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Great hike. I'm glad we had cell service or I think we would have gone off trail pretty easily. The last part of the loop is a steep decline that will leave your thighs a little wobbly.

Really pretty and peaceful but the steep inclines and declines were hard on my knees - I attempted to run this trail and walked 25% of it. Might attempt again on a good knee day

1 month ago

Reasonably easy trail with beautiful views and tranquil forest. There are a couple of steep parts but it’s a great beauty per unit of effort hike and is super close to SF. On the way back (left part of the loop if you look from the start) if you accidentally get off trail it becomes super steep downhill but doable. Finish off with a meal at a Pizza Picco to have a perfect NorCal day

This is a beautiful trail, but if you are running, be warned that there are no stairs on the descent and the dirt is very loose.

3 months ago

- If you enjoy uphills and downhills, you'll like this trail
- Parking is restricted 3/4 mile away from the actual trail. You'll need to walk very steep paved road on Summit road until you see the gate/start of the hike. Watch out for cars coming down as the street is narrow.
- Actual trail is about 3.5 miles out and back, without counting the additional mileage from the car and back
- Note: take the shortcut, long flight of stairs to bypass steep hilly road for safety too
- Hike: beautiful scenery of the north bay, San Francisco skyline!

Hi, we live in the house at the top of the gravel drive on Piedmont Rd. Do make sure that you don’t drive past the small dirt parking area at the foot of the drive as the only way to turn around is to back into our garage and it’s usually full. To try back out is pretty scary!

The trail and the falls are a real treat. Dogs love it and you’ll get a glimpse of Janis Joplin’s house from the rear and one of Jerry Garcia’s first homes after he hit the big time. It’s an enchanted place and if your fortunate you may see one the spotted owls. They are an endangered species and we are fortunate enough to have one the few habitats where they still thrive.

It’s a great trail for just about anyone. Families, kids, older people, younger people and dogs all love it! Have a beautiful hike as we love to watch all the happy folks walking past our house before and after their adventure!

Wow ok I really loved this one! It’s not too rigorous and goes up and down in little waves as opposed to all up one way and all down the other way. Nice wide trail with gorgeous trees, grass, flowers and mountain/valley views. We got dropped off bc there isn’t really parking up there. You need to walk to the end of summit drive (a steep climb) and the trail starts up there at the top. Overall including walking along the street, it was 5 miles out and back. Creature sitings: caterpillars, butterflies, lizards, birds, doggies, hikers, and bikers.

4 months ago

This trail is great! From the programmed location in this app walk down until you see the main sign, instead of staying right on the main trial like everyone else look for the small trailhead for Barbara Springs trail if you want a nice booty hike straight up! Once you hit the fire road turn right and follow the trail until you see the trail marker for Dawn Falls trail on the right. A nice less traveled alternative

Very nice! Limited street parking. Most of the trail is in the woods, although at the top there are some more open stretches with fabulous views. On your way down, don’t miss the Barbara springs trail, it’s easy to just walk past it and leave the loop. Some steep parts, and also a pretty little waterfall. Creature sitings: woodpecker, spiders, other hikers, and bikers.

Enchanting, cozy, ancient.

Nice trail! Make sure you’ve got good hiking shoes because on the way down it can get slippery. Saw a few bikers and hikers along the way but it was far from crowded. A lot of the hike isn’t shaded so bring hats and sunscreen. Lots of bugs so bug spray/repellant is a good idea too. We actually started the trail from a different point than the app suggests, on west Blithedale Ave, and eventually hit the Blithedale ridge trail. Blithedale stops at some point and forks into some other trails that you can take. We walked along Indian fire road a bit and then went back down the same way. Creature sitings included banana slugs, hawks, chipmunks, lizards, and squirrels.

