My cousins and I decided to do this hike today as we had never done it. I saw the falls in a few friends’ Instagram posts so we rallied to do it. My sister brought her 2.5 year old with us. We started along the trail and realized the wagon wasn’t gonna make it so we stashed it behind a tree and trekked on.

The “trail” faded after about a mile. Needless to say, we definitely got lost. Luckily I had the app to guide us along where a trail used to be (there wasn’t a trail). My phone died but we finally made our way back and ultimately did the entire 4+ mike hike.

We never found the waterfall.

such a beautiful hike! We never made it to phantom falls due to really poor markers so we just followed to River down after the first water fall and found one that rivals the size of phantom falls. Pretty easy hike just wear good shoes as there are lots of loose rocks everywhere.

Such a variety from rocky to green meadows. My only complaint was it being a little difficult to figure out which way to go as the trail was not marked very well.

Beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom!

"Completed" this hike about two weeks ago.... what a poor choice in hikes to do. Enjoyed the drive up from Davis.... but too hot, too dry, too unmarked. Wait until early spring is my suggestion, even then not a great hike. Also broke my pup and had to carry her as there were tons of stickers, foxtail type weeds.

Don't go here this time of season, not worth it.

Worth it for the view of the falls and the aviary!

Trails not very well marked. Bring plenty of water.

5/27/2017 Hike
Came here 5/27/17 and got there at 6 am, we had the whole place to ourselves and didnt see anyone until our way back around 930, the parking lot was half filled then. Bring water, snacks, hat, and sunglasses - no shade thru and thru. The path was rocky in some spots but was easy enough to spot even if there were no signs, but it got confusing when we got to the areas where it's fenced up. Since the path continued thru the fences we came across, we continued forward. When you get to Ravine Falls, you will see a fence with no trespassing notices. Someone scribbled "Yes this is the trail" with an arrow pointing past the fence. We didnt see any other route so we went around that fence and followed the path on the left (the private property is on the right). That fence left only less than a foot to step on so be careful going around it. There were a million grasshoppers and ants on the path, kinda cool. The Ravine Falls is just a trickle at this point and the Phantom Falls is just a bit more than that, and on the way back, we tried to find the loop as the map shows here on All Trails but it was too overgrown and couldnt find it. Overall, it was still a good little hike. This hike is rated moderate probably due to the small uphill/downhill/rocky path but I found it's actually an easy one and not for folks looking for a challenge. Wish there was a way to get down the ravine and go under the falls.

nice little hike. went mid week early morning and it was nice. pretty much had the trail to ourselves. difficult to navigate at times, but good cell coverage for the entire route. more of an in and out trail as the loop listed on the main map didn't seem to exist unless you are ok with walking through fields of foxtails. waterfall was very low flow, and not as the pictures depicted at this time but still beautiful, couldn't find how to get down to the bottom of the ravine to see the base of it. bring water and a hat as there is little to no shade.

Really pretty hike even though we didn't find phantom falls (which is why I downloaded this app) We stayed left and guessed wrong at a couple unmarked forks and ended up in cow pastures. Saw a nice gopher snake sunning himself on the trail and a mamma doe with her baby grazing in the meadow. Spectacular old oak trees and vine strewn pathways. We'll go again earlier next year to catch the wildflower bloom, vernal pools and pumping falls. And now that I know how to get to phantom falls I hate to wait that long.

Family friendly hike with a pretty view at the end ;)

I used the map as I went, and it seemed the trail ran quite a bit closer to the stream, than indicated by the red line , but definitely a nice trip

Beautiful waterfalls and grassy hills but difficult to navigate.. there are not very clearly established trails or signs indicating where you're going.

Beautiful hike with beautiful views. The only bummer was the lack of markers. The trails seem to split often and we just tried to follow the most worn trail to get to Phantom Falls. Somehow we made it! I wish we would have had more time to go to the bottom of the falls!

This got three stars mostly due to lack of markers. the hike itself is easy except for the very annoying loose rocks. The water falls are dope, especially phantom falls so it's worth doing. Interesting place. I didn't make it to the bottom of the fall because wasn't sure how to get down there. The view from the top of the fall is incredible.

Tip: be careful of loose rocks. They are everywhere and if you're on tall grass be careful to step on rocks as you can easily roll your ankle on one. To get to the big water fall, it's passed the first two little ones you see, you'll cross a couple of downed barb wires. One side of plateau is private property with a fence, but there's an opening (narrow) to go through to get to phantom falls.

I loved the hike. It's pretty easy to do until you get to Phantom Falls and decide to go under the waterfall. I would recommend it to anyone. bring water and use the bathroom before you leave home before going on this hike.

Great hike! Great views! Make sure you go towards the left when you first come out of the parking lot and into the grass to find the trail. You'll come to some oak trees, then veer to the right towards both waterfall spots. The first waterfall is the smaller of the two and a nice place to stop for a minute. Be sure to keep going to the second and larger waterfall, called Phantom Falls - it's truly spectacular and worth the extra half mile!!

Special place, especially around early spring time for wildflower blooming and many creeks and waterfalls. Visited several times over the years, but most recent last weekend on a Sunday, together with hundreds of other people, dogs, families with kids, etc.. It was very wet from recent rainfall, so to stay on the trails is a sensible thing to do (I almost got stuck in the mud trying to do a shortcut), apart from not damaging the wild flowers that way.

To find the trails, since they are not indicated, head West from the parking area and after about 200 yards it will start North of the stream that starts there. Pretty soon the trail splits, which if taken a right, will lead you to the more dramatic water fall on the North end of the trail. I didn't see the looping trail, so I just followed the trail back. It is possible to loose sense of direction and even get lost, albeit probably only temporarily, here, since there are no markers; on busy days, people will acts as markers. One star off for the 'unorganized' , 'left on your own' and unmarked character of this trail.

Easy is a relative term; with all the rocks, and the little canyons, one needs good sturdy shoes, and be good on foot. A dozen or so porta-potties have been put at the parking area, but no tap or spring, so bring your water, and even some extra for cleaning afterwards. Some fences are down, others are up and have signs 'no trespassing' and although people seem to be justified in ignoring this just because many are doing it, it seems to me one should observe and respect these areas, since public land is right next to private. The cows keep to themselves, so if you don't bother them, it will be no problem. Of course, if you want to cross a fence and run into a bull, you're at your own risk.

Last; the Southern drive up is on a steep, curvacious and narrow road, so keep going slowly, and be aware that bikers might even try to get up the mountain, so passing might not always be possible right away; stay behind and look for enough clear road to pass. The Northern road up/down is much more gentle, wider and less curvacious, so safer; more like typical foothill driving, passing a small town with historic structures om the way in/out.

Super easy hike. About 3 miles in however we decided to go way off trail and just walk everywhere we wanted and made our own way back to the car. Turned it into a 6 mile hard hike. If you like within an hour distance, I would say go for it. Anything further, then I say it's not ammmaaazziinnggg so I would put it on the top of your list.

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