6 days ago

this Trail is great for running... I prefer to go to the right around the lake. there is a small Trail close to the water that you can take around part of the lake that's pretty interesting and doesn't look like a big road. That's where the fisherman go and there's less people. on the way back you can go up to Lake Ramona which is about another mile and a half up.. i clocked 8.5ish

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28 days ago

I love going here and taking my pup. It's nice cause it has some shady spots in the valley to stop to let him rest for a bit no no where really for people to sit which is fine. You do need to get their early for parking on the weekends but the weekdays are not so bad. They also have hiking events and knowledgable volunteers that you'll see walking the trails sometimes. They're friendly and happy to answer questions about this trail and others in the area. It was fun cause we've seen deer on multiple occasions which threw my pup for a loop since he'd never seen one. This is a regular spot for us!

Great local hike. We turned it into just under 8 miles out and back by following the fire road at the top of the Lake Ramona dam all the way to the yellow gate at the other end. Not very many people around for a Saturday is a plus. It's a very steep climb to the dam. Great views of Lake Poway and Lake Ramona.

First part of the trail is nice and flat. If you choose to take creekside trail, there are more trees and shades. Dogs are allowed only on the main trail, which has somewhat shade.
Second part of the hike has no shade, and constant uphill. Last part was paved road to go up on the dam which was steeper uphill.
You don't want to go there when it's very hot.
Otherwise, it's not very crowded and well maintained. a lot of parking spaces, and some picnic benches in blue sky reserve.

This is a great hike that loops around Lake Poway. Once you reach Lake Poway you have to continue on the trail that leads up to Potato Chip Rock and then turn left when the signs tell you. There was a covered picnic area on the backside of the lake along with a porter potty. I parked at the Blue Sky Reserve but it fills up fast!! There is no street parking so if you arrive and find there are no spots and don't want to wait for someone to leave, you can drive to Lake Poway and start the trail there. Half shaded, half in the open.

3 months ago

I arrived early to be sure I got a parking spot at the Blue Sky Reserve as it fills up fast and there is no street parking available. After the first mile you have the option of heading towards Lake Poway or to continue straight. Continue straight and that will lead you up to Lake Ramona. Be prepared for a tough incline with no shade!! The last 1/4 mile is a straight shot up on concrete so if you bring you dogs, please go early as the concrete gets hot. Once we reached the lake we continued walking down the road along the lake. We eventually turned around when it didn't seem to be leading anywhere. Very pretty!! Be sure to arrive early and bring plenty of water.

3 months ago

Nice moderate hike. Good incline to make you feel like you did something. I would call the Blue sky ecological preserve a hidden gem. More crowded around Lake Poway but to be expected with the parking lot and snack shop. Too much dog poop around the lake trail. Lots of interesting birding and around on the trail. We then saw baby rattlesnake. It wasn’t too hot today so, it was very doable. In the heat of summer this would be not as much fun. Will come back again and do lake Ramona from this entryway.

Plenty of big oak trees = shade!

Great little hike. The parking lot fills up quickly but other than that, it is great. The trail is well maintained and the first part is walking through oak trees next to an ephemeral stream and is well shaded. The middle part of the trail is a hike through chaparrel up to the damn, this section is a bit steep and exposed to the sun but isn't difficult. The last part is a nice jaunt around the lake on a dirt trail. Overall a very good experience.

Not much to see but a good cardio workout, especially the last 1/3. Up, up, up!

5 months ago

(Beautiful trail and beautiful hike but too much dog poop)The trails are really nice it’s very nice if you go early in the morning as there is not a lot of people on the trails. My one complaint is that there is a lot of dog feces throughout the entire trail in the middle of the path. It’s unfortunate but there is more poop on this trail then all the trails I have ever walked combined. It’s pretty sad the people they’re probably allow this are the people who use it the most. I hiked the trail twice but I will not come back because there is too much dog poop on the trails and is not a healthy environment.