Great trail, VERY limited parking so go early or on weekdays. Pretty flat until you hit a few steep switchbacks shortly before the falls. The falls were just trickling today but it’s gorgeous in the canyon with the redwoods, ferns, and moss so still worth it. I did the loop up past the falls to the left, it switchbacks up to a wide fire road which also had some great views of the tree covered hills and the bay. Finished my loop by coming down the Barbara Springs Trail which was very steep & would be tough if muddy.

It’s easy with kids, our son who is 4yo has been able to hike all the way and back. Parking can be a bit tricky, we had to park 5min away from the entrance.

6 months ago

Very nice hike on a sunny day. Trail was mostly dry, with a few small muddy spots. Wild flowers beginning to bloom.

Great trail I've done many times. As an alternative loop , you can continue on Dawn Falls Trail where it crosses Crown Road, continue up (it's steep!) Dawn Falls to then go left on Hoo Koo e Koo Trail which is lovely. Once on Hoo Koo e Koo, you are essentially heading in the same direction as Crown Road only you have more elevation and better views. Hoo Koo e Koo will then cross Blithedale Ridge Fire Road where you head left, down the hill, up the hill, then intersect and head left on H Line back down to rejoin Crown Road. It is the same loop but takes you higher and off Crown Road for much of the time.

This trail has some amazing views and is very well maintained. Not overly crowded for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Most of the trail is shaded which makes for a very nice hike. Good elevation gain but not too strenuous as the majority of the trail uphill is switchbacks.

11 months ago

Great views unsheltered fire roads where a little hot. Start early if it is going to be a warm day.

We got super lost despite frequently checking the map and ending up nearly doubling the hike to get back to the car, but it was beautiful. Great views and nice tree coverage from sun. Moderate uphill to the top- good workout but not overly strenuous. I parked near the trail head, there's room for about three cars and only one was there even on a Sunday afternoon. However also plenty of parking on the street about a quarter mile below the trail head as well.

Neat 1.5mi loop hike along some narrow paths if you take your first R into the hill from the fire road. Moderate, my 8yr old did fine. Take a picture of the map when you first walk in to reference later.

This is a great trail to take refuge in the cool redwoods and Bay Laurels on hot days. It is magnificent after a good rain when the water is running well through the creek and waterfall. This trail also connects to other trails including Hoo Koo I koo and King's Mountain.

This place is extremely beautiful. Obviously there aren't any falls at the moment, not even a trickle of water but the hike itself and the redwood trees are still a site to see. My group actually started at the end of Madrone which is the beginning of the loop, so we skipped that long mile of walking behind backyards. If you're lucky you'll find parking like we did right next to the trailhead. We started late at 3:30pm and ended at 5:45pm but the sun was still up. The map is super helpful. The last trail you get on which is that Santa something...is a very steep downhill and the leaves make it slippery. Definitely will come back in the right season for the falls though! Loved it!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Great trail through a redwood forest. As other reviews mentioned, it passes people's backyards for the first mile or so. Doesn't feel intrusive though, they are on the other side of a creek for the most part. There are some cool houses and part of the fun was seeing those. Other reviews were correct about the confusing 'no entry' sign near the parking lot, seems like everyone just ignores that. Saw 2 rangers, plan for dog leash rules to be enforced. The trail as shown in the app has several turning points that aren't well marked, we had to turn back a couple of times. Saw a decent number of people, but it wasn't crowded.

Fantastic shady hike

trail running
Sunday, April 23, 2017

There is a small dirt road and limited parking. You will see a sign saying stop but go just ahead and you'll find parking. I recommend running first towards Dawn Falls then hitting the switchbacks up then loop back around following fire trail. Keep an eye out for your trail marker heading back down. Pretty steep descent take it slow. Then you'll reach the trail you started on and follow it and the creek back towards your parked car. Super shady and creek runs well during rainy season. Dawn Falls itself is a very impressive little waterfall but does dry up quickly in late spring. Great trail with elevation gains. Cool redwoods, covered forest, water features and well paved fire trail. 5 mile balloon loop trail.

Low key and chill

Saturday, April 15, 2017

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