if I had a dog to take there.

Nice place it has stairs and hills

Very clean considering it’s a dog beach. Little bit difficult finding parking sometimes but it’s possible and well worth the walk to the beach!

trail running
3 months ago

A quick trip from Belmont Shore, Long Beach for me for some mid week miles. Soft surfaces and a great run along the ridgeline below the houses up top provide for an excellent view of the Ocean. Sunsets are solid here as well.

Though a bit small for runners looking for serious distance (I tend to do double or triple loops of the entire place) it is soft on your legs and boats beautiful wildlife when you want to get off of the roads.

Not overly crowded during the week, but for the weekend, get their early. The parking lot is small.

All in all the trail was nice. A few forks in the road, but the apps map makes it easy to follow. Plenty of parking, but there was a lot of trash in the bay. However, I would recommend it.

5 months ago

A well maintenance, clean trail easy for all ages.

Fun hike, long and flat lots of birds to see

Fun hike, long and flat lots of birds to see

Love this trail! Try and schedule your runs around the tide. Mainly avoiding the low tide periods within the wetlands.

I love this trail, I always go back when I can it never disappoints!

Coming back here again! Easy and simple, great for kids!

I love this real because I live less than half a mile away from here and this hike is vary easy, but still a fun hike for all ages!

quick nature trails. not really a hike, but very nice and easy

quick with ocean view.

Nice for a quick stroll or trail run. kid friendly. No dogs allowed. You can easily extend your mileage by going down the riverbed trail.

This is one of my favorite local places to run & walk. I can also bike the 5 1/2 miles there so that's a plus. Very limited parking.

paddle sports
11 months ago

66! 8uun7y

It's a nice bike ride. HOWEVER,
1. Y'all need to please stop feeding the ground squirrels. They're multiplying like crazy and getting aggressive.
2. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE LORD ALL MIGHTY pick up your dog sh*t. Picking it up is not tying it in a bag and leaving it. Be a decent human being.

Flat gravel trails guide you along this hike located across Pacific Coast Highway from Bolsa Chica Stare Beach. Parking lot allows for about 30 vehicles and can fill up fast. Seasonal birds abound and my favorite time of year is when the elegant terms are in for breeding. It's as much about the sound of the terns as it is the mass amounts of them flying out to sea to feed. Great hike and place to see one of the largest wetlands left in California. Just north on Pacific Coast Highway is Sunset Beach with lots of places for breakfast and lunch. Overall a great place and hike for the whole family.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Great little place for family hikes!! We got to see some snails, ducks and even spotted a coyote!! Highly recommend!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Relaxing walk with kids.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Too easy but the view is awesome.

Nice walk, great for birding, easy to follow path, open and populated.

Easy walk, you get two choices of scenery, each visit has been very pleasant. I have yet to walk the full trail because I tend to go for the sunset view, which is stunning from here. Top choice for sunset viewing. They have benches perfectly placed.

Monday, April 24, 2017

This is the best dog Beach around!! It's my puppies favorite place to run and she's a husky, so she needs it. We have been taking her here for one to two times a week for at least 4-5 months & have a great time. It's even better now that it's warming up, but also does mean it's getting more crowded on weekends.

Lovely at dawn. The winter rains have caused wildflowers to grow over the trail in spots; there are also some gnat swarms near the oil wells. But these are minor inconveniences. Great dirt to run on!

Great hike!

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