6 months ago

the trails are maintained very well. this a beautiful walk with a few hills to get up. Wish others would pick up after their dogs.

6 months ago

This was a very pleasant walk. It is easy with only one slight incline. There are lots of places to picnic and also a snack shack on Lake Poway when you can get a hot dog and a cold drink and watch the ducks. You can also branch off and go to Lake Ramona, Woodson Lake and Potato Chip Rock from this trail.

I've done most of Blue Sky and this was a lovely hike. The last 1/2 mile up to the lake sucks (it's just a paved road with a steep grade). Beginners may find this the hardest aspect of the trail. As it is steep going up, I don't really recommend running down. Once we got to the end of the grade, we trail ran down the mountain (or rather shimmy dance to MJ). Get enough speed down the road and falling is possible. The hike to the lake trail head is really nice and relaxing and there are a ton of off shoots to explore. Blue Sky is a great place to explore a few different terrains. I used it to practice for more intense hikes.

Easy trail with moderate grade climb

Last 1/2 mile to dam is pretty steep! Had to stop and rest a few times.

Not the most exciting or challenging hike, but any trail that ends in a lake will always be fun

I like this trail because is perfect for when we take our dogs the trails are well kept

Great trail! Beautiful lake!

Nice trail we took the way to Ramona for about a mile and then we turn around
Is moderate climb beautiful views

This was a fun one, Blue sky is mostly flat and really transports you to tranquility but get ready to climb some hills when you hit the Lake Ramona trailhead. It was about 83 degrees when I did this( felt more like 90) and that made it pretty hard. There are only a few spots of shade and it's near the top. I recommend doing this in the early morning/ later in the day when it's cooled off. Make sure your kids stay near you, I didn't bring my son on this one, but I can imagine him taking a tumble. While this trail is pretty wide, if you peer over the edge its a long way down. When I got to the top there was a porta-potty and I found a relatively flat rock to sit on and look out at the lake. Coming down was a bit hard on my knees, but manageable. Do the creekside trail that veers to the left, its peaceful and the birds are singing, it add's almost nothing on to your total distance and meets up with the main trail. Worth it!

I saw quite a few wildflowers which I love, but wasn't a fan of the climb up to Lake Ramona. Once you climb up to the lake you still have to walk sways to find a path down to the water.

First time here, did a short version due to the heat but real enjoyable. Hiked with Leah, JP and Tyler.

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Friday, May 05, 2017

This is a nice route for 5+ miles. You get 500 ft+ in climbing and an enjoyable trail with nice views around the lake. I will try the opposite direction next time on the loop to see if I can up to 800 ft in climbing as stated in the specs.

I went counterclockwise and still got roughly the same climb amount as the clockwise route... I'm getting around 550 so not sure why 800 is listed, my route seems to match the one here.

Also I notice people mentioning lake ramona which means if they are following this route they went the wrong way and forgot to turn right. The climb to Lake Poway which is what this route is, is not as steep as the Lake Ramona climb. So you are in for a big climb if you missed the turn.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Really enjoyable hike. You see a bunch of different kinds of landscapes. I liked the various hills and they weren't too strenuous. Be prepared for a lot of fellow travelers unless you go early in the morning.

Great mix of length and slope, with interesting things to see. Go beyond the dam and you'll find banana trees and bee hives..

Saturday, April 29, 2017

This is one of my favorite to do with a weighted vest. Good workout and not too hard on the knees with the added weight.

Others are right....it gets pretty steep 1.5 miles in. Early in the trail take a detour off to the "creek side trail"....it is marked and rejoins the main "road" in a short time. Watch for some spider webs crossing the creek side trail if you are first in the morning on it.....it is a tight trail.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I'm here most Sundays. It's hot early in the morning late spring-fall but it's, scenic, the terrain gives you a good workout, there are port a potties on the trail & a visitors center at one corner of the lake.

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