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Great views. Easy to moderate hike with many loose rocks. We explored a few off shoot trails that were poorly marked to the east.

It is not an "Easy" category. I'd equate this to Iron Mountain or Mt. Woodson hikes. quite a bit of good inclines.

trail running
1 month ago

What can I say? It’s a fairly steep boring maintenance road up to the towers. Their are much nicer trails up to this route. It is a fantastic view from the top.

Several sections/routes were closed on trail

Loved this hike!! It was the best!

Temp closed

Very, VERY overgrown in some parts. Went on a few side trails that were just ok. I would really recommend hiking shoes as there are a copious amount of fairly jagged rocks.

As a guy who is trying to get back in shape and get outside, I found this challenging enough and beautiful. Took around two hours total which was just right.

Great hike and just long enough for an evening outing

mountain biking
5 months ago

As a novice mountain bike, this trail was not my favorite.

- Beautiful view
- Really cool marbles on the trail for some reason.

- Straight elevation climb all the way to the top, then straight downhill all the way... hard work recommended for experienced riders.
- I may not have taken the right or most efficient route but on the trail I chose there were very large, very loose rocks on a steep incline...All those factored together led to me doing s lot more walking than riding.

Overall this is a nice trail....for foot hikers. As a mountain biker I can think of several other trails that are more fun and accessible. If you do want to ride this one, I recommend taking the fire road up and down as it has a more gentle grade and is actually super fun to ride down.

This hike was pretty straightforward, we started at the park and just follow the main trail as it wound a few switchbacks to the towers at the top of Black Mountain. It was not difficult to follow and we had plenty of room. There were a few mountain bikers and trail runners on the trail as well so you would need to keep your head up for them. The trail itself at a moderate amount of rocks so you did need to watch your footing but nothing too terrible. I would say the trail is kid friendly if your kid is at least eight or nine years old.

Fun hike with great views in all directions.

First time hiking this trail to test the Garmin Etrex 20x. We bought the GPS in preparation for Zion and it's definitely worth the money. Nice quiet hike with city view. We started around 6pm and finished at 8:30pm. The city lights is actually kinda romantic. Reminds me of mt. soledad. The entrance to the trail is at Hilltop Park.

My main qualm with this hike / route is that, when you reach the top, there are no resting spots. Views are ok (throughout the walk). Would say easy-moderate.

6 months ago

I did this as part of a 25K trail race, looping up and down and around all the mountain paths. The course was set up to be all about elevation so that made it really hard. Also the down hills were brutal but again that's how the course was set up. The interior trails with few exceptions were "technical" meaning rocky, really rocky, from all the storms.

Easy hike. Ok views from the top. Too many mountain bikers.

Challenging elevation changes. No shade, come early.

Nice views early am and good one to get acclimated 2nd day here.

This is a pretty hike with easy parking and easy to find trailhead. Not much coverage on sunny days. It was 3.88 miles round trip, according to my Fitbit. Not as strenuous as I'd hoped it to be.

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