This trail might be a nice one in the summer but dear god avoid the wet months. I thought there'd be enough break in the rain to dry out the path but I was wrong. It was very muddy and that coupled with it being a cow trail meant that the trail was completely torn up. Not too much climb after the beginning, and pretty hillside but do it well into the hiking season went the path is in better shape, otherwise risk getting stuck in the mud or twisting an ankle.

Took my 2 and 4 year old daughters on this trail and was surprised they were able to hang the whole time. Thorns were a little over grown and eye level to my kids face so my husband and I had to carry them through that part of the trail. Other then that, was very enjoyable and fun trail. Would love to do again.

The thorns were not a problem...even wearing shorts like I was. The trail was heavily destroyed due to many horseback riders who also use the trail. Although being an experienced hiker and outdoorsman It makes it really hard for hikers to walk on the trail when the trail head is destroyed. I almost rolled my ankle three times just by trying to walk through heavily destroyed portions of the trail. There is also ALOT of horse and cow shit everywhere on the trail. There is more shit on that trail in 10 feet then the amount of people who walk that trail daily. It's almost ridiculous. The trail is very easy. No extreme elevation and mostly flat and dry.

I will have to say....there was a beautiful portion of trail once you cross the private road that runs through the park. Once you get far enough over the first hill you will see a large rock formation that over looks Vallejo (who doesn't love to see Lowe's and giant subdivisions on a hike?) You can climb the rock formation but only with proper experience and training. I must say...after you climb to the top. It was the only good thing about that hike. ...and bring a beer for the top.

My daughter (12 yo), husband and I took the hike this morning for the first time. Beautiful views, ran into 3 other people in the full 2 hour hike. Not sure if I would run the trail alone.... But worth a second visit with the family. I saw a sign at the park entrance "no dogs" does that include the trail?

4 years ago

Where really thick pants and thick shoes!!! Ouch.

trail running
4 years ago

This trail could have been really awesome if it weren't for these spiky thorny weeds that were growing over into the trail every where. Wear long thick pants and thick shoes...I got poked on the toe and it friggin hurt!! I got off the trail when I hit a private road and ran back on the main road. Maybe in the winter it will be better.

I decided to try this trail. I had been in the park before but never saw the trail head. I paid my $5 since I'm not a Vallejo resident and started my hike. It is an easy hike. Although it was a hot afternoon I was able to get a comfortable sweat and raise my HR a little. I think I went beyond the limits of this hike because I was able to walk for almost 2 hours and enjoy the high view of Vallejo and the Bay from there. Some wild flowers and cattle. A couple of other people hiking but not a big deal. I was hoping for a more challenging hike but this one was not too disappointing at the end. Almost 3 hours round trip and didn't pick any bugs.